Feeding a large group for a party or sporting event

As we approach the busy Fall season we approach recreational and competitive sports for my children. Indoor Track and Field, Basketball and swimming are a few of the sports my children are involved in. This means endless hours of practice, training and competitive events are around the corner. We may be one of the few Canadian families who does not do hockey, but I am ok with that 🙂 I am unsure how I would find the time. 

My teen’s sport of choice is Track and Field. He is a jumper and is nationally recognized. This means lots of time away from home and lots of group get together’s with his team. Often we are in other cities, at Universities, Tracks across Canada. Devoting our time, energy and support to him and his fellow team mates. After a short season last year it has paid off. He is ranked number 1 in Ontario and number 3 in Canada (last I looked). Like any family on the road we face many challenges. Time away from home, school and work is hard. We see the big picture and know he has a talent so we make it work. Money is another challenge. Gas is not cheap and often we need to stay overnight and pay for a hotel. We also have the added cost of training clothes and competing clothes. 

If all that wasn’t enough there is the fact we have to feed the kids. Feed the team, the coaches and the parents. In case you do not know, teen boys eat a lot. My son is good for two dinners most days and then looking for a third a short while later. I think it is all the energy he burns jumping and running. He is tall, thin and full or muscle. So how do you feed a large group and make sure it is a healthy option?

Often large groups want something convenient, something with variety. Having a group of teens in training and ready to compete we are always looking for healthy options. We have found that sandwich platters are the perfect option for feeding large groups. Something for everyone, good on the budget and we feel good about it being a healthy choice. Especially since we have no where to prepare food ourselves while away and want to stay away from fast food options. 

We also love ordering sandwiches for parties, meetings and family events. Myself I do not have the space or the time to do it myself. So it works out perfect. 

How do you feed a crowd? What do your hungry teens like to eat when they are in training mode?




  1. I love sandwich platters and subway! Great combination!

  2. This is the best way to get a little something for everyone! Great idea 🙂

  3. Great idea – probably going to get one of these when it is my turn to provide food at Boy Scouts

  4. I like to use fruit platters, and vege platters when feeding large crowds like this.

  5. We don't entertain that often but my son would definitely love that for when he has his friends over.
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