Imagination is a Wonderful thing #ImaginextAdventures

I have 3 rambunctious little boys in my house who love to have adventures.  Most of the time my house resembles utter chaos due to cushions being piled on the couch or blankets being strewn over tables or beside beds left over from some adventure or another.  And of course don’t forget the “props”  everywhere, from knight’s swords, to fireman hats, to dinosaurs and snakes being left on the stairs.  These are the signs left by my adventurous little “players”  and one never quite knows how the day will end up.

For example, my 9 year old; he’s totally enthralled with social studies this year, and ancient civilizations.  One day, he’s an ancient Egyptian pharaoh building a cushion pyramid with his “slaves” (younger brothers).  Of course, there are snakes involved somehow, and all three must take turns escaping them by jumping off of the very top of the “pyramid” to the sandy desert below.  I watch them from the kitchen in exasperated  horror, and ask them to please be careful.  Then they must leap onto their camels and gallop away to safety, (running around and around the house while chasing each other.)  But wait, one of them has now somehow stumbled into a pit of quicksand!  They must now use the “snakes”  to pull their brother out to safety.  Then surprise, another brother gets caught in the quicksand, and needs to be pulled out, and so on.  Finally tired out by this point, they’re all starving from this latest adventure, and I must get them a snack of milk and banana muffins before they perish from starvation.

The next day, the neighbours’ kids are calling them outside, and now for today’s adventure, they are all a bunch of knights with swords, and shields.  They split themselves up into two different kingdoms, and they must battle each other for the right to live within the castle (someone’s porch).  They chase after one another into a neighbour’s backyard, where there is apparently a 3 headed dragon guarding some prized treasure.  The dragon shoots fire pellets at them, and now they must all jump onto their trusty steeds (scooters), and race away down to the end of the court.  Suddenly, one of them is dressed like a king, and has medals (candy necklaces) to hand out to all of his brave knights.  But now it’s time for supper, and no, you can’t eat your candy now, and make sure that you bring in all of your stuff (which of course gets thrown all over the entrance way).

Another time, although my eldest may be away at school, that doesn’t stop my 2 and 5 year olds from having their own emergency rescue adventure.  My second eldest is dressed up as a construction worker, and he is building a huge cushion skyscraper on the living room couch.  When suddenly, oh no, somehow a fire has started in the 100 storey tall building he is trapped on, and now he must be rescued immediately.  But don’t worry, his little brother, the fireman, is there to help rescue him.  The construction worker must daringly jump onto the safety net (pillow and blankets) below while the fireman puts out the fire with the water hose from his fire truck.  It’s a close one, but he makes it!  Then they must race away to the hospital (another couch), to get checked over by doctor mom (me of course!).  I give them a clean bill of health, and suggest that they might like ice cream sundaes with sprinkles to help them recover from the ordeal.

Since my boys love to come up with so many adventures on a daily basis, it is easy to see why I love the concept of the Fisher-Price® Imaginext® toys so much.  They have so many different themes to choose from including: castles with knights and dragons, pirate ships, dinosaurs, super heroes, and city emergency rescue centres.  Also, these fun imaginative toys incorporate both the action and adventure that my sons crave.  Fisher-Price® Imaginext® toys are easy to set up, are very colourful,  encourage mix-n-match play and most of their playsets contain interactive components involving pushing and pulling buttons and levers, and of course fun adventure sounds.

For example the Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Rescue City Center has Action Tech™ technology that makes interactive play happen—the Rescue City centre recognizes different accessories and responds with speech and sounds!  It includes an operational fire truck that shoots water projectiles to put out fires, a working elevator in the hospital, pop up flames at the hotel, and a jail door and bank vault that open and close.  There are so many adventures to be imagined with this playset, that I know that it would keep my boys busy for hours!
contestContest alert! 

Ready for an adventure?
Turn on the adventure with Imaginext® and you could WIN. You will need to help us destroy the sun sucker in order to save Canada from darkness and enter to WIN one of 5 grand prizes!

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  • Contestants will be able to play an online game and unlock the next phase of the game by solving clues
  • Once the 9 clues are solved and the game is won they will be entered to win 1 of 5 $300 Imaginext prize packs
  • Each prize pack will include:
    • Imaginext Rescue City Centre
    • Imaginext Mega Apatasaurus
    • Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle
    • Imaginext Batcave

How do your children like to have adventure? 


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  1. shannonsview1 says

    My kids have great imaginations! I love listening in when they are playing. They play Manhunt — based on the TV show– ends up being hide and seek with a lot of rules. 🙂
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  2. nenasinclair says

    I love things the at encourage a child's imagination! My grandson loves to dress up and pretend to be a super hero, fireman, policeman, etc.

  3. I totally understand where Natalie is getting at, as I have 4 boys of my own (3, 4, 5 & 8). They have the Imaginext Rescue City Centre and really love playing with it. My 5-year old asked for the Imaginext pirate ship for the holidays this year, so I have it packed away in the "presesents closet"!

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  4. kerriemendoza says

    Looks like so much fun! My boys have great imaginations – I love to see their imaginations develop and expand. It is so wonderful seeing how kids interact with each other.
    My recent post Sweet Cravings Cookbook: 50 Seductive Gluten Free Desserts

  5. These sound like great toys! I have a few little boys on my Christmas list who would love these.
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  6. My daughter is pretty young but she still shows a lot of imagination when she plays. I love toys like this that really help develop kids imaginations further!

  7. Your kids have great imaginations! I love listening to my DD2 play with her little people. All of the little people are either Mommy or Daddy, but the adventures she comes up with are so cute!
    My recent post Online Shopping and Saving with Modnique

  8. MapleMouseMama says

    LOL, these three little dudes sounds just like my son 🙂 I love the imagination and the extremes they go to, but it is wonderful to see what they can come up with. My four year old is currently into adventures that deal with the Mario Bros, of all things!

    My recent post 25 Days of Christmas: A Month Full of Holiday Fun!!

  9. coffeewithjulie says

    My son's imagination has just started to take off and he is really into costumes right now too! I think it's just so fabulous that kids can play for hours and hours with their imaginations. I wish I could return to that now as an adult!
    My recent post Gift Ideas for Your Wine-Loving Girlfriends

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