Gifts for Creative Girls


My youngest daughter loves to create braceletts, necklaces and other crafty items. She loves anything pink and purple and “girly” .

This Christmas season I have the perfect thing for her. Glitzi Globes, Blingles Glimmer and Orbeez spa. All are extra sparkly and great for creative children to create and enjoy.


Glitzi Globes

The easy to use Glitzi Globes showcase create beautiful Glitzi Globes™- in just minutes! Just add water, fill and shake! Now store them in your Glitzi show case and show them off! Also check out the mega spinning globe you can make soooo glitzi!

1 x Glitzi Showcase, 1 x Mega Dome, 3 x Large Character Pieces (Horses), 7 x Small Character Pieces, 4 x Domes, 2 x Sticks, 4 x Bases, 12 x Floating Pieces, 5 x Small Glitter Tablets, 2 x Large Glitter Tables, 1 x Instruction Manual

When they have finished creating the ones in the box you can buy refills. Available at Walmart, Toys R Us, Sears and Target


Blingles Glimmer

Blingles™ Theme Packs

Bling your world with the cool Blingles™Theme packs! Create your own gorgeous Bling designs that stick to almost anything! Choose from stunning Crystal Pets, Sparkling Princess or Shimmering Candy. Simply design it, press it and Bling it!
180+ Gems
x1 Gem Pen
x1 Gem Mat
Glue Roll (6 sheets)
x6 Transfer Slides
x6 Design Templates
x1 Instruction Booklet

Available in select retailers; Toys R Us, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Target,  Sears, London Drugs and Canadian Superstore.

You can design bling for anything. Cell phones, mirrors, sunglasses, jewelry boxes and more!

Orbeez Spa

Soak them! Grow them ! Scent them! What better way to pamper yourself than a spa?

These fun, creative gift sets are perfect for my daughter. She has always loves to create and have fun. I know we are going to have endless hours of fun with these set.

Gift them

Find these in retail stores all across Canada

Win it!
I have one of each of the above box sets to giveaway to a Canadian reader. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. *delivery in time for Christmas is not guaranteed*


  1. Darlene Schuller says

    My daughter would love Glitzi Globes!

  2. My daughter would love the Blingles Glimmer. I can picture a lot of her things all 'Bling'd" up

  3. Definitely the Glitzi Globes.

  4. My daughter would enjoy the Glitzi Globes.

  5. Judy C (Cowan) says

    They all look great, if I had to pick one I would say Blingles Glimmer

  6. I think my niece would love the Glitzi Globes

  7. My granddaughters would enjoy the Blingles Glimmer the most I think so that is the one I would want the most.

  8. Glitzi Globes! My daughter has a snow globe collection and wants one of these kits really bad!

  9. I think my creative girl would love to create some Glitzi Globes. Maybe she'd even let Mom make one too 😉

  10. Blingles Glimmer – this looks like so much fun

  11. I was looking for some new crafty–ish ideas for some of my 'to-buy's', never knew about these ones. Going on my list now! 🙂 I think the spa looks really cool!

  12. My daughter really wants Orbeez Spa!

  13. I would most love to win the Blingles Glimmer. I know my daughter would enjoy it because she loves anything "sparkly" 🙂

  14. I'd love the Glitzi Globes for my daughter, it looks like so much fun!

  15. Glitzi Globes for my daughter 🙂

  16. The Glitzi Globes

  17. I know a special little girl who would be all excited about the Glitzi Globes set! Thanks!

  18. doreen lamoureux says

    I like the Blingles™ Theme Packs

  19. I'd love to win the Glitzi Globes.

  20. the glitzi globes, a popular choice

  21. my niece would love the Blingles Glimmer the most!

  22. My granddaughter would love the Blingles Glimmer

  23. CndMomReviews says

    I like the Glitzi Globes the most. Looks like something my daughter would really enjoy.
    My recent post Disney's Planes Review

  24. The Blingles

  25. I would pick Blingles Glimmer…looks like fun!

  26. i want to win the glitzi globes

  27. Blingles Glimmer

  28. My niece would love Glitzi Globes. She is really loving crafts these days. This would be a great set for her!

  29. Carole Dube says

    the Glitzi Globes look like lots of fun!

