Mark’s Work Wearhouse Now Has Something for Every Curve

Take a moment and think of your favourite pant.

What does make it your fave? The colour or print might be a reason. The style, whether its skinny, boot-cut or flare might factor in. I would assume though, that what makes a pair of pants so special to you, would be how it shapes around your frame and helps you look fabulous. Your favourite pant might not even be the most expensive pair you own. It truly doesn’t matter how much your pant costs if it’s not cut to suit your frame; the price tag (and prestige) behind the label won’t mean much if you look like your swimming in them at odd angles.

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I’m really excited to share that Mark’s Work Wearhouse has come out with a new method for fitting you into an affordable and fabulously cut-to-your-comfort pair of pants. They’ve taken the four most popular shapes that our bodies have, and have given you a easy way to find the one that fits around your hips and curves comfortably.

We have: Lola sitting below your natural waistline for the perfect low-rise pant; Mia sitting slightly below your waistline; Hanna sitting on your waistline for a high-rised pant; and Chloe, designed to fit smaller around the waist to flatter the curvy gal (’cause there is nothing worse than that gap hanging out on your backside! Especially on those days where you’d like nothing more than to wear your grannies underneath your jeans.)

With these four labels, Mark’s Work Wearhouse has divided their Denver Hayes pant label by cut (and then by size.) Racks are listed under their four lines, so if you’re best friend is the Mia mid-rise cut, you’ll want to go to the racks that have “Mia” labelled on their signage to find all of the pants that will fit your preference. Easy peasy right? You don’t have to search each and every rack for your new favourite pair of pants at MWW, as they’ve done the hard part for you. By grouping pants by their cut lable, all that you’re left with is choosing your favourite colour and style.


You might not be sure which cut is your preference, and that’s okay! Just answer three really quick and simple questions on Mark’s website to meet your new best friend and then have fun shopping with her!

And boy do they have a fantastic collection for fall/winter 2013, whether you’re looking for an outfit for work, something to lounge around at home with or even athletic wear to work out with, you will find something to love this season!


I was also pleasantly surprised to see that their clothes extended to some generously fitting plus sizes. While not all standard plus sizes are available (MWW sizes go up to 2XL/1X,) it does mean that some of us larger folk are catered with well fitted, durable clothes as well. And as I mentioned before, some MWW clothes are generous in size; so, even if you tend to fit clothes cut for 3X, you may find a nice pair of stretch pants or a sweater that will fit nicely too.

Aeryn Lynn  (1)

Jewellery that sparkles, and pink lipstick that shines; tablets and smartphones that keep her online; brand name jeans that fit and a pair of cute boots with bling; these are just a few of Aeryn’s favourite things! You can read more about Aeryn on Geek With Style 

Giveaway time!

Mark’s wants YOU to check out their pants and find the right fit for YOU . They are giving 3 Canadian readers a $50 gift card to shop at one of their stores . Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!


  1. Lola Low rise is my fit.

  2. My fit is Chloe

  3. My perfect fit is Chloe

  4. angela mitchell says


  5. chloe curvy fit
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  6. My perfect fit is Hanna!
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  7. I'm a Chloe fit! Thanks

  8. My perfect fit is Chloe Curvy!

  9. Tammy Dalley says

    I got Chloe!!!

  10. zahra premji says

    Lola low rise is my fit

  11. Chloe

  12. Amber Biglow says

    Mia Mid Rise

  13. Deb Dorrington says

    My perfect fit is the Chloe Curvy.

  14. mines chloe

  15. Trina Goodwin says

    My fit is Chloe ! thanks for the chance

  16. Chloe

  17. Undomesticgirl says


  18. Doreen Lamoureux says



  20. Cindy (cindylee137) says

    my fit is Chloe Curvy

  21. Chloe Curvy Fit



  23. Hanna

  24. wendy dickinson says

    My fit is – chloe curvy fit.

  25. Chloe has been chosen as my fit

  26. I'm a Chloe!

  27. im a lola
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  28. I am Chloe Curvy Fit

  29. My fit is chloe curvy fit.

  30. chloe for me 🙂

  31. Chloe Curvy Fit for me too!

  32. Doris Calvert says


  33. SueSueper Sue says

    Hanna is my fit!


  34. natasha severson says

    chloe curvy fit

  35. Chloe

  36. I'm a Mia mid rise!

  37. Crystal Englot says

    My perfect fit is Chloe

  38. Carol Robertson says

    Finally, a company that understands me!

  39. My fit is Chloe Curvy

  40. My fit is Lola

  41. my fit is chloe.

