Fancy Dress Costumes: Reasons Why They Have Become A Hit Among Children

There are times in life when everybody wishes that they could be someone else but, for a child, dressing up is the key that opens the gateway of imagination. And when it comes to fancy dress costumes, there is nothing children like more than a costume that looks as though it is extravagant and of high quality! Which little girl hasn’t dreamed, at some stage in their lives, of being a fairy? And which little boy doesn’t like dressing up as a pirate?

Why it’s good for kids.

Too often now, children can be found either sitting in front of a games console or watching television. Dressing up allows them the opportunity to be more active, gives them a chance to make-believe they are someone else and helps them use their imagination in interactive play. Costumes now are much more readily available than they once were too. Most supermarkets now stock a wide and varied range, making costumes much more accessible than ever before. Giving children a chance to dress up encourages them to play with others and helps them to learn how to socially interact better with others their own age. It can also help boost their self-confidence and increase their self-esteem. And all that is without taking into consideration one other little fact, dressing up is fun.

Bringing a little bit of magic into your home

Some of the most popular costumes among children now include the likes of Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and many of the other assorted Walt Disney characters. But why this sudden emergence of popularity over more traditional costumes? The answer is a simple, if not cynical, one – marketing. Disney, over the last couple of decades, have significantly increased their presence with much more merchandising and advertising being released than ever before. Children are more widely exposed to the magic of Disney now than they have ever been before and,through dressing up in fancy dress, are given a chance to experience a little bit of that magic for themselves by becoming their favourite characters. Disney are clever in knowing that children never grow out of their films and recent years have seen re-releases of old, popular classics such as Snow White and Cinderella. 

As mentioned previously, which little girl hasn’t dreamed, at some point, of becoming a fairy tale Princess? Indeed, fancy dress costumes really are the keys to their imagination.


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