Our Blue and Gold Macaw

When I tell people we have a Blue and Gold Macaw they are often surprised. after the surprise they think it is pretty amazing. I doubt many of them know the time and commitment it takes to have a bird like this in the home. These birds are extremely smart and love attention. They are like a toddler. They thrive and crave attention. If you do not pay attention to a Blue and Gold Macaw they will have a tantrum.

Just over two years ago we were looking around for a Macaw. We liked the thought of a parrot and our children seemed very interested as well.  We did our research and called around to get as much info as possible. The time commitment is huge as these birds live a long life. Chances are our teen son will end up owning our Macaw as he may out live my husband and I. Nutrition is costly as is housing and toys for a large tropical bird like this.

While weighing our options and looking at various birds, my husband found a Blue and Gold Macaw in need of a home. He was left alone in a shed. Had no company and no companionship, ever. He was obviously abused and the timed light he had was not enough for him or his health.  He was so stressed and underfed he had plucked many of his feathers out.  Macaws who are bored are also know to entertain themselves by plucking their feathers and watching them fall to the floor. My husband saw this bird and came home sad. He wanted to call the authorities but was afraid what may happen to the bird. Many may not find him attractive so chances of him being adopted were slim. He was also missing a foot.

After a few days of back and forth we decided to raise the funds and buy the bird, his cage and some food and toys for him. He had never had toys before . We were told he could not talk and touching him would be impossible. So we got him, for no other reason but to give him  good home and rescue him from his crappy life.

I am happy to report that after two years our Blue and Gold Macaw who is named Blue is doing great. He does not like me so I do not touch him. We think he must of had an issue with a woman in the past. However he loves my husband and our teen son. Both let him out of his cage daily. They can hand feed him and pet him. Only knowing a portion of his history we do not try to pick him up. He eats a variety of seeds, fruits and other treats as well has tonnes of toys. At first we bought all kinds of toys but soon found out used baby toys do the trick. so we string them up in his cage and he loves them. His feathers have almost completely grew back and he no longer plucks them.

He also talks.

He talk s a lot. He mimics voices, repeats words and barks like our dog. I truly think he is a happy bird now and is glad to be a part of our family.

Blue really does act like a toddler. He has favourite people, fave snacks and can be stubborn. He is an amazing bird and we are lucky to have him in our lives.


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