  42. the Chloe fit

  43. I got Mia Midrise.

  44. chloe fit

  45. I'm a Chloe!


  46. Chloe Curvy Fit for me.

  47. I'm a Chloe

  48. silverneon2000 says

    My perfect fit is Chloe curvy fit

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  49. My perfect fit is Mia Mid-rise.

  50. Cheryl Grandy says

    My fit is Cloe.

  51. Judy C (Cowan) says

    I got Hanna

  52. Rosemary BChiu says

    My perfect fit is MIA !

  53. My fit is Hanna

  54. Looks like I'm Chloe Curvy

  55. Did you know Canada? says

    I'm a Chloe!
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  56. Monique L.S. says

    My fit is Chloe Curvy Fit

  57. My perfect fit is Chloe curvy

  58. shannonsview1 says
  59. It is Hanna for me.

  60. My Perfect Fit is Chloe Curvy Fit

  61. Chloe

  62. Chloe

  63. my fit is chloe,, but I was a bit undecided with the last question…I may try it again with the other choice I was gonna pick
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  64. My fit is chloe curvy.

  65. I'm a Chloe Curvy fit.

  66. My perfect fit is Mia.

  67. My fit is Mia, mid rise.

  68. Mia Mid Rise

  69. Curvy fit

  70. Chloe

  71. Chloe for me!

  72. Mia is my fit!

  73. thiswestcoastmommy says

    My fit is Lola. 🙂

  74. Nena Sinclair says

    My fit is Chloe.

  75. Judy Bickford says

    I knew it! It's Chloe, just like my cat. She's small at the top but, boy, she's a curvy little gal. Kinda like me!

  76. My fit is Hanna high rise

  77. Tammy Harrison says


  78. My fit is the Chloe curvy fit.

    pam w h

  79. Victoria Ess says

    Lola low rise.

  80. Chloe

  81. Hanna

  82. My fit is Chloe Curvy!

  83. Mia

  84. theknitwitbyshair says


  85. mia midrise

  86. I am a Mia

  87. Says my fit is Hanna High

  88. Chloe – curvy

  89. Belinda McNabb says

    my fit is Chloe

  90. Lola

  91. Darlene Schuller says

    My perfect fit is Hannah Highrise!

  92. Choe for me because I am curvy lol.

  93. abedabun dawn says

    Chloe curvy is my fit according to the questions.

  94. Chloe – curvy fit is my classification!

  95. My fit is Chloe

  96. Chloe!

  97. Hanna high rise. thanks

  98. curvey fit

  99. Chloe Curvy

  100. Chloe curvy

  101. Mia Mid Rise

  102. Brenda Penton says

    My fit is Mia Mid Rise

  103. Hannah high rise for me!

  104. My perfect fit is Chloe

  105. Andrea Williams says

    My perfect fit is Chloe.

  106. Sarah Stickney says

    Lola Low rise is my fit

  107. Julie bolduc says

    I'm a Chloe fit!

  108. Eva Mitton-Urban says

    Weight loss regiment continues – 1/2 way there 50 lbs gone – so now can realistically say the Lola Low rise is my fit.

  109. Chloe curvy fit
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  110. My fit was chloe and they were exactly right
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  111. Chloe fit is for me

  112. Michelle jadaa says

    chloe 🙂

  113. my fit is Chloe Curvy Fit.

  114. Chloe

  115. chloe curvy fit

  116. contestpatti says

    I am a Chloe curvy fit
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  117. My fit is Chloe

  118. My fit is Chloe Curvy Fit

  119. It seems mine is Chloe

  120. michelle hebert says

    chloe curvy fit

  121. Chloe Curvy for me!!

  122. My fit is Hanna.

  123. My perfect fit is Chloe!

  124. jeannine glen says

    I want to win this

  125. My fit is Mia.

  126. cottagebunny says

    My perfect fit is Mia.I love this fit and I want to win from Mark's.

  127. chloe curvy fit

  128. Todd Hochman says

    chloe pls

  129. They said the jeans that would fit me best are the Lola Low Rise. Can’t wait to try them!

  130. The perfect fit for me is the Hanna High Rise. I would really like to get some, I need jeans desperately!

  131. My fit is Hanna

  132. my perfect fit is chloe… i forgot Mark's has generous sizes.. i'll have to check them out as i'm shopping for clothes for Blissdom!!

  133. Mine is Chloe.

  134. Dayna Wilson says


  135. Chloe for the curvy me

  136. CHERYL BOOMER says


  137. Chloe

  138. MapleMouseMama says

    Chloe curvy is for me!

  139. Chloe curvy fit 🙂

  140. My fit is Hanna

  141. Mia for me
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  142. Karry Knisley says


  143. my fit is Chloe (and yes, I hate that gap when I get the pants to fit my butt, they never fit my waist!)


