Why Being Away Makes Me a Better Mom

I just returned from a trip to New Brunswick for a conference.  It was a busy, mentally stimulating and exhausting all at the same time.  It reminded me of what it was like to be a student and to sit and learn new things.  It was a great opportunity to learn and to see a Province that I have never been to.

I loved New Brunswick and so appreciated the East Coast culture and hospitality. 

But, one of the things I loved the most was getting away for a few days.  Even though it was hard work, it was a different kind of work.  While at the conference numerous people were surprised that my kids were so young and that I left them for so long.  My answer:  They are great, they are with their Dad.

I find it eternally frustrating when people judge you for being away from your kids like it is something bad.  I think that anything that helps to give me new perspective, a chance to reflect and a chance to miss them. 

Sometimes when you are away, everything that you need to do and everything you have has a new found importance and clarity.  I missed my boys.  I missed my husband.  I was excited to come home, even excited to continue with potty training!  It was wonderful to be away, but more wonderful to be home. 

I haven’t met a mom anywhere that says she doesn’t want a break from her family.  If I do, I’ll presume they’re lying.

Kerrie blogs at Family Food and Travel.  She is a mom of twin boys (born March 2010) who she often refers to as the ‘twinado’.  Kerrie loves, writing, travel, photography, and fabulous food.  Prior to kids, Kerrie was an avid reader and scrapbooker and hopes to one day return to those activities.  Kerrie once considered herself successful, that was until she attempted toilet training twins.

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