Losing with Grace

I am a proud mom to four. I brag about my children and their accomplishments. It is my right as their mom 🙂 I keep a lot of personal out of my blog, but those who know me know of my children and our lives. Many know of the endless hours our family devotes to our sons athletic goals. I learn from them and I love them more than anything in this world.  

My oldest son is a great kid. Very smart, a good student and a nationally ranked athlete. He has won various competitions and achieved goals many would not even dream of setting.  He is looked up to from his peers and is a great big brother. All of his achievements and awards make me proud of him. But the proudest moment for me, came when he lost. 

A few weeks back we were told he was nominated as athlete of the year in his event categories. His events that he is ranked number 1 for in our province and number three in our country. He had only been competing competitively for a few months so this nomination is a huge honor. We were invited to attend a gala where other athletes would be honored, awarded and speaking. Many present and past Olympians would be in attendance as well. Looking at the other athletes in his category we knew he had a good chance of winning but it would be a close call. Even if he did not, it was an amazing honor and achievement to attend and be recognized. My son was very excited about the nomination and evening ahead. His dad and I drove him out to the big city a few hours away and planned on a great night. We all dressed up and I could see as the night progressed he was a bit nervous. Very excited and over all not sure what to expect. 

After hearing various athletes speak and many awarded it was time for his category to be announced. They said his name along with the others nominated. Then they announced the winner. Another athlete, not my son. A deserving athlete who had been competing and working hard for a long time. My heart sank as I could see the brief sadness on my son’s face. Not knowing  what to say, I said nothing. At that moment he clapped. He clapped loud and showed his support for his fellow nominee. His maturity and good sportsmanship shined through like nothing I had ever seen before. A few minutes later we asked if he was ok. He said he was. We asked if he wanted to leave and he replied he wanted to stay. 

We were so proud. I am prouder of him losing with grace then I ever had been seeing him win. He has always played fair and won with class. Losing was different ground for him.

He made no excuses. He was not bitter. 

He was thankful for being recognized and set his goals for the future. I have no doubt we will be back at that award Gala again. Losing is humbling. Losing with grace is a great life lesson. There is nothing wrong with not winning everything. Sharing the spotlight with others allows you to push yourself further. Win or lose it is how you present yourself in the end that matters. I am proud of him. Proud of his ups and downs. 

In life it is easy to get your hopes up. It is easy to show anger, disappointment. It is easy to make excuses. It is hard to pick yourself up and carry on. Those who do will succeed. Those who never give up will always be great. They are powerful and fierce. We live and we learn, we grow. Everything in life happens for a reason. I am thankful for the opportunities my son has had. I look forward to the promising future that lies ahead of him. I am pleased to be along for the amazing journey.

Is there a time your child showed maturity and grace that surprised youi


  1. What a great post. Congrats to your son for even being nominated. That in itself is a huge honor and an accomplishment he should be proud of. What sport is his specialty? As an avid sports fan, I'd enjoy being able to follow his progress.

  2. Definition of a true athlete! Congrats to him on getting nominated, it's just the beginning!

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