Common Cat Problems and the Best Ways to treat them

Whether your being particularly organised and wanting to know you can deal with any shortfalls before investing in a cat, or whether you have one and just want the answers, you’ve probably seen at this point that there a lot of individual blogs that deal with very specific problems, looking at all areas of cat health.

Those articles can get annoying if you just want one place that will answer all your questions, so this blog is intended to keep it all together and make it easy for anyone to understand.


Fleas are especially annoying because they’re a problem that’s around before the cat gets them, and can often stay in your house when you kill the ones on the cat. If the level of fleas in your house gets too bad, you may need to look at professional fumigation, but there’s plenty of ways to prevent getting that far.

Using frontline for cats before cats get fleas is a really effective prevention method. It’s applied under the collar where it can’t be reached by them, no further action is required for five weeks after. The best thing is that, even if they have fleas you haven’t noticed yet, it will also kill them, so no doubled-up products are required.


This may not sounds like a big problem, but cats are often left alone without mental stimulation in homes of young professionals that are out of the house for ten hours a day. What starts as boredom can turn into feline depression and aggression over time, so it really needs to be avoided.

If you have long working days and want a way to make them happier, the best way is actually just to get another cat. If they’re a sociable enough breed, they will entertain each other. Another thing that’s slight cheaper is to buy a cat tree, which is a series of platforms for them to climb, lounge on, jump off and scratch, reducing their boredom and probably saving your sofas at the same time.


Associated with dogs more than cats, but definitely still a problem. Spot on treatments such as spot on are great for the prevention of worms, but a wormer treatment will often be required for roundworm infections. Most vet medicine sites will offer both of these solutions, and it doesn’t take much searching to find the best deals out there.

Serious health problems

There are obviously more serious problems that can come up occasionally with cats and prevention is definitely the best way to go about things there. Getting a good vet which you pay monthly and having good insurance will mean you are covered and won’t be vulnerable to any surprise bills.


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