Bitter Sweet Back to School

Four days and the kids will be back to school.

Four days and I will have the house to myself all day every day, well five days a week. 

I am looking forward to a clean house. Excited about schedule, routine and time to gt on track with exercise and work. Schedule is good, I like it. I like structure and knowing what I have planned day to day. 

But I am a bit sad. Sad another summer has passed. Sad my children are another year older. another school year begins. Having one child who is all grown up and on her own I know how fast time flies. We had a great summer, with amazing memories. Lots of fun places were visited and lots of laughs were had by all. But as we enjoy one last long weekend of summer I mourn the joyous few weeks we had. Soon the kids will be too busy with sports, school and friends. There will be less and less family time. 

The bitter sweet feelings of back to school are making me an emotional mama. As my youngest gets on the bus I know I will have teary eyes. She insists on telling me what a big girl she is. And she is. 


How do you feel about the summer ending?


  1. The summer is too short. Imagine ifi they allowed the year round schooling? When would we have time to make these precious memories?
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  2. deliberatemom says

    As a fellow Canadian, I can say our summers are WAY TOO SHORT! I'm so sad that this summer went by… and so fast!

    I am looking forward to starting to homeschooling my daughter (Grade 1). I also like fall (just as long as it's mild and doesn't snow).

    Wishing you a lovely long weekend.
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  3. Elva Roberts says

    August 31-As a mother of grown children, I remember those first days of school so weil. Waiting all day for the children to come home on the bus and to say they had a nice teacher and friends. Then I could relax and enjoy the days to come.-

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