Buying a home? Discover mortgage rates in Canada


Home ownership is a dream for many Canadians. Discover mortgage rates in Canada and you may be surprised at how affordable owning your own home actually is.  For years we were renters and happy being there. We paid our rent every month, on time. We paid our utilities and all the other bills associated with being renters. Then one day the owner of the house we were living in, put our home up for sale.  We did not know what to do. Turns out we paid off their mortgage and they made money on the sale of the house. They now were in a position to sell and buy a bigger home. I guess they were in the business of flipping homes and it was a very profitable business.  I have to admit I was a bit bummed to have helped someone pay off their mortgage and not have gotten ahead at all myself. We did the math and realized we too could have owned our own home. All that money we put out over the years and we had nothing to show for it. 

We started looking at mortgage options.  After looking at mortgage rates we realized our home would have been paid off already had we bought earlier. We not only would have been rent free, but mortgage free as well.  A monthly mortgage is actually cheaper than what many pay for rent. The first step to home ownership was to compare mortgage rates with banks and other financial institutions. From there we contacted a real estate agent and started looking. Hubs was handy so we found the perfect fixer upper and moved in. 

When you own your own home there is a security and a freedom that you may not have renting.  You owe it to yourself and your future to look into the possibilities of home ownership. My children are at the age where they are planning for their future. Two of them, anyway. My oldest daughter is renting an apartment and while in school, it is a great option for her. But as soon as school is done she needs to put a plan in place. A plan that includes settling down, starting her career and owning a home. You can look at owning a home as an investment in your future.  A security that your money will grow and you will have an asset to sell later on. 

In Canada we have so many great cities with so many amazing landscapes. There is no shortage in options for places to live.  I was once a city girl and loved the busy streets and nightlife. Now I am a country girl and could not imagine life any other way 🙂 

Have you looked into home ownership?


  1. Yes we are in fact negotiating new mortgage for new home. Good times. But I agree you need to weigh options and home ownership is not for everyone but it does make sense to pay yourself not a landlord.

  2. Tara Gauthier says

    We just bought our first house, getting posession at beginning of August. We had rented for 17 years so it was definitely time! It has been such a lifestyle change for us we are loving it!

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