Take a pic & share to #GiveAPlate to Food Banks of Canada (Instagram)

I was a little slow getting in on the whole Instagram trend. But now that I am on there, I am loving it. Taking pics and sharing with friends is so easy. Plus I can have it feed to my Facebook and Twitter accounts instantly! Love it!

As a P&G Mom a lot of fun promotions come my way. the latest is a way of giving back. a super easy, fun way to give back. And it includes Instagram. This Thanksgiving while you are enjoying your feast with your family you can give back by taking a picture and sharing it on Instagram. 


All you need to do is upload a picture of your Thanksgiving feast to Instagram on October 13 and ask Cascade to “Clean my plate!” Make sure to include @GiveAPlate with the hashtag #GiveAPlate.


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  1. Christy Martin says

    I loved this and had someone submit a photo on my behalf. Great idea, since everyone tends to take pictures of everything they eat anyway! May as well do it for a cause. I hope they do it for Christmas too!

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