The IAMS SO GOOD! Doggie Café coming to a city near you!


The P&G Pet Care team is thrilled to keep celebrating the launch of Iams SO GOOD! dog food
in Canada! Iams,  believes that pets are valued members of our families and it’s important
to treat them as such. That’s why Iams is bringing the first ever Iams SO GOOD! Doggie Café
to cities across Canada, spreading the real love between pets and their owners and introducing Canadians to the new Iams SO GOOD! dog food.

What better way to demonstrate true love for your pet than by feeding them food that is 100 per cent yummy! Iams SO GOOD! is made with no added sugar, no added dyes and no artificial flavours.

The Doggie Café is a paw-fect truck filled with Iams SO GOOD! food and fun activities designed specifically for dogs and their owners to enjoy together, including a photo booth, slot machine and sampling stations.
The Iams SO GOOD! Doggie Café will be making stops in the following cities:

Winnipeg, MB – August 26
Brandon, MB – August 27
Moosejaw, SK – August 29
Saskatoon West, SK – August 30
Medecine Hat, AB – September 2
Calgary, AB – September 3
Airdrie, AB – September 3
Edmonton, AB – September 4
Prince George, BC – September 6
Kelowna, BC – September 8
Vancouver, BC – September 10
North Vancouver, BC – September 11

I have three dogs,each with different needs. I started feeding two of them Iams So Good a few weeks ago. they love it!


Giveaway time!

Iams is providing a SO GOOD! giveaway pack valued at over $100 including: Iams doggie waterpouch,SO GOOD! doggie brush, collapsable travel water bowl, Iams measuring cup, Iams frisbee, two Iams SO GOOD! coupons and Iams pens.

Canada only

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  1. I have a 2 year old St Bernard and she eats Iams 🙂 and loves it1 She is happy, so we are too
    My recent post The IAMS SO GOOD! Doggie Café coming to a city near you! Giveaway (CAN)

  2. We are happy with our current dog food because our dog like it and it doesn’t have a lot of extras in it.

  3. I'm somewhat happy with it. Seems like they like it!

  4. mommakoala says

    We're looking at getting a new dog (adopting through the SPCA-older adult). . I know our SPCA feeds them Iams (through a very nice donation contribution they received), and would be consistent with that.

  5. lori butler says

    my dogs coat isn't as silky feeling as it should be, i know it's time to change

  6. I have a new brown lab pup (5 months) named Jake and he is eating Iams Puppy food. He loves it, so then, so do I. 😉

  7. Debbie Bashford says

    I am happy with it for now, and at this time they like it, my 2 little guys are quite fussy

  8. I'm happy with my dog's food. He's a bit of a picky eater and has a sensitive tummy – we finally found a food that he likes and agrees with him.

  9. Nena Sinclair says

    My dog is quite fussy when it comes to food, and he likes his current food, but it doesn't leave his coat very shiny. I would love to try him on Iams!

  10. Angela Mitchell says

    I am happy with my dogs food because it is a made in Canada product with quality ingredients. The only thing I wonder about is that the company was recently bought out by another and I worry about the quality going downhill.

  11. Yes. I do buy a quality food to best meet my dog's need.

  12. I have a dog that eats only quality food. refuses to eat anything else. Iams is one that he loves!

  13. I am happy with our dog's food – she seems to really like it.

  14. I have 2 dogs and they are big eaters but once in a while they will skip a meal.

  15. sarah stickney says

    i am happy with it because my dogs are

  16. I feed my dogs a no-name brand. They are farm dogs, so they eat enough "goodies" that they hunt/find that they have a more natural diet & the dog food is just a bonus for them. You'd be amazed what dogs will eat!

  17. my dog would love this

  18. I am happy with my dogs food because it keeps there weight at a good level.

  19. I am happy because my dog is happy!

  20. Megan Barnecutt says

    I have been very happy with the food we've been feeding our Chihuahua Bruiser for over 11 years – Iams for small dogs (in the green bag). Recently, they've changed their packaging and age groups on each of the regular food bags and suddenly, Bruiser is about 5 years too old to be eating his particular variety of chunks. Our vet only pushes their scientific brand of dog food, so asking him for advice is absolutely useless. We would never change from IAMS (we buy the dry food only, as well as the biscuits and treats) and they've kept our pup happy and healthy all these years. We're not sure whether to keep him on the same food despite the age range or try and force him to change to the senior variety (he's a chi, so he'll live about 20 years on avg so I'd hardly label him a senior just yet!). Any thoughts?

  21. laurie tilkin says

    I think its time to make a change

  22. I don`t have a dog,but my mother in law and stepmother does,,they both have Bichons,,not sure what type of food they feed them,but I`m sure they would love to try this new food out 🙂

  23. Brenda Penton says

    My dog has been picky with food lately so I haven't been able to settle on one so far. I'd love to be able to find one she likes and will stay with.

  24. I need to pick up dog food today, I'll give it a shot and get back to you. Thanks!

  25. We have 2 dogs and they each like different brands, I would like to find one they both like!!

  26. Lori Bazan says

    Our puppy is almost one so we have been trying a lot of different dog food..Iams is one of his faves!

  27. not really they put too much crap in dog foods I'd like to make my own

  28. Joanne Lowery says

    They seem to love Iams not sure I would change unless I was to find our it was actually unhealthy for my animals. They have been on Iams for 6 years now. j lowery

  29. No, just bought a new one, because they changed the formula, and they don't like it! 🙁

  30. my puppy loves Iams. no need to change.

  31. Patricia O. says

    Right now, we're pretty happy with what our 3 dogs are getting because of the amazing quality and price of what we're feeding them. But I love finding new and wholesome food for my dogs to try.. It's fun to switch up the type of proteins and flavours they get every so often, just so that they never get bored of one formula.

  32. I am happy with my dogs food. They like it. It is healthy and it is made in Canada by a company with great pet values!

  33. I am happy with the food we buy because the dogs seem happy when they eat it :p

  34. Perfect for my dog!

  35. I don't have a dog but my brother-in-law feeds his dog IAMS and the dog loves it!

  36. bailey dexter says

    Very happy with the dog's food, he is on the iams-naturals that does not have fillers and artificial preservatives.

  37. Cheri Gallant says

    I am not so happy with it, but as a pup, she was extremely fussy and this was the only thing she would eat. I would love to try Iams and see if she would give it a chance.

  38. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    yes, we're quite happy with the brand we have now but I'd love to try the Iams for small dogs.

  39. I do like my dogs food but it's pricey and I worry about the recalls you always have to watch for – having an alternative would be great

  40. I'm happy with his food. It's not causing problems like some other brands did.

  41. wendy Hutton says

    I'm happy as long as they are eating it, not sure if I buy the best food but they like it

  42. gina fleury says

    My puppy is on Nutrisource puppy food. I am happy with it except for the price. We have been loyal I AMs clients in the past and would love to switch our puppy to I AMs.

  43. Julie bolduc says

    We are at the stage were we need to switch to senior dog food

  44. The dog food we have now is okay – cheap enough to be affordable and doesn't upset their tummies.

  45. Ron Drouillard says

    Our dog is a very fussy eater,I would like to find one that she will continue to eat. She starts off eating one kind so we buy a big bag then she stops eating it.

  46. Judy Hunting says

    I am happy with my dogs' current food, as one how my dogs weighed 117 lbs 2 years ago and now weighs 86 lbs!

  47. both my dog and I are happy

  48. My 7 year old Chocolate Lab likes Beneful and Pedigree. Probably not the best quality dog food but she likes it 🙂

  49. I feed them Cesar dry food right now but they could use a change.

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