  145. Susan Boutilier says

    Chloe curvy fit !

  146. my fit is: chloe.

  147. it say hanna

  148. I'm a Chloe

  149. My fit is Mia midrise.

  150. Hannah!

  151. chloe curvy fit

  152. My perfect fit is Hanna High Rise.

  153. im a chloe fit 🙂

  154. My perfect fit is the Chloe Curvy Fit 🙂

  155. curvy chloe

  156. Audrey Skinner says

    My fit is chloe

  157. I'm a Lola low rise

  158. Chloe

  159. Chloe

  160. Chloe

  161. Im a Chloe

  162. My fit is Mia

  163. Hanna high-rise, apparently.

  164. I'm a Chloe!

  165. Mine is Hanna!

  166. nicolthepickle says

    My perfect fit is Chloe. Good to know when I go try on things in store.

  167. Chloe

  168. curvey fit,,

  169. My fit is Mia.

  170. Chloe is my fit

  171. My fit is Mia!

  172. My fit is Chloe , curvy fit.

  173. Chloe



  175. My perfect fit is the Chloe Curvy
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  176. Mia Mid Rise

  177. Terri O'Donnell says

    Chloe Curvy 🙂

  178. jennifer lucas says

    I love mark's awesome clothes

  179. My wife's fit is Chloe and this is who I'd like to win this card for.

  180. My fit is Chloe curvy.

  181. Cassie Charman says

    chloe fit!

  182. Jenness Mills says

    My perfect fit is Chloe

  183. My fit is Chloe

  184. chloe

  185. Lori Bazan says

    My fit is Mia Mid Rise

  186. I'm a Chloe girl.

  187. I like the Chloe

  188. Holly Messana says

    I too am Chloe!

  189. My fit is Chloe

  190. Dawn Kicks says

    Chloe Curvy fit

  191. I am Chloe

  192. Chloe!

  193. Chloe Curvy Fit

  194. Lola

  195. Love Mark's clothes. Fit is Hanna…

  196. My fit is Chloe Curvy Fit.

  197. sylvia mollison says

    Chloe curvy fit!

  198. Hanna will bring out the Bootylicious me!

  199. Chloe

  200. Well, mine is also Chloe Curvy Fit and I am really not wishing to be a copy cat! ☺ Dats da twooth!! LOL

  201. Elaine Buonsante says

    My fit is Chloe.

  202. chloe curvy fit

  203. My Perfect Fit is Chloe

  204. Chloe curvy fit

  205. Nina Bergeron says

    my fit is lola

  206. billiondollarprincesss says


  207. Chloe Curvy Fit

  208. Beth Gallinger says

    I'm Chloe.

  209. I'm a Chloe….I really am in desperate need of jeans that fit. I'll have to go check these out!

  210. bree stegman says

    Lola low rise

  211. Chloe curvy fit

  212. cloe

  213. Mia Mid Rise is my fit

  214. Mine is Mia Mid-Rise

  215. Bailey Dexter-Parr says

    My fit would be the CHLOE CURVY ! Would love to try these, they sound great!

  216. Hanna for my post-menopausal pot.

  217. Curvy Fit

  218. Mia Mid Rise

  219. Mine is Mia Midrise.

  220. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    My perfect fit is also Chloe.

  221. Wanda Bergman says

    My fit is Chloe

  222. BobbiJo Pentney says

    My fit is Chloe fit as well.

  223. chloe

  224. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Hanna is the perfect fit for me it appears.

  225. Cantelle Silverquill says

    Chloe is my fit

  226. Another Chloe 🙂

  227. Jennifer I says

    Chloe curvy fit

  228. Megan Barnecutt says

    I'm a Chloe Girl! Hope my boyfriend is ok with me describing my style as fun & flirty, lol!

  229. fahlinstar says

    I am Chloe 😀

  230. chloe curvy

  231. I'm a Chloe Curvy fit, too.

  232. My fit is Chloe!

  233. tara crawford says

    is my fit

  234. Wanda Jean P says

    Chloe curvy fit.

  235. I'm a Mia!

  236. charlenewakefield says

    my fit is chloe curvy

  237. Kim DeCoste says


  238. my fit is chloe

  239. margaux retrophiliac says

    My fit is Chloe Curvy Jeans

  240. My fit is Chloe.
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  241. Christy Martin says

    My fit is Mia Mid Rise.

  242. @CathyInCanada says

    My fit is Chloe

  243. I always find something that I like at Marks.

  244. My perfect fit is Chloe!

  245. holly ogorman says




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