GLAD Gruesome Challenge- How do you dispose of your pumpkin? #GLADGruesome


There is something about this time of year that brings out the creepy and gruesome. The fun creepy and gruesome that is.  Halloween is a fun time in our house. As the teens get older they seem to be thankful for having a little sis. They too enjoy the festivities and having her here allows them to be kids that much longer. Dressing up, eating treats and carving pumpkins are all traditions in our home this time of the year. 

The other day we picked up three pumpkins. One for each of the kids to design and carve themselves. I gave them each a Sharpie and the teens the tools they needed and let them carve their pumpkins. We all helped little one with hers. My one son decided he wanted to be different and unique. So he went out and got dads drill and just drilled holes throughout the pumpkin. Once done and lit up it was quite the site. Pumpkin carving gets a bit competitive in our house as well. But it all turned out okay.



We made up roasted pumpkin seeds and placed our pumpkin insides in a compost bin from GLAD. This was our first time composting pumpkin. In the past we have thrown it out or tossed it in the garden and let it break down. So I was eager to see how it would turn out. 

After four days I looked in the bag that was in the bin (we had not opened it before) and there was liquid in the bottom. The pumpkin was already breaking down. So this should be smelly, right? well it was not. THERE WAS NO SMELL! I could not believe it. On the inside lid there was some condensation as well. This was really interesting to me. Seeing the pumpkin decomposing and not leaking was something that surprised me. I can actually leave it under my sink and not worry about my kitchen stinking up. 


Carving our pumpkins and creating our Jack-O-Lanterns is a lot of fun. I am happy that we were able to dispose of the insides so easily. Maybe this composting thing is not so tough and smelly after all. If I can keep it up I can have a wonderful garden in the spring. 

Now to just figure out which of our Jack-O-Lanterns is going to win our family carving competition 🙂 


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  1. we compost our pumpkin "remains" for next year's garden. but garbage stuff is gross no matter what!
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  2. Stacie Connerty says

    Love you jack o lanterns. My kids and I have a blast doing this every year. I just tie the guts up in a grocery bag and toss it in the outside garbage can. Wish I was diligent enough to do the compost thing.

  3. I had no idea they made a compostable bag now. I'm so happy about that news!
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  4. I want to make a pumpkin with all those holes like you did. What a great idea!
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  5. we always compost so I never thought about it but yeah If you DON'T compost you'd definitely need a strong bag for a pumpkin!!
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  6. I really need to get a composting bin. I love all your pumpkins, I couldn't pick a fave!

  7. I'm so sad we never made it to the pumpkin patch this year.

  8. massholemommy says

    Oh man, we just put ours in the trash and throw it away. And once the actual jack-o-lantern rots, we do the same.
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  9. Viccy Howe says

    I love pumpkin carving, and looks your family had a tonne of fun too!
    I hadn't thought about composting the pumpkin, but will do so now, thank you

  10. I love carving the pumpkin, and I love the one you did with all the holes. This year I did my pumpkin with my granddaughter and it certainly was lots of fun. Never thought of composting – thanks for the tips.
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  11. They say compost is so so so good for your garden, but I haven't attempted it yet.
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  12. jennifer378 says

    I never knew they had those, we live in a rural area and just put ours out to let nature take care of it. The animals always seem to enjoy the treat.

  13. Getting the guts out of the pumpkin is the worst part. I compost but do it outside. I would love to have this Glad compost for under my sink in the winter.
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  14. Oh gosh what an awesome looking pumpkin have to admit I haven't done any carving this year.

  15. teresa mccluskey says

    Wow this is really neat! I love the fact that their was no smell!

  16. Carving pumpkins is always a lot of fun!
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  17. bishop62604 says

    Love your pumpkins! We use these bags – and I couldn't live without them!

  18. We generally go with composting but yeah for stinky, slushy messes, Glad odor removal bags are definitely the way to go!

  19. Those sound really neat. I would have been worried about the smell too

  20. We love roasted pumpkin seeds and the remainder of the pumpkin waste goes into our compost. Great pumpkins for your carving contest.

  21. I just saw a post for the first time this year about drilling holes in the pumpkin. They were beautiful and different patterns were used.
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  22. We compost year round but the hogs enjoy most of it so we don;t have to worry about that smell at least (since we have others from the animals!)
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  23. Those are some fun carvings! I just adore playing with pumpkins! Some of them I bake up and make pumpkin puree, others we just carve and leave out for decoration on our porch until they go back. Then throw them into the compost pile in the garden.

  24. How fun!! This year we opted for a non carved decoration but I did miss the pumpkin seeds.
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  25. I didn't carve anything this year. Actually I basically did nothing this year. I can surely use that Febreze coupon though.
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  26. Carving pumpkins is so much fun!

  27. This is really great, especially since people don't really know what to do with the pumpkins. Love the design!

  28. These Glad bags are the only ones I buy. They really do lock in the odor and since I live WAY out in the country and have to haul trash to a dump, I need my can smelling fresh as long as possible.

  29. OK, my mind is blown! I can't believe that GLAD has a compost, and that I can fit it under our sink. We live in an apartment, and I've always wanted to try composting, but couldn't figure out where we would put it. I'll have to try GLAD!

  30. One year my family bought gourds and we had them for decoration for weeks. Soon a terrible odor permeated the house and we couldn't figure it out. Had a mouse died? Did the kid go to the bathroom someplace? It was the gourds. I say all of this to say that we could have used this then!

  31. We did not carve our pumpkins this year, but this product is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Soo cool.. love that there was no smell and it sure looked like you had a blast.. the pumpkins turned out great..LOVED them…

  33. love the jack o lantern you made this year!

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