The Internship on BlueRay

You’re shrunken down to the size of nickels and dropped to the bottom of a blender. What do you do?

It may seem like an odd question but Google is anything but ordinary and boring. So questions like this above, mean a lot. 

The Internship! Directed by Shawn Levy, the comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson will be available on Blu-ray and DVD now, courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
In The Internship, Vaugh and Wilson star as Billy and Nick, two salesmen who get laid off and end up scoring aninternship at Google. It’s crazy and inspirational, like Flashdance! What a feeling…


Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up to crash the digital world in this laugh-out-loud buddy comedy you’ve been searching for! Trying to reboot their obsolete careers, old-school salesmen Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) talk their way into an internship program at the state-of-the-art Google campus, vying for a handful of spots among tech-savvy college students who are half their age and twice as smart. The competition is fiercely funny as Billy and Nick break all the rules in a hilarious quest to land their dream jobs!

We watched The Internship last night. My teen boys, hubs and I. We are all fans of Owen Wilsons and love Vince Vaughn so we were looking forward to this. Since the two have paired up before and had comedy success, we knew this was going to be great. Seeing two “old guys” thrown in with a bunch of college kids and being able to tech them a thing or two was great. This movie was fun for us to watch and had me laughing the entire time. It was also super cool to see some of the behind the scenes things of Google and their super fun office. We should all have the pleasure of having such a great work place. As a mom I liked watching with my teens so they could see being YOU and being unique is all you need to succeed in life. Plus it was super funny! 

Giveaway time!

I have a copy of The Internship for one of my lucky readers to win (US/CAN) Enter below for your chance. Good luck!


  1. DH is a computer geek and would find this movie hilarious~!

  2. I haven't seen it yet

  3. Looks like a fun movie!

  4. I'd love to win this because I'm a huge fan of both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn!

  5. I'd love to win this for hubby because he loves both Wilson and Vaughn!
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  6. steve weber says

    this movie was pretty funny.. but most of the funny stuff was in the commercials.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I just love these two, both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are brilliant at comedy, it'll undoubtedly be a great film.

  8. willgriesmer says

    Because I love comedies!

  9. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I love Owen Wilson movies!!

  10. karinespace says

    I love funny movies and I love these actors

  11. i like funny movies

  12. Tina Bartunek says

    I love funny movies!

  13. My husband loves Vince Vaughn – I'd love to surprise him with this

  14. I think it would be a funny movie to watch!
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  15. Monique L.S. says

    I like comedies, and could use a good laugh.

  16. It looks funny and we haven't seen it

  17. love to see a good comedy

  18. Kim Henrichs says

    I want to win it for a friend who is a HUGE Dylan O'Brien fan!!

  19. It would be a great movie to watch with my husband

  20. because it looks so funny!

  21. i love these two actors..any movie they are in together would have to be entertaining 🙂

  22. scott macmillan says

    The two of them are a great comedy duo.

  23. because I didnt watch it yet

  24. I would love to win this so I could have a movie night and invite some friends over and just have
    some good laughs 🙂

  25. could use some comedy laughs so would like to win

  26. Jo-Anne Pfoh says

    I am a huge owen wilson fan

  27. christine mondy says

    I haven't seen it yet, but I love Vince Vaughn!

  28. I want to win because these two are hilarious together.
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  29. Beth Gallinger says

    I'd love to see this because Owen Wilson is hilarious.

  30. I'd love to win because it is a super funny movie and Vince Vaughan is one of my favourite comedic actors.

  31. I would like to win this for my girlfriend.

  32. andrea amy says

    i love vince vaughn and i haven't seen this. i bet its hilarious!!!

  33. it looks like a good movie

  34. Anytime is a good time for more laughs!

  35. I like comedies and this looks hilarious.

  36. I want to win this because you can't go wrong with these two actors….it has to be funny.

  37. Because it looks funny!

  38. I could use a good laugh or two!

  39. Looks hilarious

  40. Kathie Craig says

    We have not seen this movie yet. Love Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn!!

  41. Judy C (Cowan) says

    I haven't seen this yet so would love to win it so I could watch it

  42. I'm a big fan of Owen Wilson! Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Jeannie Lam says

    I love watching Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan. They are so funny! Would love to win this so I can see how these 2 comic duo work together!

  44. Jayne Cameron says

    I like Owen Wilson and I am a big fan of Vince Vaughn. They are great together and we always can use a Good Laugh !

  45. Another great movie that hubby and I want to see together.

  46. I think Vaugn and Wilson are hilarious together, and I really want to see this movie!

  47. julie nowell says

    haha… oh Vince. Anything with these boys will keep the hubs and me laughing! Actually, this bad boy will probably end up in the hubbies stocking! Shh don't tell!
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  48. Angela Mitchell says

    I love Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn!

  49. I would like to win because it looks like a funny movie

  50. Jennifer P. says

    I would love to win this because I haven't seen a funny movie in a while, and Vince Vaughn never disappoints.

  51. Adrienne gordon says

    looks funny

  52. Wayne Lecoy says

    I am entering your giveaway.
    I want to win The Internship Blu-ray because i haven't watched this movie yet
    and i am a fan of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!

  53. because it looks funny

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  54. Elaine Buonsante says

    I saw this movie in an Advance Screening and thought it was great and would love to see it again!

  55. April Brenay says

    big fan of these guys, haven't seen the movie might make a good at home date night 😉

  56. Julie bolduc says

    These actors are so funny would love to see this movie

  57. This movie is great. I love Vince Vaughn & he certainly shines in this…it would add to my collection of comedies and one I know the hubs would like.

