Making healthy choices when away from home

Recently my husband and I have chosen to watch what we eat. We are watching calories and watching fat. We are taking the time to read labels and make good choices. As time goes on it gets easier and easier. The hard part for me was I was always doing it alone. Now that I have someone else eating healthy it is much easier. The kids, well they love what they love and seem to be able to eat anything. So temptation is always there. 

At home I buy the groceries weekly. Sometimes we will run to the store for daily groceries as well. I try to go to the Farmers market whenever possible for local produce and meat. Our trickier times seem to be when we are away from home. Options are limited. This summer we have been very busy. I know it is just going to get busier. We have some day trips planned and some longer road trips. This means eating away from home more than usual. Eating on the road and often last minute. You can say our family trips are often spontaneous and planned on the fly. 

We have been stopping at Subways whenever we are looking for meals that are better for us. The decision is easy. The entire family loves subs and we can all choose something different.  I always get mine loaded with veggies and the kids loved theirs toasted.  It is fast, the price is right and I feel good about eating there and we all leave with full bellies. Turns out Subway also offers corporate catering in Toronto. So if you are having an event or ordering for work, you too can make healthy choices. 

The fresh ingredients leave us feeling great throughout the day, knowing we made the best choice. Not making us sleeping and feeling yucky like other fast foods. . We have sometimes stopped at the grocery store as well and grabbed deli stuff. However it gets messy and we find we end up wasting a lot. So for us, not always the best choice.  

What do you do when you are on the road and needing to eat? How do you keep on track?

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