The 3rd Challenge with #HPFamilyTime & #BackToSchool Menu Creations

We have had a great month of back to school excitement. HP Canada has been a big part of making the Back to School routine a fun one to get back into. We have discovered some hidden talents and allowed the children to show their creative sides. we have even given away a fabulous prize pack. 

The final Brain Training Challenge we did was 

Develop Improvisation, Planning and Implementation SkillsOrder Anything You Want From My Restaurant- This activity will allows kids to design and print their own restaurant menu with the ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One, including menu items with prices, setting a table, waiting on customers (i.e. siblings, friends and family) and then adding up the bill to figure out the total amount owed. This activity aims to develop writing, spelling and math skills. If it is a family restaurant, kids can also print out colouring pages and provide crayons to keep their patrons entertained. (Creative IQ™, page 42)

We used the ENVY Rove 20 for inspiration. Little one looked up different foods she wanted to add to her menu. 

hpmenuCollageThe touch screen accessibility of the ENVY 20 allowed little one to navigate with ease. Her big brother helped her type in the words she was looking for. Once she found what she wanted she stared on her menus. The menu included all her faves, pancakes was on their a few times. But also included a restaurant name and some pretty expensive prices. 


She called her restaurant Kitty Cat House and we printed it off on the ENVY 5330 All in One printer. The print quality was amazing. So much so that it was hard to tell the original from the duplicates. It also clearly printed the ink that seeped through on her drawing. Picture quality print every time. 


I am in love with this printer. easy touch access. Top placement for scanning, front release for copies. This makes it perfect for my desk. Pages come out at the front not the side. Everything lights up and it allows any device in my home to print to it. DD loves printing off her art work from school to share.

I hope your children have adjusted to back to school and hopefully you were able to get some gadgets in your home to help them out. I highly recommend the ENVY 20 and the ENVY 5530 as they are easy to use and very high quality. Great for children and moms like me who are not always tech savvy. 


Disclosure: HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada. All opinions expressed are my own 


  1. kerriemendoza says

    What a fabulous printer! Amazing! Love the challenge idea making you try out new features.
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  2. How super cute are those!!!!! Loved the menu idea! The printer looks fabulous and glad to see such consistent high-quality from HP! I would love to have a printer that awesome, enjoy it Kim!!!!!!
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  3. I love the activity you created with your child on the printer – so creative! What a fun idea to make your own restaurant menu!

  4. Judy C (Cowan) says

    Great activity! That looks like an amazing printer, will have to check it out since we are in need of a new one.

  5. That sounds like my dream printer, I love how interactive it is.
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  6. What a fun challenge! It looks like a great product too. We have an HP Printer here and I love it!
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  7. This sounds like a great and fun activity to do with your children. It teaches them many great skills. I love HP products. Been a fan of them for a very long time.
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  8. That is adorable so creative with the menu idea! I love HP they make such nice products

  9. That is so cool. What a great way to get kids Ininvolved with dinner ptrp.

  10. jeffmarias2001 says

    I need a good printer!! I know a few people that love their HP. Thanks for the info!!

  11. Looks like a great printer and such a fun activity!

  12. i wish to have a printer like this, we don't have printer though
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  13. Looks super awesome! we so need a printer..

  14. liisi carr says

    That looks really fun getting the kids involved with dinner menus. Wow, I love that printer, very cool!

  15. I'm glad you had a good experience! I haven't enjoyed HP printers.. When my cyan ink ran out, I could no longer use the fax or the scanner of the printer!! :/
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  16. We really need a new printer. Thanks for this awesome review. The cost of the cartridges are also a big thing for us. They get really expensive. So I'd definitely work that into the whole equation too.
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  17. We had an all in one, but the scanner stopped working. I really need to get a new one!

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