SKECHERS Relaxed Fit Shoes for Men


My husband is on his feet all day , every day. Walking on concrete floors is not comfortable on your feet or back. Often he has complained about his feet being sore and looking to change shoes. So when I had teh opportunity to check out the SKECHERS Relaxed Fit Shoes for Men I knew he would be a good tester. 

He likes his shoes to have some style. He is not one for wearing “ugly shoes” Most of his shoes he gets are from skate shops and have a relaxed look. Problem is they never have teh support he needs for long days.  He opened the box of SKECHERS Relaxed Fit Shoes for Men and really liked the look of them. The faded look was appealing and right away he noticed the foam in the sole. It took him three days to wear the shoes in and have them comfy for day to day wear. The heal was needing some extra wear 🙂 It has now been two weeks and he wears them every day. He loves the memory foam lining and relaxed fit design.  He is very happy with the look and comfort.

Available at retailers across Canada

SKECHERS Relaxed Fit Shoes Features:

  • Relaxed Fit Design: Wider shoe base with softer paneling to respond to foot shape and provide a comfortable fit. 
  • Detailed Stitching and Accents: Material overlay and stitching accents adds dimension to the shoe and increases durability. 
  • Light and Durable Sole: Flexible shock absorbing midsole and supportive rubber traction sole is perfect support for summer outdoor activities. 
  • Versatile Tones and Materials: Options available in smooth black, grey and brown leathers and navy, olive and natural canvases match all casual ensembles.
  • Removable Memory Foam™ Lining: High tech memory lining moulds to your foot and provides the perfect fit

Wanting a shoe that is easy to slip on and off and comfortable, these were perfect for my husband. I love the way they look and so does he. 

You can check out more Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes for men for yourself. What do you think?


  1. Doris Calvert says

    These look so comfortable and they have some nice ones for women too!

  2. I LOVE Sketchers! That's all I buy for my kids. I should buy myself some too! They would be perfect for the road trip I'm going on!
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  3. Oh, my husband and my dad would love these shoes! I can imagine how comfy having memory foam in them would be!


  4. hmrcarlson says

    I love Skechers! My kids and I are always wearing them. These look so comfy, I could maybe even turn my hubby into a Skechers' convert!

  5. I didn't know about these, but they look so comfy!
    We will check them out!

  6. These look great, will have to get my hubby a pair!

  7. Doris Calvert says

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