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Fall and winter are the seasons when I put a little more effort into being a mom who cooks. In the summer we do a lot of BBQing and in the spring I love salads and soups and sandwiches. So Fall and Winter are my comfort food months. The months where I can put on a roast and let the oven heat the house. Start some chili in the crock pot and let it simmer all day long. The smells of the house are yummy and we all end up gaining ten pounds lol

DK Canada has many books for the experienced cook or the new cook. The baker and the cocktail creator, and everything in between. Check out Tasty DK and get 30% off your book orders for a limited time. To help me along with my comfort food cooking I ordered in a few books from DK Canada.


My favourite book so far is the Slow Cook Book that inspires me daily to create yummy meals in m y slow cooker. Easy to follow recipes with pictures makes meal time fun and easy. I am not a great cook but I do enjoy cooking when it is easy. I feel good making meals that my entire family enjoys and takes little effort.

With comprehensive wine encyclopedias and clear, easy-to-follow cookbooks – this selection of our illustrated epicurean titles will be sure to please your favorite foodie! All these books are specially priced for a limited time.

Now is the time to get these books and start planning your next meal. Maybe something special for a Christmas dinner or a family brunch? The books are great prices and the highest quality. We love DK Canada here and look forward to all the delicious meals I plan on making with my books this winter.

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  1. It seems like a great house warming gift for a
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