Fancy jetting off for New Year’s Eve? Great tips to get it going with a bang

Going away for New Year’s Eve is now more popular than ever with lots of different events happening around the globe to see the New Year in with a bang. Whether you fancy being in the thick of things experiencing one of the more popular events such as the ball dropping in Time Square, New York, or want to head somewhere quiet and serene, our tips will ensure that you have a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Choose Your Style

Have a think about the type of New Year’s Eve you would like. If you want to party then places such as Edinburgh and Paris are worth investigating. Perhaps you’ve had a rough year and want some time to reflect without the pressures of every day life around you, in which case you may want to choose somewhere well known for offering a place to unwind and relax. For families, heading somewhere which will be busy and over the top is probably not a wise choice so you should think about selecting a location designed to be family-friendly at New Year’s such as Disneyland. Ultimately, the last thing you want is to choose a destination, arrive and then realize you can’t have the type of celebration you envisaged so make sure you research well before booking anything.

Stay Connected

Get yourself a good mobile phone deal before setting off abroad so that when the clock chimes midnight you can wish your loved ones a Happy New Year without throwing money down the drain! Be aware that you may feel a level of homesickness if you aren’t on holiday with your close friends and family so having the option to contact them will likely be very tempting. Making calls abroad can be expensive so having a good mobile phone deal can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Book in Advance

Travelling around New Year’s Eve can be very expensive, so make sure you book flights and sort travel arrangements in plenty of time to ensure that you are getting a good value for money. Try using comparison sites like Skyscanner to compare flights across various airlines. Depending on where you are heading, you may be able to find a good deal with many countries wanting to draw tourists in at this time of year. Equally, the more popular festivals will hike their prices around New Year’s so booking in advance will mean you aren’t paying over the odds to secure yourself a place to stay.

Be Aware of Local Customs

If you are hoping to take part in a good New Year’s Eve celebration then be aware of local customs. There’s no point heading off to China, for example, when they celebrate their New Year’s at a different time of year! Beyond this, some countries have strict customs such as not allowing alcohol to be drunk in public so make sure you do some research before you book any trips to ensure that you can have the type of New Year’s Eve that you would like, without getting yourself into trouble abroad.

Wherever you decide to go, doing something different on New Year’s Eve will ensure that you have a memorable experience and one that you can look back on in years to come.

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