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Since day one our youngest has been tech savvy. She plays around with our iPad and knows how to work the TV better than I do. Children these days just have a different appreciation for gadgets than any other generation. Technology is part of our day to day life. No sense fighting it, why not embrace it? When I had the opportunity to introduce my daughter to the VTech InnoTab 3 I was excited, I knew this was something she would love.

Open up a world of learning fun!  With a wealth of age-appropriate educational games, apps and more, the InnoTab® 3 expands children’s minds and creativity with its innovation in learning. Your child will play on this fun learning tablet with 16 apps included. Get access to hundreds of software cartridges and downloads via the Learning Lodge™. Try out the new D-Pad for interactive game play then play your own videos and MP3s!  Entertaining game play teaches reading, math, social studies, science and much more.

Age: 3-9

MSRP: $79.99

 As you may notice, my daughter when given the choice loves pink. Below is a pic of her setting up the date. You can touch screen or use the stylus that is attached and has its own storage spot in the device. 


Again my tech savvy 13 yer old set this up for me.  He downloaded Learning Lodge onto the computer and connected the device to our lap top. We received one free app of our choice from a menu of options.  We set the date, added DD’s information and let her start enjoying it. The camera has been her fave so far. DD takes a pic of herself or one of us, then with the app that is already on the VTech InnoTab3 she warps it, adds funny doodles or pics and creates a masterpiece. She finds this hilarious!

We love that our daughter is having so much fun with her InnoTab 3. She brings it along for car rides and it keeps her busy and entertains. It is also a great learning tool. 

The InnoTab3 is safe! It does not connect to the internet so you do not need to worry about online dangers at a young age. This is an introductory gadget. Like an age appropriate tablet. 

Below is a pic taken of the VTech InnoTAB 3 taking a pic of the twitter screen. I wanted to show you how good the camera was. Perfect for little photo bugs playing around wanting to take pics of family and activities. 


This is sop user friendly. Even when writing this review up I had my 4 1/2 year old show me all it can do 🙂 

When I asked her what she liked about it she said “I like taking pictures with it and drawing on them” She is tech savvy and creative. a pretty coll combo if you ask me 🙂 


Requires 4 AA batteries


  • 4.3″ color touch screen
  • WonderCam with over 55 photo effects
  • 180° 2.0 MP rotating camera / video recorder
  • Includes 4 AA batteries
  • Includes 2 styluses
  • Microphone and NEW D-pad offer more ways to play
  • Also includes calculator, clock, calendar, friends list, notes and more
  • 16 total apps included: Art Studio, Magical Bean Stalk game and more
  • Memory expandable up to 32GB with micro SD card (sold separately)
  • 2 GB on-board memory
  • E-Reader and story dictionary
  • MP3 Player


Check out VTech on Facebook and Twitter for more products and info. 

Giveaway time!

I have a VTech InnoTAB3 to giveaway to one lucky Canadian reader (Blue). Note no guarantee of colour. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!

Disclosure- I received the above product for free to test and post my findings. All opinions are my own


  1. I like the rechargeable batteries!!
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  2. Megan Cromes says

    he would like the magical bean stalk game.

  3. my grand-daughter would love the music and singing

  4. Ereader

  5. The camera. He loves taking pictures.With the photo effects he'll have tons of fun.

  6. Dayna Wilson says

    Listening to music and dancing around with it. And the fun little games.

  7. I think the touch screen would be a big hit!


  8. beewbedard says

    i think they would like the touch screen

  9. lizlampman says
  10. hmrcarlson says

    The Touch Screen and the camera would appeal to my gang!

  11. The camera!

  12. I think the favourite feature will be the 4.3″ color touch screen.

  13. edmontonjb says

    My son would like the video recorder and camera best.

  14. Definitely the camera. She is always borrowing my tablet to take pictures!

  15. My niece would love the camera!! Loves taking photos…

  16. Cassie Charman says

    my son would love the camera with the effects best!

  17. The Wondercam!

  18. Anu Chopra says

    I think my son would love all the apps and the microphone!

  19. My daughter would love the WonderCam.

  20. lori butler says

    the camera 🙂

  21. Nena Sinclair says

    My grandson would love the camera and the touchscreen the most!

  22. The size of the screen is great feature

  23. I think the microphone would be a big hit with my granddaughter.

  24. my son would love the ereader and the camera, hes just starting to read so this would be so cool

  25. Art studio and video recorder.

  26. If I win this I will be giving it to my nephew and I know that he would love the camera

  27. Karin Dollery says

    The camera and listening to muic

  28. My daughter would love the camera, photo effects and the Art Studio! 🙂

  29. sarah stickney says

    touch screen

  30. Judy C (Cowan) says

    Definitely the camera!

