Samsung Chromebook Laptop Review


Last year when our oldest son started high school, I knew we had to get him his own laptop. He came home one day with homework from three of his four classes. I asked him where his books were and he said at school. Well how is he going to do his homework without them? Easy, the school expects every student to have access to a laptop. Those who do not are in the library at lunch trying to catch up.  I let him use my laptop and was surprised that not only did the school help him set up a Google email account (I signed giving permission) They also had all of his notes and info at an easy click. His teacher was communicating with the class via Google drive. This was even handier later in the year when he had to have a partner for a project. They could share info and have everything they needed in one place. If they needed anything else they just Googled it. Google, seems to be a common household term now a days 🙂 

google chrome


We searched around for many laptops but choosing which was best for him was hard. Luckily I was sent a Google Chrome laptop by Samsung. You can find them at Staples Canada for $269.96 online. 

I have always used Google Chrome as my browser so figuring it out was easy. Using Android based phones we were also familiar with the Google Play store and the other Google featured. At first it was a bit strange not using functions many of us were use to. But after a few days it was a piece of cake. The Google Chrome laptop is online based. So you need to have WiFi access to use it or an internet connection. 

Ordering online gives you access to free shipping via Staples Canada

Product Details
  • 1.17 GHz Samsung Exynos 5250 (1MB L2 Cache
  • 2GB DDR3 system memory
  • 16GB e.MMC iNAND™ Embedded Flash Drive
  • Google Chrome
  • 11.6″ HD LED screen size
  • ARM Mali T604
  • Stereo Speakers (1.5 W x 2 )
  • Dimensions: 0.69″ H. x 11.40″ W. x 8.21″ D.
  • Product Weight: 2.43 lb.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty (details with product)

This laptop is thin and very light. It powers up quickly and has a long battery life. You can customize it as you like, which is great for teens who like to show their personality. Some of the apps crash but most are quick to load.  Everything is linked together via your Google account even YOU Tube so easy one time log in. 


The size of the Samsung Google Chrome book makes  it easy for our son to take back and forth to school. The price allows me to not stress if it was to get lost or stolen. In actuality it is equivalent to what we would spend on binders, books and paper for the year anyway. 


For students in high school and college I think this is a great option. The price is right and most teens are already use to all of the functions, apps and will use it with ease. 

Have you had the opportunity to try the Samsung Chromebook Laptop? What did you think?


  1. It's great to hear how much the price of a decent laptop has come down. I remember when you couldn't get one for less than $1000. This sounds like a solid option. Love how easy it is to get up & running!
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  2. I have not tried this laptop yet but I have heard good things about it. As an avid google user I can say it looks like it would be useful for someone like your son who is a student and anyone really who uses a lot of online based things! Thanks for sharing your view!

  3. I'm really loving the sound of this laptop! It would be the perfect laptop for my daughters! They love to surf the web and watching videos on YouTube! PLUS it's not too heavy for them to move from room to room.
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  4. The Modern Mom says

    I really like the sounds of this! Great price and I think it would be a handy blogger tool too 🙂

  5. Your right the price is right for students, but even moms. I am very impressed at Samsung these days, they are climbing the technology ladder.
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  6. That is a good price for a laptop. Great for students and adults too. I have only good things about the,

  7. Doris Calvert says

    I was wondering about this laptop as I need a new one, thanks for the review.

  8. What a fab sounding laptop I'm getting I want a new laptop vibes of late as well lol x
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  9. massholemommy says

    That's a really nice laptop. I had a Samsung one years ago and I was really happy with it.

  10. I just started using Google Chrome but only use it on occasion. Three things that impress me about the Samsung Google Chrome book is, the laptop is thin and very light. It powers up quickly and has a long battery life. All very important.
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  11. I want the samsung chromebook! I love Chrome, I love Samsung! Hello! Perfect for me! lol. But seriously I love the features of this chromebook! And it would be a lot more portable than my current computer.

  12. starslammed says

    Looks like a great laptop! I have been looking around at different laptops so this is perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I need a new laptop. This looks like a good one. The hubby picks out what i need for graphics, so Im hoping for a xmas present thats a laptop. lol

  14. My son had one of these and we got a lot of use out of it.

  15. kristimaloney says

    We just reviewed the Acer Chromebook from Staples. This Samsung sounds similar. We think it is more functional than an iPad. I agree, it is great for middle school and high school students. The price is right and you don't have to worry about them lugging around an expensive laptop. This does the trick.

  16. If a wifi connection is always available, these are quite nice! I do really like the google chrome format a lot and the price is very reasonable!
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  17. bobbiskozykitchen says

    My daughter needs a new laptop so I am happy to see a reasonably priced computer.

  18. That is a really sleek looking laptop! 🙂
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  19. we love samsung more every day in this house. 2/3 tvs are now samsung here!!
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  20. GrowUpMadison says

    Sounds like a really nice laptop but we're an apple family unfortunately. 🙂
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  21. My hubby picks out my laptops and im getting a new one this Xmas!
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  22. I love how thin this is. I would love to have this computer.
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  23. Aisha Kristine Chong says

    Most laptops are quite heavy. This is also the first time I heard of this model from Samsung, seems like a nice buy!

  24. That is a super good price for a laptop I am in the market for my daughter i will have to check it out!

  25. I agree that this makes for a great laptop for high school kids or college kids. Lightweight and reasonably priced make it at the top of the list. I have heard a lot of good things about this laptop.

  26. toughcookiemommy says

    Samsung really does make quality products and I have just recently purchased a few of their items. They are leaps and bounds above the rest.

  27. Oh I like this! I need an updated laptop badly!
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  28. i have heard of it but never noticed one before. looks good

  29. Looks like a nice laptop. Every time I see it I get a kick out of how the letters are lower case on the keyboard. Great computer for kids too.

  30. I think that is a great starter laptop.

  31. myrah duque says

    I have one and LOVE it. It is so light….I was lucky to get mine during Xmas for $250 at Best Buy.

  32. I havent heard that this existed! It's great for teens who don't like bulky things

  33. Anna Johnson says

    My oldest in grade six has been asking for a laptop. I know he'll need one for school soon. We will check this one out for sure.

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