  58. Tracy Robertson says

    I want to win this because I saw it in the theatre and absolutely loved this movie! I recommended it to my parents because I know they would really enjoy it too, but they didn't get around to seeing it. I would love to win the DVD and give it to them as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I know they would love it!

  59. marian boll says

    I adore these two actors and would love to see it, missed it when it was out before.

  60. Kristy Short says

    I would make a great stocking stuffer for my husband

  61. fahlinstar says

    I want to win this because Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn make a great comedy team and I think that this movie will be hilarious 😀

  62. Jennifer L. says

    This looks like a really funny movie and I always enjoy a good comedy.

  63. Robbie Irby says

    Robbie Irby:

    Loved these two in Wedding Crashers — glad to see them make another movie together.

  64. joanne major says

    never found time to go and see this movie. I love owen Wilson and would love to own this movie

  65. I love Vince Vaughan and this looks funny!

  66. truckerofbc says

    My family and I enjoy Saturday night movies together as a family eating potato chips and indulging in Coca Colas and movies are always a family treat.

  67. Jeana Murphy says

    Because they were hilarious in Wedding Crashers and I haven't seen this movie yet and it looks like it is hilarious as well

  68. kristin sims says

    I love both of these actors, and I want to see it because I love a good comedy, thanks!

  69. its very funny

  70. Just saw Wedding Crashers this weekend, hoping this is funny, too

  71. I have seen previews and it looks like it could be funny.

  72. lauren knott says

    I love Vince Vaughn, I would love to win this!

  73. we love comedy would like to see this

  74. Need a good laughter:)

  75. Belinda McNabb says

    I want to win because it looks like a funny movie and I can watch it with my son

  76. Michelle Fosnaugh says

    Would love to see this movie, it looks hilarious

  77. tina reynolds says

    looks like a really funny movie for hubby and I too watch

  78. Love to see it

  79. i wan tto see the inside working of google

  80. I've not seen this movie and I'd like too – could use a funny movie.

  81. I would love to win it, because I love movies, especially comedies, and those 2 actors, are awesome 🙂
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  82. Because it looks funny and I'd like to watch this with my husband.

  83. Shemp DeYoung says

    These two are hilarious together. Have you seen Wedding Crashers?

  84. wendy Rozema says

    I'd like to win this b/c it looks like a funny movie for me to watch!

  85. I love this movie it was so funny! I would love to own it!

  86. Owen makes me chuckle! Think this dvd would make a great stocking stuffer.

  87. I really enjoy Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movies this si sure to be a good laugh!

  88. I want to win this for my husband! He loves comedies!

  89. looks like a funny one!

  90. I'm a big Owen Wilson fan.

  91. It looks like a funny movie.

  92. michelle hebert says

    i have seen it yet could be fun to watch

  93. Christy Martin says

    I could use a movie night for myself. Comedy works and does anything with Vince Vaughn!

  94. Kimberly Schotz says

    I would like to win this as a gift for my daughter

  95. Susan Smith says

    I want to win because these are funny comedians

  96. Jill Myrick says

    I would love to win this movie to watch with my husband.
    Some of my favorite movies have Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson starring together.


  97. nathania h says

    myself! I haven't seen this.

  98. holly ogorman says

    Haven't seen it yet and love Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn!

  99. Danielle Wood says

    I haven’t seen it yet and I heard ot was hilarious

  100. Kellie Conklin says

    My family loves the cast and I would love to be able to watch this with my brothers for a movie night! It looks funny and unique from anything we've seen recently! Thanks!

  101. Brittney House says

    I really loved those two in the wedding crashers so I really wanted to see this one. I missed it in the theaters though.

  102. LOve Vince, this would be perfect to add to my movie collection and have a movie night with my husband.

  103. Love comedy.

  104. Because I really enjoyed this movie!

  105. REbecca Peters says

    I want to win this because these actors are hilarious

  106. Cathy French says

    I want to win this because I enjoy these two stars in their earlier movies so I am sure this one is funny too

  107. Holly Messana says

    I would love to win, I really enjoy both of these guys in movies

  108. SueSueper Sue says

    I would like to win because this would be fun to watch with my daughter.

  109. It's funny!

  110. marcusbarnes says

    I enjoy comedies and I've yet to see this film. Thank you!

  111. I want to win this because I've just had a terrible week and these two together are just pure hilarious!

  112. I want to win this because it has my favorite comedic duo. 🙂 Thank you.

  113. I love a good comedy & haven't seen this movie yet.

  114. I have not seen it and heard it was funny

  115. Mihaela Day says

    I would love to win it because I heard it is hilarious 🙂

  116. Gustavo Lopez Montes says

    It looks like a funny movie I missed on theaters.

  117. Dianne Arsenault says

    I think it would be funny.

  118. theodore esteghamat says

    I hear these 2 guys are funny and I really could use a good laugh.

  119. my husband would love this movie

  120. I love these two actors and have not seen it

  121. This movie looks funny.

  122. Shari Klyn says

    I would love to win this because I think Vince Vaughn is very funny.

  123. Leslie Davis says

    Sounds like it would be funny

  124. Sarah Marshall says

    This would make a great Christmas gift for my brother!

  125. Vikki Billings says

    I would love to win this because I am a fan of both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. They are very funny when they are in movies together and I am sure this is no exception!

  126. susansmoaks says

    i would love to watch this with my husband.

  127. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I enjoy Vince Vaughn humor at times



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