Create an Unforgettable Team Building Experience with Horse Drawn Carriages

Create an Unforgettable Team Building Experience with Horse Drawn Carriages:

You could hire a horse drawn carriage to take your employees to the team building location. While they used to be the norm in times gone by, these days horse drawn carriages are a luxury. They add elegance, fun and mystery to any event. You can help to boost the image of your company while entertaining your employees. If you’re clever, you can use the side of the carriages to advertise your business. Your company’s logo can be placed on the side as you ride to your chosen destination. If you want to incorporate the horses into your team building day, consider yoking. This is a very challenging task that your employees will really need to pull together to solve.

Paintballing: It’s not hard to see why so many companies choose to send their employees paintballing on team building days. This fun activity requires the whole team to work together in order to defeat the enemy. They have to watch out for each other and use each others strengths to get ahead. The team has no choice but to form a strong bond in order to win. It’s a great day out that will create a happier, more productive team.

Cooling down: Have you thought about treating your employees to a yoga session? You could even pack them off on a yoga day. Helping them to de-stress and get rid of any tension, yoga is a great way to create a calmer team. It focuses on releasing positive energy that can be carried over to the workplace. It’s also great for bringing out a little competitiveness in your employees. They will want to show off to the rest of the team that they can do the exercises better. It basically creates a healthy, happy atmosphere and each member of your team will love it. Your employees want to feel like they are appreciated. If you reward them they will be more willing to work hard for the company. Helping them to build better relationships with their co-workers will also increase their loyalty to each other. A strong team goes a long way to making a business successful. Team building days can be considered a real investment as they help to teach important skills and provide hours of fun for your employees.

Hiring a horse for your team building experience can be a great idea. Many companies don’t realise just how beneficial horses can be when it comes to bringing people together. Humans have had a strong bond with horses for decades. There’s something about the powerful stature of horses that makes people relax. If your workplace has been suffering from a lot of built up tension lately, horse hire can really help to diffuse it.

Yoking is a popular team building exercise that includes horses. It typically takes two hours to complete and will need four to six members of the team. The team will be set a challenge that has quite an unforgettable twist. They will end up re-living this experience for months after the event. Working together to overcome the challenge will really help to build up their skills in a group. People remember skills they are taught if they are shown to them in a unique and interesting way. What could be more unique than using a horse to teach them group skills? Your team definitely won’t forget the yoking challenge!

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