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If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed an increase in tweets regarding the Alberta Flood.  A part of me being a Red Cross Ambassador is to take my influence and use if for good. This means sending out tweets, posting on Facebook and reaching out to my network to RT and share. I must say my blogger friends have been amazing. They have been tweeting and sharing none stop. This is so great to see. We all appreciate it. 

Not everyone is in a position to donate so it is great to give back and help out however we can. For those who can or have donated, Thank you! Every amount is helping and Alberta is feeling the love. If you are unaware of what has been happening in Alberta, watch this video. It is a bit of a tear jerker 

I live on the other side of the country from where this is happening, but feel like it is here in my backyard. I grew up in Calgary and lived in Southern Alberta with my husband and my children. I have many friends living in these areas. This is heartbreaking to see. But just like any other horrible situation you see good. You see communities coming together and people supporting each other. You see love, friendship and strength. It will take time, but Alberta will survive and be stronger than ever. 

Since day one The Canadian Red Cross has been on location helping out. Companies such as  Walmart Canada,  West Jet and Home Depot have been donating. I also saw financial donations from Tim Hortons, Chapters Indigo, and Brett Wilson (Dragons Den) being tweeted.  I know there are many more and I encourage you to thank them for all they are doing via your Facebook and Twitter. 

If you can donate, please do. If you can volunteer, please do. If you can tweet, please do 

On #CanadaDay show your neighbours you care. Donate to Red Cross  #AlbertaFloodRelief #AbFloods


Canadian Red Cross today outlined how it will help affected residents recover from the largest floods in Alberta’s history.

“The road to recovery is long and sometimes extremely tough,” said John Byrne, Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management Director General. “As the waters recede, Red Cross is committed to being here to help people recover – whatever their needs, and however long it takes.”

Working with the provincial and municipal governments and partners, Red Cross will:

  • assist in the management of seven shelters,
  • set up a community grant program to address existing and anticipated strain on community social service agencies, such as food banks,
  • organize the distribution of basic necessity packages and clean-up kits to families throughout the affected communities,
  • continue to reach out to people affected to find out their immediate and long-term needs,
  • continue to provide family reunification to those affected by the floods, and
  • continue to provide registration services to assist the Government of Alberta in identifying households affected by the ongoing flooding.

Cop Evac Center_7_jpg

As soon as the disaster struck, Red Cross volunteers and staff took action, working immediately with provincial and municipal governments and agencies, as well as corporate partners to provide safety messages to those affected, support shelters to those displaced, provide registration and family reunification services, and help prepare communities who were in the path of the flood.

To date, hundreds of highly trained, experienced Canadian Red Cross volunteers from Alberta and across Canada have been brought in to help. Red Cross has also brought in specialists from American Red Cross and international Red Cross to join our volunteers from across Canada. Additional volunteers will be required in the coming days on a short term basis. Those interested in volunteering can do so through

Through people’s generosity, Red Cross has raised over $10.2 million so far for this response. In this first critical week, Red Cross has allocated $3.5 million to help provide immediate relief and comfort to those affected. But recovery efforts could take up to several years. Financial contributions are greatly appreciated as they provide the most flexible, fast and efficient way of helping those in need.

Canadians are encouraged to contribute to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Floods fund by going online at or by calling 1-800-418-1111.


Please do what you can to help those  in Alberta. I am proud to be Canadian and proud to be a Red Cross Ambassador


  1. dailychoicesaddup says

    Thanks for this great post! I am here in Calgary and while the devastation is heartbreaking, the amazing work that all the Red Cross volunteers, Provincial/Municipal emergency workers and community are doing is incredible. It's amazing to know we live in a country where we're all willing to step in and help our neighbours whether they're 5km or 5000kms away! Thank for all the hard work you're doing at the Canadian Red Cross 🙂
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  2. Amie Larocque says

    Red Cross is an amazing organization. My thoughts and prayers are with the flood victims <3

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