90s Kids Wouldn’t Exist Without Wood Floors

If you think this is an unreasonable and far-fetched assumption to make, good, you’re right. Nevertheless, there is some arguably conclusive proof that wooden floors have propelled the kids of the 90s from their grass roots and into great success.

We may not have realized it until now, but floors have been massive parts of our lives since birth. If you really think about it, we’ve been standing on floors at least 90% of the time, and there’s little chance that we’re going to stop anytime soon.

Here are some of the biggest ways that wood flooring has affected, amplified and generally made better the lives of kids from the 90s.

The Disco knee slide

For decades, this has been the disco move of victors all across the Western world. The disco knee slide has to be one of the most iconic moves in the history of modern dance, and it darn well wouldn’t be possible without wooden floors. Good job, floor.

School Gym Class

Athletics training in the school gym hall: you hit the floor half way through your shuttle runs you hit the floor. You had quiet words with yourself about never being knocked down again, and thanks to that you’re now a superstar CEO in the biggest exercise brand in the Northern Hemisphere. Again, this is all down to wooden floors. You’d be nothing without them.

First Gallery appearance

You’ve been a struggling artist for six years, but thanks to a new charity art event you can now launch your own exhibition. Some big names see your work and your career as the next Picasso begins, all while standing on a solid wooden floor.

In short…

It you haven’t realized yet, wood flooring has been an integral part of your life so far, and your illustrious relationship can only continue to produce amazing results as you work together in professional harmony. If you haven’t done so, install light oak flooring from The Solid Wood Flooring Company into your kitchen, for nostalgic affect if nothing else, and continue the flame that you’ve always had together.


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    This fascinating.I have so many fond memories of different wood flooring as I grew up,both at school and home.The sight of some flooring will sometimes bring back a flood of all but forgotten memories.

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