Preparing my Garden for the Spring, in the Fall

Our front flower beds got neglected this year. We moved in last winter and had so much to do as is. Planting flowers and plants were a thought but when we got a cold snap, I kind of forgot about them.  A few times over the summer I went out and weeded the very overgrown flower bed and wished I had done more. But with the weather being so odd this past summer I just did not want to waste the money on a new garden. 

Living near the beach we have a lot of sand in our soil. I find it takes a while to figure out what grows where best. So the only plants we grew over the summer were grown in pots. They were much more manageable in there anyway. Now that Fall is here I have been doing some cleaning and organizing. I have also been doing some planning for the Spring. I weeded the garden once again and transplanted a bunch of plants. I planted roses I had in pots, a few other green plants I had on the deck as well. Luckily for me, my mom has more plants then she knows what to do with. So when she was cleaning up her garden, she brought some over to me. Lots of greenery and ground coverings that cover a large area. Also Hostas, lots and lots of hostas. Hostas are big leafy green and white plants that are so easy to grow. They grow big and can be split apart. I have accidentally ran over one with the lawn mower and just had it regrow. So they are really easy to keep alive if you are new to gardening. 

On top of adding the plants to the garden we pulled out some overgrown cedars and cut back a nice looking bush. Doing all of this now is going to save me a  lot of work and prep in the Spring. In the Spring I can add some flowers and maybe some mulch to keep the weeds down. It will be great to see the plants I have transplanted now, grow up later on and fill out the space. 

My local grocery store has some beautiful mums and ornamental grass on sale as well. I may be picking some of them up to plant as well.  Fall plants seem so much cheaper than those in the Spring and last far longer. So for me, a better investment. Surprisingly, I discovered some online stores that sell plants on the website called Most of their stores will ship the plants to USA and Canada. 

What is in your garden? Do you plant anything in the Fall? 

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