  31. charmaine t says

    The WonderCam.

  32. Julie bolduc says

    i think they would like the camera!!!!!!!!! SMILE

  33. jeannine glen says

    I could give this to my grandson

  34. My little princess would love the princess and the creative art program that comes with it! 🙂

  35. I think she'd like the MP3 player the best, she's a music baby

  36. The camera and video camera I think would be most popular!

  37. Darlene Schuller says

    My daughter would love using the cam and effects.

  38. I think she would have a lot of fun with the WonderCam with over 55 photo effects

  39. The camera

  40. listening to the music. thanks

  41. Lisa Neutel says

    So many awesome features,the camera and also the touch screen

  42. E Reader

  43. Shed like the photo effects.

  44. Dianne Arsenault says

    The microphone to sing!

  45. WonderCam photo effects

  46. The touch screen
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  47. I think that my son would like the touch screen the best.

  48. Sean Cuthill says

    I think my niece would like the 16 total apps included: Art Studio, Magical Bean Stalk game.

  49. The camera, he loves taking pictures with our camera, I know he would love his own!

  50. Miss R would love the Wonder Cam!

  51. My daughter would love the touch screen…she is obsessed with anything that has a touchscreen on it. She's 2 lol
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  52. andrea amy says

    the camera 🙂

  53. Isabelle Simard says

    My two daughters love to play music and dance

  54. this would be a great gift for the boys and girls club

  55. touch screen

  56. Jennifer L. says

    My son will love the video recorder and camera.

  57. My niece would like the games the best!

  58. Sue Marcoux says

    Definitely the 'touch screen'

  59. Eric Hunken says

    The Touch Screen and the camera would be great!

  60. Luv to Win !

  61. nikki robak says

    the music would appeal to my grandkids

  62. My daugher would absolutely adore this, thank you for this contest.

  63. touch screen get dirty in a day. pen is better

  64. My youngest daughter would love the art studio feature the most! as she loves to draw.
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  65. she would love the touch screen!

  66. My son would love the camera!

  67. My grandson would love the games and the ereader, plus it is touch screen!

  68. Audrey Skinner says

    My great-nephew would love the microphone, touch screen and the game apps.

  69. Victoria Ess says

    Probably the game apps

  70. karinespace says

    The touchscreen 🙂

  71. My son would most like the rotating camera and video recorder.

  72. Deb Dorrington says

    The Microphone and NEW D-pad is what my kid would just love.

  73. the WonderCam with over 55 photo effects

  74. My girl would love the camera. I can barely keep her away from the camera on the Family Ipad

  75. shannon heitt says

    the camera for sure

  76. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter would love the camera and video recorder.

  77. fahlinstar says

    My son would love the Wondercam the most!

  78. michelle hebert says

    my daughter likes to take pictures so i think she will like that best and then the drawing

  79. The camera

  80. SweetPanda says

    I think they would like the WonderCam with over 55 photo effects

  81. truckerofbc says

    My daughter is an artsy kinda girl so she would love any Art apps

  82. My LO would love the camera and video recorder

  83. music and singing

  84. my grandson would love the camera.
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  85. Debbie Petch says

    She would love the microphone!

  86. My little guy would love the fact that this Vtech tablet features a WonderCam with photo effects, as he is always trying to take pic’s with my phone.

  87. E reader
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  88. Undomesticgirl says

    the camera I think

  89. Kristi Renout says

    My son would love the mp3 player, he loves music!

  90. nicole barr says

    my daughter would have fun with the wondercam

  91. theknitwitbyshair says

    The cameras!

  92. I think my kids would love the touch screen and that its an e-reader too!

  93. My kids would like the camera… they're always wanting to use my iPhone to take pics!!

  94. Sunshine G says

    She'd like the video recording function.

  95. I think mine would love the 16 total apps included: Art Studio, Magical Bean Stalk game and more. He loves playing games on my iPhone!

  96. My kids would love the Camera feature.

  97. I know my daughter would love taking photos and then "embelishing" them.
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  98. My son would love the WonderCam and 16 apps.

  99. The magical bean stalk game 🙂
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  100. My son will like the touch screen and games

  101. My daughterwould like the video recorder and camera best

  102. Doris Calvert says

    I think the Art Studio app will be the favorite

  103. butterflyamyc says

    I think that my kids would like the 4.3″ color touch screen.

  104. My daughter would love the touch screen and games.

  105. Darci Paice-Bailey says

    love the touch screen option and the ereader, awesome!

