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October 1st is the official release day of A Gift for Sophie, the wondrous and charming story of close friends who grow up learning new ideas about life from Sophie’s granduncle, Old Man Tom. This coming-of-age story holds a universal theme that many children may relate to. We’re excited to introduce petite protagonists Sophie and Emilio as they navigate their everyday lives with childhood adventure. This delightful story comes alive with some stellar performances by folk-rock singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright, along with guest performances by Thomas HellmanJessica Vigneault and Paul Campagne.

BOOK A poetic story by Gilles Vigneault about friendship and old age that takes place in a seaside setting and depicts a sense of continuity, the importance of remembering and the happiness a gift can bring. Nine songs accompany the narration of this touching story about two friends, Sophie and Emilio, and the Old Man Tom who teaches them how to see the world through their hearts.

MUSIC CD In addition to the narrated story, the CD offers nine heartwarming songs for the whole family.

Ages: 5 to 7 / Canadian and U.S. Pub Date: October 1, 2013

Author-Song Writer

Gilles Vigneault, a member of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, is hailed as one of Canada’s most important music figures of the 20th century, especially as a champion Québécois folksinger. His work often evokes his great love of nature and the passion he has for his hometown – Natashquan, a remote, wind-swept village on the banks of the St. Lawrence. He has received numerous distinctions including the “Grand prix du disque de l’Académie Charles-Cros” in France and the “Médaille Vermeil” offered by the City of Paris.



This hardcover book is nicely written. Full of interesting drawings of the characters throughout the book. Set along the seaside my children who have always lived close tot he beach could relate tot he story. A fabulous tale of friendship and time. Within the back cover is the CD full of heartwarming songs the entire family will enjoy listening to. The book also contains the lyrics of the music found on the CD. An enjoyable read for the family. 

Giveaway time

I have 2 copies of A Gift for Sophie Book and CD for my Tales of a Ranting Ginger readers (US/CAN) 1 copy, 2 winners.

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  1. I think Miss R would enjoy this book and CD because they talk about friendship across generations and that is something she is very interest in.

  2. My daughter would love this because she loves both books and music, so this would be perfect

  3. I would love to win this for my daughter!
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  4. I would love to win this to donate at Christmas! I'm sure there is a little on out there that would really enjoy this story!

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  6. Looks like a wonderful read!

  7. What a lovely little storyline this book has. I’d love to win it for my granddaughter.

  8. I love beautiful books for my children and it's wonderful to find Canadian Authors. this would be a great gift for them.
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  9. Dayna Wilson says

    My son was a huge Sophie fan when he was tiny, and he loves having new stories read to him, so I think he'd love this… also, we have a second baby on the way, so it'll get use for years to come.

  10. Dayna Wilson says
  11. Cassie Charman says

    my son loves to read and i would love to read this with him!

  12. Megan Parsons says

    My kids love to read and I think they would like this book!
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  13. Megan Parsons says
  14. My youngest DD is named Sophie and I know she would love a story that includes her name. Not only that, I love providing my girls with books of all kinds and importantly ones that teach valuable life lessons.

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  16. My girls love books and music and would enjoy this!

  17. angela mitchell says

    I'd love to win this for my daughter. It looks like something she would really enjoy:)

  18. angela mitchell says
  19. Sunshine G says

    My daughter loves giraffes – I think it's the spots that win her over.

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  22. Holly Messana says

    I think my daughter would love the book and the Cd, would love to win it for her.

  23. Holly Messana says
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  25. hmrcarlson says
  26. hmrcarlson says
  27. My daughter is probably a little old for this, but I love to donate books to the library or Christmas toy drives.

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  31. hmrcarlson says
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  33. my niece would love this hope I'm lucky. thankyou, ken

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  35. Wanda Bergman says

    I would like to win so I can gift this to my friend's young son.

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  37. I'm always looking for a way to spoil my step granddaughter

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  40. SueSueper Sue says

    I would like to win this CD because I think my nieces would love this as a Christmas gift.

  41. SueSueper Sue says
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  43. holly ogorman says
  44. holly ogorman says

    My three and a half year old daughter your love this set for Christmas!

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  46. holly ogorman says
  47. I want to win because I know a special baby girl named Sophie who would really love this.


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  49. Kristy Short says

    I'd love to give this to my niece

  50. Kristy Short says
  51. this would make a great gift for my niece

  52. Christy Martin says
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  54. hmrcarlson says
  55. hmrcarlson says
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  57. holly ogorman says
  58. Jo-Anne Pfoh says

    my son would love to read this

  59. I would love to win this for my granddaughters.

  60. I hope this ends PST! I would love to win this for my older son. He is very interested in anything done by Canadians. Inventors, writers.. He would really appreciate a book written by a fellow Canadian.

  61. holly ogorman says
  62. Jo-Anne Pfoh says
  63. holly ogorman says
  64. holly ogorman says
  65. holly ogorman says
  66. Jo-Anne Pfoh says
  67. holly ogorman says
  68. holly ogorman says
  69. holly ogorman says
  70. holly ogorman says
  71. holly ogorman says
  72. holly ogorman says
  73. I think it is poetic and profound, everyone will enjoy it!


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