Mooshka dolls- Gift Guide

Mooshka dolls were once paper dolls, until one day they joined hands and through the power of friendship became huggable girls! Each doll is made from unique, soft fabric and comes with a paper doll, finger puppet and access to interactive e-books and app for i-devices.

Recommended age: 2+
Price: $14.99 (9.5”) $19.99 (13”)
Available at: Major retailers across Canada

What’s old is new again! These retro inspired dolls bring a new twist to a classic look with colourful clothing, accessories and personalities.



There are 13 dolls in total to collect. Each has a name, birth date and story. These dolls are a wonderful addition to any child’s life. They are also machine washable for easy cleaning.  There big eyes, adorable faces and hair and pretty outfits make these a lot of fun for children to carry around and love. 

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This pretty little doll is just waiting to be friends with your child. Great gift for under the tree.


  1. These dolls are adorable! My grandkids would love them!

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