Who does the Dishes in YOUR House?

When our oldest lived at home she always helped me with dishes. I never minded doing them, as I have hand washed dishes all my life. When I was a little girl me and my sis use to wash and dry. If we could not reach the sink we used a chair. If we could not reach the cupboards we left them on the counter for my parents to put away. We did not have a dish washer.

Doing the dishes was our daily chore. Even after starting my own family, I was not interested in a dish washer. It took forever for it to fill with dishes and was not worth it to me.

Then our oldest moved out and started her life.

My husband was not into washing the dishes. We kind of split up the household chores years ago without actually ever saying so and dishes was not his. He got things like yard work, car maintenance and hand man stuff (things I also dislike) So I would wash and wash and wash. After a while I started getting my boys to dry and put the dishes away. They are teens and fully capable of doing so. But I started to feel like a nag.

After months I started hating to do the dishes. REALLY Hating it!

You could often hear me saying “all I want for Christmas is a dishwasher” or “I would be a happy gal if I never had to wash a dish again!” things like that. My hands were drying out and the time it took to wash dishes over and over for a family of five was lonnngggg.  Ugh just thinking about washing the dishes makes me grumpy.

So fast forward

I went away for a week last week and said “Please just do not have a sink full of dishes waiting for me and I will be happy”

One day while away I called home and hubs answered sounding a bit flustered. I asked him why and he said “I am busy washing the dishes” I kind of chuckled and thought they have now found a new appreciation for me and thought nothing else. Then the next day I called and he sounded flustered again. I asked why and he said “I bought a dishwasher and ma installing it” LOL

Really? All I had to do was go away for a few days and we get a new dishwasher? I came home a happy mom and a happy wife. Dishes were taking up so much time and now I just load and wash. And with two teens in the house it fills up super fast!
Happy I can finally use all the Cascade pods I had, Thank you P&G 🙂

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen me share this pic with my excitement


I am never going dishwasher free again! Plus everyone helps load and unload the dishwasher. It is great!


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  1. Oh *drool*! I want a dishwasher soooo bad!! But we'd have to lose a cupboard in our already tiny kitchen 🙁
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  2. Judy C (Cowan) says

    I am lucky my hubby does the dishes all the time. We have an agreement, I cook and he cleans! We have a dishwasher at our condo but have to handwash when we are living in our RV.

  3. I do the dishes most of the time with DD drying them. I have a dishwasher and use it about 2-3 times a week. It's the best when you entertain or have holiday dinners.

  4. Pam Dillon says

    Love this. : ) Worth going away, no?

  5. (Who does the Dishes in YOUR House?) That would be me! and I still do them by hand also. My kitchen is so small that a dishwasher would take away a lot of my below cubby space. 🙁

  6. I insisted on getting a dishwasher with the wedding money my parents gave us many years ago. That machine is still (barely) chugging along but I cant imagine having to hand wash dishes for a whole family. I know how dried out and cracked my hands get from the little hand washing I do – I feel for what you put up with! ;D

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