Back to school with the The BlackBerry Q5

Back to school when you have teens means more than a few pencils and paper. Now a days teens are connected. They are tech savvy and teachers know this. They count on it. They expect our teens to have access to the world and the internet 24/7.  I discovered this when my oldest was still in high school. Most of her home work revolved around doing something online. everything was to be quick and accessible. Dictionaries were no longer required as teens have the ability to do a quick search online for everything they need. 

So what did I do to prepare my teens for back to school? I got them both a The BlackBerry Q5 of course!



At first I was not pro cell phones when it came to my teens. I was worried about outrageous bills and non- stop texting. But as time has passed I know it is important for teens to have a phone. Parents can set guidelines and their teens stick to them. Well in my house they do or they lose their phone. Plus, have you ever been out and had to find a pay phone to call some where? It is next to impossible to find one. The security of being able to reach them and have them reach me when needed gives me peace of mind. Cell phone plans are extremely affordable these days as well. If  you are not interested in putting your child on your plan, there are many prepaid options out there to choose from that will fit your budget and their needs. 


I plan on having my two boys try out the phone over the next couple of months thanks to TELUS, while we decide what plan is best for them. I will be sure to report back and let you all know how it goes. 

The BlackBerry Q5, which features the same great BlackBerry 10 OS functionality as the Z10 and Q10 in a new, budget-friendly package, is now available at TELUS!

Just in time for the back to school season, this is a great device for students or the first-time smartphone user, or those who want to stick to a budget without sacrificing the features that count. So, what can users expect from the BlackBerry Q5?

● The keyboard they love, only better: the BlackBerry Q5 features a re-engineered and elegantly designed QWERTY keyboard. When combined with Instant Action, users can type shortcuts directly on the home screen and complete tasks more accurately and faster than ever before.
● Everyone is a photographer and videographer: with BlackBerry Time Shift mode, users can take the perfect shot every time. Time Shift captures milliseconds at the beginning and end of the shot, giving users the ability to find the perfect moment (when their friends’ eyes are open, for example). Then, after capturing all of their favourite moments, users can create short movies with Story Maker. Both Time Shift and Story Maker require only a few swipes on the touchscreen and no editing or training to capture life’s moments like a pro!
● Connect, share and collaborate: by switching between video and messaging with BBM Video with Screen Share. Or stay up-to-date with BlackBerry Hub, which allows users to view and respond to notifications such as wall posts, BBM messages and emails without leaving the app they’re currently using.

….and much, much more!

Because we want TELUS customers to have the best experience with their new phone, we offer free one-on-one sessions with trained device specialists through our TELUS Learning Centre program. This is particularly useful for those who are new to the BlackBerry 10 operating system or to smartphones in general. 

The BlackBerry Q5 is available at TELUS for $49 on a two-year term or $425 month-to-month (prepaid buying the phone out right). Check out the Q5 page on our website for more details on plans and pricing.

I have to admit that the first couple of days my teens (13 and 15) were sitting side by side, messaging each other while they got the hang of their phone. They have since ventured out and have a larger contact list 🙂 

Do you allow your teenagers to have cell phones? 


Disclosure- The above mentioned product was provided by the above mentioned company for review purposes. All opinions are my own and honest. a post was not required .


  1. Please tell me $425 monthly is a typo? I've been thinking this might be the phone to finally get me past my basic flip phone on a cheap as can be plan, but not at that price!

  2. This sounds like a great starter phone for teens. I used to have a Blackberry, I was a huge BB lover for the longest time. Have since then switched to Android which I know love even more. The Q5 looks like a cute little phone though.

  3. You have the same fears I have about kids with cell phones. The thought of the bills being outrageous scares me a bit!
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  4. I think I'll get my girls a phone when they are teens, but only with limited calls {ours, grandparents etc} … if you can still do that?

  5. My son just turned 16 and we just got him a cell phone. I like being able to find him no matter what.

  6. Prepaid plans are awesome, especially when you have teens using cell phones.
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