Back to School with #YOP Getting my Teens out the door

Last week a letter arrived from my oldest’s sons school. It said that his school bus would be picking him up 7 minutes later every morning. 

7 minutes

His reaction was quite unexpected. He started calculating what he could do with that seven minutes. Sleep was on the top of his list. Followed by shower, eat, eat and homework he “forgot” about the night before. I guess when you are a teen you can do a lot with a few short minutes. I just laughed and told him he was still getting up at the usual time. 

In the morning I have three kids to get out the door. One gets up earlier than the others as his bus arrives earlier. He usually showers and gets his things together in the morning. Often you can see me chasing him down the driveway with something for breakfast. As a nationally recognized athlete you would think he would be smarter when it came to breakfast, but it is never a priority. So usually he eats on the go. Or I will send him something for a later breakfast as well as a lunch. Growing boys eat a lot so I am unsure why breakfast is not on his list of things he must do in the morning. On the weekends he can not wait to eat. I know without a breakfast in him he will be tired and even feel lousy all day. So I make sure he eats something. 


I know he is not the only one like this. His school actually recognizes this and offers breakfast to all after first period. They offer granola bars, fruit, cheese and crackers and other snack like foods to get them through the morning. Originally it started off as a way to fuel the brains of those who could not afford to eat healthy, but they realized most kids at the school just did not eat breakfast for many reasons. Maybe teens just need  a bit to get hungry. I could wake mine an hour earlier and breakfast will still be last minute on a school day. You should see my grocery bill it is large so not having food is not the issue in my house!


For me, a mom with two teen boys. I find foods that are easy to prepare, quick to grab or both are great to have in the house. YOP is one of those. My boys love it! The variety and convenience is perfect for active teens who are in a hurry. Since their are different flavours we can change it up every day as well. Plus I can buy individual bottles to mix it up. Maybe teens are not in a hurry, maybe they are lazy ones who can not be bothered to make themselves something.. Mine fit into both categories 🙂 

YOP has no gelatin, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours. A great way to have your kids start the day off on the right foot. I feel good knowing they have started the day off right when they grab a YOP and go out the door. 

How do your children spend their before school time in the morning? Is it difficult for you to get them to eat breakfast?

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  1. Love YOP yogurt – and I know it would be fabulous for teens especially on those slow mornings when they are rushed.
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  2. My son loves Yop and would drink it everyday if I let him. He has no problem eating breakfast before school – I'm more likely to find half his lunch left in his backpack.

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