  30. Dayna Wilson says

    I`d pick the Blingles Glimmer!

  31. Doris Calvert says

    Orbeeze spa or Blingles

  32. Glitzi Globes would suit Emily to a t

  33. Jennifer P. says

    Blingles Glimmer

  34. id like Blingles Glimmer

  35. Glitzi Globes

  36. My daughter would love the Orbeez spa

  37. Christiane Lemay says

    I would like blingers glimmer

  38. The Blingles Glimmer would be a great gift to donate to our local charity toy drive.

  39. My daughter would love this!

  40. Julie bolduc says

    My daughter really wants the Orbeez Spa for xmas

  41. My daughter would love Glitzi Globes

  42. Karin Dollery says

    My granddaughter would love Glitzi Globes.

  43. natasha severson says

    Glitzi Globes

  44. Orbeez spa

  45. I would love to win Glitzy Globes!

  46. Audrey Skinner says

    My great-niece would love the Glitzy Globes.

  47. amanda faith says

    My daughter would adore the Blingles set. 🙂 Ty for the giveaway.

  48. marlenesmith953 says

    i would pick the Glitzi Globes because we have a fasination with globes

  49. I think the nieces would like the Glitzi Globes the best.

  50. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Glitzi Globes would be my choice. I think my granddaughter would like that one best of all.

  51. I'd pick the Blingles Glimmer…I think my daughter would love this.

  52. Danielle Clarke says

    my daughter would love the Blingles

  53. I think the Blingles Glimmer would be the most popular.

  54. I would love to win the Glitzi Globes, I think my daughter would just love this!

  55. I like the Blingles Glimmer

  56. Glitzi Globes

  57. Chandra C O'Connor says

    Blingles Glimmer

  58. orbez spa

  59. Holly Messana says

    I like the Bingles Crystal pets

  60. The Glitz Globes!

  61. My daughter would love the Glitzi Globes.

  62. The Glitzi Globes

  63. I like Glitzi Globes best

  64. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter would be most interested in the Orbeez Spa.

  65. glitzi globes


  67. Nina Bergeron says

    I would like to win them all! my niece would love any of them.

  68. my nieces would love these… I would choose the Blingles Glimmer 🙂

  69. I'd love to try the Glitzi Globes with my daughter.

  70. I'd most like to win the Blingles Glimmer set

  71. Christy Martin says

    I like the Glitzi Globes the best.

  72. Tara Crawford says

    Blingles Glimmer

  73. The Crystal Pets one 🙂

  74. My girls would love Glitzi Globes!

  75. SueSueper Sue says

    I would choose the Blingles Glimmer

  76. Shannon Baas says

    blingles gllmmer.

  77. Definitely the Blingles Glimmer!

  78. missbobloblaw says

    My daughter would get a kick out of the spa!
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  79. Blingles™ Theme Packs!

  80. My little girl wants the Glitzi Globes

  81. truckerofbc says

    My daughter would love Blingles Glimmer. Actually she would like either

  82. It would be the Blingles Glimmer

  83. Gand kids would enjoy the Glitzi Globes

  84. My goddaughter would love Orbeez Spa!

  85. Sarah Jackson says

    My girls would love the Blingles Glimmer

  86. billiondollarprincesss says

    My niece would love the blingles

  87. my niece and nephew are 9 year old twins they love to create things so any of these would be great ty for the chance if I had to choose I'll say the blingles glimmer.

  88. Blingles? Not much of a girly mom as I have 4 boys but I know my nieces would LOVE these

  89. Shelbi Cox says

    Glitzy Globes are what my girls would like. They love horses.

  90. I would like to win for our daughter
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  91. glitzi globes for sure

  92. Tiffany Wilson says

    Would love to win the Blingles Glimmer

  93. The Blingles Glimmer set.


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