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Have you ever been to an island? Being on an island no matter how big or small gives you a feeling like no other. Being surrounded by water somehow gives you a feeling of peace, relaxation. Well, for me it does. When I am on an island I feel like I am in my own private world. An oasis away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  


When people think of Massachusetts islands, the first places that usually come to mind are Nantucket (pictured above) and Martha’s Vineyard. While these islands are well-known and loved by locals as well as visitors from around the world, they are not the only place to seek adventure or relaxation in the waters of Massachusetts. Below are some lesser-known islands just waiting to be explored.  

Did you know Boston Harbor has thirty-four accessible islands? Each island has great opportunities to camp, kayak, picnic, swim, bird watch, and explore historic trails and forts throughout this National Park Area. Check out unmatched panoramic views of Boston, the harbor, and the Atlantic. Ferry service provided by Harbor Express. The Summer Shack manages the food concessions on Spectacle and Georges Islands.

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Boston Harbor Islands – Many people don’t know the extent of the island activities available in Boston Harbor. In all, there are 1,600 acres and 35 miles of undeveloped ocean shoreline on the islands. From hiking and lobster bakes at Spectacle Island, to touring Fort Warren on Georges Island, to camping on Lovells Island or kayaking off of Grape Island, the Boston Harbor Islands offer activities for all ages, easily accessible by ferry from Boston or Hingham

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Island life so so relaxing. If you ever get to experience it, please do. It is almost like the people on the islands know how lucky they are and cherish every minute of it. If you are wanting to get out and explore, do some island hopping and have an adventure like no other, you will want to look into island hopping in Massachusetts


  1. theknitwitbyshair says

    My aunt actually lives on one of the 1000 islands. Whenever we went on the boat cruise as a kid she would totally stand on the shore and wave at us. LOL It was so fun to see her, and she just had to walk 2 houses over.

  2. 34 islands? That sounds like such a fantastic area to relax and explore.

  3. Oh wow, that looks gorgeous! I wonder how long it would take to hop from island to island by swimming them, lol. Used to do that up in the muskokas when I was MUCH younger. Am completely feeling a tug from this oasis. *wants*

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the east coast! And the 34 islands…NO WAY! That's just insane! That's a cool little bit of info that I am sure not many people know! 🙂
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  5. The more I read the more it makes me want to pack up and take a road trip!
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  6. How gorgeous is that? Really, I would've never thought there were that many islands in Massachusetts.
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  7. I have never been to Massachusetts but would love to go some day. Thanks for sharing this information. 🙂
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