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Just a little over a week before the new season of Sons of Anarchy begins on TV, are you all caught up?

From creator Kurt Sutter comes the adrenaline-charged Sons of Anarchy, featuring extended episodes and kicking into high gear with its biggest, most explosive season ever! As SAMCRO’s new president, Jax is surrounded by ruthless enemies and gut-wrenching betrayal. With Gemma fighting for control of the family and a bloodthirsty Clay out for revenge, Jax finds himself haunted by the sins of his past. Alliances are forged, friends are murdered, and loyalties are put to the ultimate test. Now, with the truth in sight, Jax must do whatever it takes to secure the legacy of brotherhood and protect his family — even if it costs him everything. 

Giveaway time!

I have a copy of Sons of Anarchy season 5 to giveaway to one lucky Tales of a Ranting Ginger reader. US/CAN $39 value

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  1. Jackson (Jax)

  2. Jax!!

  3. Clay 🙂

  4. Clay

  5. Celena Clause says

    Jax 🙂

  6. susansmoaks says

    jax is my favorite!

  7. Kelly Gordon says

    Jax Jax Jax 😀

  8. jax!:)

  9. Tammy Dalley says

    I love Jax

  10. Stephen Nettles says


  11. Jax, yep its Jax alright lol

  12. My favourite character is Jax of course 🙂

  13. gemma she is sooooo evil

  14. Jacklin updegraft says

    Jax and Opie!!!! I love those two!!!

  15. Jax

  16. Vikki Billings says

    My favorite is Opie and I miss him, my second favorite is Juice!

  17. Donna Cheatle says

    My favorite is Tig.

  18. I love Jax & Gemma!

  19. Thomas Murphy says

    Jax is my favorite.

  20. Jax is the fav

  21. marlenesmith953 says

    we love Jax he's good

  22. Opie and Jax are my favs! 🙂

  23. My favourite is Jax.

  24. Jax for sure is my favourite!

  25. scott macmillan says

    Charlie Hunnam as Jax.

  26. Kim Henrichs says

    Gemma is my favorite! I love Sons!!!

  27. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Jax is my favorite

  28. Jax

  29. Jax 🙂

  30. Sarah Miller says


  31. craftynerd1986 says

    Jax is my favourite.

  32. wanda macsween says


  33. michelle tremblett says

    Opie, followed by Jax 🙂

  34. Eeek! So excitinf! My bf got me into it and I am so hooked lol

  35. a great show!!! Luv it !!!

  36. joanne tjerno says

    My fav is Jax. 🙂

  37. Jax would be mine as most others

  38. abedabun dawn says

    My son says he likes Jax.

  39. Leigh-Ann Murphy says

    the gorgeous Jax!

  40. I would have to say Jax.

  41. jax for sure

  42. My favourite is Jax

  43. Angela Mitchell says

    Jax, of course, but Tig is the funniest.

  44. Jax is my favorite.

  45. My favorite character is Jax.

  46. Adrienne gordon says

    It is Jax.

  47. cool

  48. My favorite Sons of Anarchy character is Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman)

  49. I like Jax

  50. I am a huge Gemma fan!

  51. Jax is my favorite toddlovessweeps at gmail.com

  52. Julie bolduc says


  53. I have to agree with the majority, Jax is my favorite.

  54. Going with the crowd, Jax!

  55. Jacqueline Sampson says

    My FAVE is TIGS!!!! There is just something about him that draws me in 🙂

  56. Jax is my fav!! 🙂

  57. Jax!

  58. Erin Thompson says

    I love Gemma!

  59. Jax is my fave character.

  60. Chibs

  61. michelle hebert says


  62. I like Gemma.

  63. Wendy Rogers says


  64. Lindsay Cyr says

    Jax!! Love him!

  65. Jax is my favorite character.

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  67. jax is my fave

  68. Jax is may fave.

  69. Tig is my favorite.

  70. Jax

  71. that's easy… Jax…

  72. Jax hands down!! thank you 🙂

  73. Jax..:)

  74. jax is a babe

  75. Roger Simmons says

    I've never watched it personally but I have heard about it and would love to watch it so I can't say I have a favorite character yet.

  76. Undomesticgirl says


  77. Stephanie Larison says

    Jax is my fave!

  78. Karry Knisley says


  79. My favourite character is Tara.

  80. billiondollarprincesss says


  81. wendy Hutton says

    Jax and Clay hard to pick just one

  82. I love Jax, but Happy is a good character as well.

  83. JAXX!! <3

  84. Darrah Bailey says

    Jax 🙂

  85. jax

  86. jax

  87. Opie

  88. Gemma is my favorite

  89. Deborah Caudill says

    Chibs Telford played by Tommy Flanagan is my favorite. Of course I love Jax too – who wouldn't.

  90. sherrill gill says

    Jax of course

  91. Jax is my favorite

  92. Gotta love Gemma!!

  93. I have never actually watched this, but hubby and I want to start!
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  94. I like Jason the most.

  95. tina reynolds says

    jax is my favorite

  96. I love Jax

  97. My favorite is definitely Jax.


  98. Opie and Jax!!!

  99. ron perlman as clarence morrow

  100. Brittney House says

    I love Jax

  101. Jennifer Nixon says

    I’ve yet to see this show. It’s in my Netflix queue though 😉

  102. Jax for sure! I love Charlies accent in real life as well, oooh baby!

  103. Jax is my favorite

  104. janicecrespo says
  105. Opie or Gemma

  106. I like Jax.

  107. Jax of course, but i did name my Pug puppy Gemma!

  108. Jax!

  109. Definitely Jax!

  110. Donna Kellogg says

    I think Jax is the best to look at but i love Gemma devotion to her family

  111. wendy wallach says

    gemma is my favorite character

  112. Ooh Decisions, decisions. I'll go with Chibs. (Roxann)

  113. Wanda Bergman says

    Clay is my favourite.

  114. I really like Tara, she is a strong woman.

    Eileen B.

  115. Jax is my favorite.

  116. Jax!

  117. Jax

  118. jax

  119. I like Jax!

  120. Trisha McKee says

    Gemma Morrow is my favorite. A strong woman. Katey Sagal is awesome and has proven she is more than just a comedy actress!

  121. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I like Clarence but then I like the actor so there

  122. Gemma and Jax.

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