I do Believe in Ghosts ! #Halloween

When I was a young girl about 9 years of age I had my first experience with a ghost. we were visiting my aunt and uncle in Ottawa Ontario and they lived in an old farm house. at the top of their stairs in the old farm house there was a large landing. This is where they kept an old framed bed and it was for guests. This was not a closed room, just a large floor space like many of these old homes had.  My sister and I shared this bed while we stayed there for the week. My sister was around the age of 5 as she is four years younger than I.

Also staying in the house was my parents, my grandparents and my other uncle and aunt along with the relatives who lives there. Being over ten hours away we did not visit as often as we had liked. Our first night there was incredible! My sis and I loved sleeping in a farm house and waking to cows outside of our window. There was running water but my aunt decorated in a way to preserve the time of the house and many things looked old to me. My aunt was always a bit different, she was my uncles second wife and a lot older than him. She was kind but had a quirky way about her. Some people may have thought her to be odd, she had books on paranormal and witch craft and liked things that were unusual.

The second night I woke in the middle of teh night. I was a bit chilly and wanted to pull the extra blanket up. I saw a woman standing at the foot of the bed. She was really old and wearing a long plain dress.  she had white hair, a bonnet and a shawl on.  She did not speak and did not move. I did not recognize her but sensed something was off. Who was this woman standing there? Being a kids I pulled the blanket over my head and hoped she would just go away. I slowly pulled it back and she was gone.

The next day I mentioned to my aunt that there was a lady watching us while we slept. My aunt described her and said it was a ghost.  the lady who originally lived in the house and raised her family there. She said she was harmless and not to worry. The next few nights I did not dare look for her. I was too scared. I told my mom and she did not believe me.

Since this experience and as I got older, I noticed more and more. I find I am sensitive to things around me.  If a place is haunted I am going to spot of feel the presence .  When my boys were younger and we went on their field trips we lived out west. Lots of old buildings and history. Twice I asked about a person being in the building and both times I was told it was a ghost. The one time I saw a man looking out the window of a top floor room. But the top floor had been closed off with no access for years. the other time i felt as though something cold passed through me in the basement of a jail.

These are only a few of the instances I have experienced this over the years. Many I brush off and try to forget. Some I will remember forever.

So I live in a newer house and avoid haunted places whenever possible. People say it is a gift but it creeps me out. Plus it makes me sound crazy lol My oldest son gets the same feelings and he also avoids the same places as me. I figured being Halloween this was the perfect time to bring this up and share.

So tell me, do YOU believe in ghosts? Have you ever experienced something like this.


  1. Love it! I don't think I'm sensitive to it but yes I beleive in ghosts. I have had one experience where I felt and heard a ghost but did not see it. Great story. 🙂

  2. Sends chills up my spine! You must have a gift (if you want to call it that). I do believe somewhat, though I haven't experienced anything personally, I've had a family member who has and I don't think they would lie about it. They didn't see anything but they felt things, saw things move places, or heard speaking, Freaks me out!

  3. Tara Gauthier says

    My grandmother appeared to me after she had passed away. One evening as I lay in bed she appeared at the end of my bed clear as day.

  4. We live in an old house and 2 of my girls sense and see ghosts, once the ghost actually pushed my daughter over when she was tying up her shoes, (they did not like this daughter) things go missing all the time..we have even went as far as to call them the others, my nephew was locked in the bathroom once, he thought someone was pushing the door closed as he was trying to open the door but no one was there, my daughter used to get in trouble for raising the thermostat in the winter until one day I was the one that experienced the others turning up the thermostat after I turned it down twice, they are harmless, well at least that's what I believe, everyone but the oldest has had some experience with the others.

    My husband never really believed us until one night the other sat on the bed by his side, he thought it was me, he reached out to my side of the bed and yep I was there…I asked him if he looked as to who was sitting on his bed and he said no way! He's a believer now.

  5. Darlene Demell says

    I am a huge believer in ghosts. I have had many experiences with them and it would take forever to tell you them all. My hubby never believed either but one night he changed his opinion when the bed we were sleeping in lifted off the floor and when I spoke to the ghost the bed plunked down. No it wasn't an earthquake either. We both saw the apparition walk out the door. My mother believed and had experiences with them, we have 3 sons and two of them have had experiences. My middle son thinks we are crazy. lol

  6. Love reading stories like this. I believe in ghosts but have never really had any experience with them. I would probably freak out. My cousins had some living in their apartment in the city when they went to university. They had too many stories that it was hard not to believe them.
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  7. Oh creepy but I am intrigued by spirits or “ghosts”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one but I’ve definitely been in presence before., I’ve felt it.

  8. Kim, I believe you. I know that you read the true ghost story about my great-grandmother, but when I was a child in a crib I also saw something unexplainable. I won't go into details, as some would think I was nuts, but it was not just realistic–it was real. And I still remember the experience almost 40 years later.

    My paternal grandmother also saw my deceased grandfather at the foot of her bed and swore he was real, not an apparition.
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  9. My grandmother passed away 5 years ago – She had a brain tumor and their only course of action was to remove it. Unfortunately the surgery wasn't successful and they were deciding whether or not they were going to keep her on life support. My grandfather couldn't deal with it and went home for a nap. At 230, we pulled her off life support and she went to heaven. At 233 my grandfather woke up from his nap to see my grandmother sitting on the end of his bed. She smiled and patted his leg then disappeared.
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  10. I've felt ghosts. I did a midnight ghost tour in Tazmania when I lived in Australia. I visited the original prison and "insane" asylum ruins there. At one point, I was the first person to enter one of the buildings. It was the home of a family who had worked on the grounds. Walking in, I got a chill up my spine and immediately felt that there were ghosts of children there and that they were near me. The feeling came out of nowhere and sort of caught me off guard. As a background, I work with kids and have for a long time. When the tour guide came in, the first thing he said was that the building was haunted by two of the children who had lived there. They became very ill and they died at age (pre-school or so.) Apparently they gravitate towards people who love kids. Some people feel them, some hear them, and some see them……….. Creeped me right out!! I already believed in ghosts, but that was the first time I really BELIEVED.

  11. Nena Sinclair says

    I definitely believe in ghosts! I've had experience, too, from the time I was a child. Where I live now, there's 2 spirits, one of a cat and another of a middle aged woman. Since this has been a part of my life for so long, for the most part, it doesn't bother me, it intrigues me!

  12. I believe in never saying never. Just cause we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there!

  13. Christy Martin says

    My story is very non-interesting, but when I was a kid I came up the stairs to go to my room and saw a little red head boy washing his hands in the bathroom. I remember his clothes, everything. His movements were life-like, his clarity was not. I carried on to my room and he didn't notice me. No one believed me and that was that. As an adult, things have been pretty uninteresting aside from the odd sleep paralysis and all it entails and a bit too scary for my liking.

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