Frozen in Theatres now Screening Review

*spoiler alert*


So, isn’t it fitting that the opening day for the Disney 3D movie “Frozen” is on such a cold and snowy day here in Canada?  I actually saw an advanced screening of the movie a couple of weeks ago with my three little boys.  I have to say that Disney definitely knows how to make a cute family holiday animated film, and “Frozen” is no exception.  The animation of the film was both colourful and breathtaking, and proves yet again that Disney is the master of this genre.  “Frozen” is loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “The Snow Queen”.
The movie itself is not about one princess, but two, who have a tragic background storyline.  In this case one princess, Princess Elsa, is doomed with uncontrollable magic powers over ice and snow, that cause her to be shut away from the world, when she almost freezes to death her younger sister, Princess Anna.  Then their parents die at sea, and a few years later, Elsa must come out of seclusion to become Queen Elsa of Arendelle.   During her July coronation, she and her sister are reunited, but that soon comes to an end when Princess Anna falls deeply in love with the man of her dreams in a few short hours (yeah right!), Prince Hans.  When they go to ask Queen Elsa’s permission to be married, she refuses, and in the process becomes upset and releases all of her freezing power over the entire country. 
Then the remainder of film focusses on Queen Elsa running away, and Princess Anna running after her to help her control her freezing ability, and release the kingdom from its magical eternal winter.  Before she leaves, she places her beloved Prince Hans in charge of the kingdom.  Of course along the way, we meet our heroes, mountain ice harvester, Kristoff and his trusty reindeer sidekick, Sven, who unwillingly (at first) go along with the plan to help Anna.  They also meet up with the hilarious comedian of the movie, Olaf the enchanted snowman, whose antics my boys absolutely adored throughout the rest of the film.  They also quite enjoyed the humorous doings of the little rock trolls as well.  In addition to these characters, there were also your typical villains that had to be defeated, in the form of the evil Duke of Wesleton, and his henchman, who were determined to kill Queen Elsa.  Queen Elsa also manufactured the scary snow beast that had to be destroyed, the ominous Marshmallow.
To not give too much away, Princess Anna is accidentally magically wounded by her sister again, and must be touched by “true love” to heal, or else she will turn into an ice statue.  It then becomes a race against time for her to reach her beloved Prince Hans.  In the meantime, Queen Elsa is imprisoned for her crimes, but soon escapes with the help of her freezing powers.  In a surprise twist ending, the audience is treated to an unheard of non-prince rescue of both princesses, that results in the happy endings of both Elsa and Anna, and their once again warm kingdom of Arendelle.
I have to say that I really enjoyed the non traditional ending of this Disney Princess movie.  It is one of true female empowerment, and finally shows all those young impressionable girls out there that you do not need a prince to come along and rescue you after all.  The film itself was very musical, with the main characters breaking out into song about every five minutes or so.  Also, again, my boys loved the cute magical snowman Olaf, whose funny songs and hilarious actions and sayings kept them giggling throughout the whole movie.  In conclusion, I would have to say that Disney’s “Frozen” will soon become a great holiday Disney classic that will be lovingly viewed by families during the holidays for many years to come.


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