Back to School in Style with Chooze Shoes

Our youngest is starting JK next month. EXCITING! She loves school and loves to dress it up when she can. Me, well I know she loves to play outside and climb on the climber. as well she runs around in gym and seems to be a bit tired when she gets home. She is starting full days every day this year. I know it will be an adjustment, but after a month or so it will be fine. It is all about schedule and routine. And comfort. We can not forget comfort.

She needs indoor shoes and outdoor shoes (as most kids do at this age) Since she loves to wear dresses and run and play it is not easy to find pretty shoes that are comfortable.

Recently Chooze sent me a really cute pair of Dance Chooze for her to try out. The color, Boogie. Don’t you just love the name?!? These shoes are super cute covered in Butterflies and flowers. The bright colors are so pretty as well as the combination of color. Orange, pink and a teal color.


For little hands these shoes are perfect. An easy Velcro strap across the top allows my daughter to put them on and off on her own.. These shoes are meant to be mixed and matched. Chooze is all about style and creativity and confidence. You can wear one of one pair and another of another pair. The style is the same but the pattern and color different. A very fun way to open up minds to new ideas and confidence. 

Chooze is a big supporter of programs that support kids, empowers children and gives back to anti-poverty programs. Plus all of their shoes are made from Vegan materials. There is so much good around this company that wearing their cute stylish shoes actually feels good 🙂 And I mean warms your heart not comfy, even though DD says they are super comfy. 


The grip on the bottom of the Chooze helps prevent slipping. And in the inside of the shoe there is a small for print to help your child learn if the shoe is for their left or right foot.

I ordered in size 11 as this is the size she wears. They fit perfectly. Love when a shoe actually fits. She says they are comfortable as well which is very important. 


Product Details
Dance in Boogie

Dance all day in our colorful DANCE mary-janes
Featuring padded insoles with canvas uppers and adjustable straps
Dance is a great fit for most widths
Outsoles are designed to protect little feet
The roomy toe box allows for healthy growth
100% vegan materials


We love our daughters new Chooze and are looking forward to a great new school year. 

To find out more about Chooze, find a store near you and check out all of their products visit them online at 


  1. Those are adorable!! I'd love to get my daughter a pair of those. I'll definitely have to check them out. They're so cute, and look so comfy and easy for kids to wear 🙂
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  2. Awwwh, those flats are totally cute! And gotta love a shoe that truly gives back to its community! 🙂
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  3. I love Chooze shoes! I wish that they came in a size I could wear! This pair is particularly adorable. Great product, great company.

  4. hmrcarlson says

    I love Chooze shoes and wish they made them in Mommy size! So colourful and so durable.

  5. Nena Sinclair says

    I love these shoes, they are so cute and I love the bright pattern!

  6. Do these run narrow, wide or regular?

  7. Brilliantjon says

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