  106. valerie theberge says

    I think the touch screen and the video recorder.

  107. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I think the fact that there are already 16 apps installed will be the biggest hit.

  108. Amy Heffernan says

    I LOVE that it comes with apps.

  109. The camera and the size of the screen
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  110. The touch screen!

  111. shauna wyspianski says

    My boy would love playing with the camera the most.

  112. Playing the art studio and other games 🙂

  113. He'll like the new apps. And that he would have one like his cousins.

  114. Jeanette Jackson says

    I think my grandson would like the photo taking feature

  115. MP3 player

  116. craftynerd1986 says

    i think my niece and nephews would love every feature of this vtech…but probably the camera the most, lol.

  117. touch screen will be good, saves buying the little pens when lost!

  118. Elva Roberts says

    September 2-I shared this givaway on Stumbleupon today.-el03ro

  119. Elva Roberts says

    September -I think my ggchild would love the ereader and camera. He would be delighted!

  120. The camera. My son loves to take pictures

  121. I like the camera feature

  122. MP3 player

  123. WonderCam with over 55 photo effects

  124. My son would love the camera most of all!

  125. The wondercam!

  126. the microphone, we are very into singing right now!

  127. My granddaughter would love the e-reader and story dictionary as she has just started school and this would help here with learning to read.

  128. Sandi Tymchuk says

    My nieces and nephews would love the camera apps!

  129. brandyunwritten says

    My kids would love the camera and video recorder. They love taking pics and videos.
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  130. definitely the camera!

  131. I think drawing would be a big hit. They just love to draw and show off their creations!

    Lots of fun to be had.

  132. Cheri Gallant says

    ◾Microphone and NEW D-pad offer more ways to play

  133. The camera – not allowed to use mine!

  134. My daughter would love the camera, I would love that its rechargeable

  135. music and singing for sure@@@

  136. jose benavides says

    he would like the camera for taking pics

  137. The touch screen

  138. Camera

  139. My little one would like the camera best.

  140. mikegismondi says

    the touch screen!

  141. Camera for sure

  142. My kids would love the music

  143. The photo effects…I have silly boys who like to make silly faces for the camera, and the photo effects I am sure will make it that more special! Thank you!
    – Dawn
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  144. Kelly Gordon says

    The fact that it's touch screen is really cool 😀

  145. My son would love the camera, art studio and Bean Stalk game.

  146. the camera

  147. The camera and video recorder

  148. Tara Crawford says

    the camera mp3 player

  149. Kelly Baker says

    The touch screen!

  150. Caryn Coates says

    My daughter would love the camera and art studio. Thanks for the chance

  151. The touch screen

  152. Trina Goodwin says

    Camera and the rechargeable batteries are the best things !

  153. the camera

  154. William Mills says

    My nephew has one. I would like this one for my niece.

  155. music for sure,, super great

  156. The e-reader is great

  157. I think he would love the camera feature best for sure

  158. Touch screen would be a hit with my girl!

  159. Camera

  160. My child would like the e-reader on the Innotab the best.

  161. I think She would like the WonderCam with the camera effects

  162. Jennifer P. says

    I think she would love the camera the best.

  163. the notes app. she likes practicing her writing

  164. joanne tjerno says

    My daughter would adore the camera!!!

  165. Definitely the Art Studio! Both girls love to draw/colour/paint/doodle!

  166. They'd have so much fun with the wondercam!

  167. My son would enjoy it. He is almost four and loves to sing to music, view photos and draw.

  168. Being really young, I think colouring would be his favourite feature (touch screen)
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  169. definitely the art studio

  170. My granddaughter will love the camera!

  171. Christy Martin says

    The camera with all the fun effects!

  172. My daughter would love the video camera!

  173. The touch screen and music – he loves dancing!

  174. mine would like the music

  175. there are just so many uses,,,my grand-daughter would love the camera,,to take photos just like her auntie

  176. Michelle Armstrong says

    My daughters would love the apps. They fight over the ipad a lot. Lol

  177. Rebecca Peters says

    I believe she would like drawling the most!

  178. My son would love the camera and the Music. He is four and obsessed with listening to music and taking photos with my phone so this would be the perfect combo for him

  179. She would love the touch screen for sure. Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. The 16 apps would hold their attention for quite a while – that's perfect.


  182. Nicole Sender says

    My grandson would like the WonderCam with over 55 photo effects.

  183. Judy Hunting says

    My son would love the camera of course, but he would overall just love the idea of having his on tablet

  184. The microphone and the camera!

  185. He would like the WonderCam the best.

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