Prep your battle plan for an army of kid visitors with Polysporin #Putonthepoly

Over the years we have had many children come through our doors. Some have been great and others, not so good. Some are very energetic and seem to get into everything. Where others, you hardly even notice they are around. One thing I have learnt as a parent is to let kids be kids. Let them have fun and do not hover over them. They need room to grow and learn. they need to make mistakes and learn from them. This is part of being a kid.

When we have children over for a sleepover we like to make it fun. We have had them sleep out on the living room floor before, as well as in a tent in the basement. We have had one at a time over and share a bed. As well as a small group of 6 hanging out watching movies and giggling the night away. Somebody will be overtired. Someone will be scared. Someone, usually will get a bump or a scrape. We have even had the midnight call home before.  Actually, I received the midnight call home a few times myself.

Prepping for a sleepover we have a little routine. we have lots of kid friendly snacks, movies, games and the First aid kit. You just never know and it is important to be prepared. Included in our kit is a variety of Polysporin products. If accidents happen, at least they will be dealt with and the kids can carry on playing. The Polysporin products kept on hand are Poly to Go, Polysporin Kids, PolysporinComplete, Poly Eye and Poly Ear.


Giveaway time! 

I have a Polysporin Kit just like mine to give to one lucky Canadian reader. It includes Poly to Go, Polysporin Kids, Polysporin Complete, Poly Eye and Poly Ear. Everything you need to be covered for your next sleepover or play date. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!


  1. i get my kids to tidy up their rooms and then we go over therules…no running, yelling, no hitting, etc

  2. bethelderton says

    I make sure the kid's games and movies are within easy reach and have plenty of good snacks on hand.

  3. My kids have never had a sleep over, but I make sure I have a small first aid kit in my bag, extra baby wipes (come in handy for more than just wiping baby bums!)

  4. bethelderton says

    The triple Ointment contains 3 antibiotics and doesn't sting.

  5. I get all activities together, cook and bake a lot of food and have fav movies available.

  6. i dont know that i try and prep for a playdate rather than to guide the kids and be present?

  7. with 3 kids and one on the way, nothing really surprises and shocks me anymoer… recently, a friend who was mostly my daughters friend has started spending more time with my son when he comes over…

  8. Lots of crafts, fun new toys and activities, healthy-fun snacks, and a back up movie.

  9. doreen lamoureux says

    Healthy snacks, water, first aid kit. Definitely games and arts and crafts.

  10. As best I can, extra clothes, wipes, diapers, toys snacks!

  11. I don't know if anyone remembers Alf or not but he loved to eat cats. My kids fixed up a platter with fake cats and vegetables for all the Alf puppets we have. It made me laugh so hard. Thank you Alf DVD set.

  12. POLYSPORIN Itch Relief Lotion can also help soothe the skin and relieve pain for sun burns.

  13. I don't I just go with the flow.

  14. Get everything ready !

  15. I plan everything ahead of time.

  16. POLYSPORIN® is the #1-selling brand* Canadians trust to provide infection protection to heal their families’ everyday wounds faster.

  17. I try to have a couple of activities lines up as well as snacks planned.

  18. I learned that Polysporin has an Ophthalmic Ointment that is good for treating Styes.

  19. Lots of crafts, healthy snacks, and a first aid kit!

  20. I prep by cleaning up and making sure I have enough juices and snacks.

  21. The weirdest playdate I had was one mom thought she could just drop off all her kids and not stay with them or even asked me if it was ok,it was a new friendship thru a mom group.And to top it off ,they had not eaten all day and 2 of the girls had diaper and pull ups that had to be changed and she left nothing to change them with/into.

  22. I found out the it does not sting and it is rated #1~

  23. Judy C (Cowan) says

    Lots of kid friendly snacks, games and movies. Try to get them good and tired before bed!

  24. Judy C (Cowan) says

    I learned that the POLYSPORIN® COMPLETE OINTMENTHEAL-FAST® Formula has 3 antibiotics in it and lidocaine for pain

  25. Get everything ready ahead of time. Have plenty and variety of snacks available.

  26. I don't really prep as we usually have everything on hand. I do however set out an itinerary because there's nothing worse than kids with nothing to. I always make sure I have lots of alternatives as far as food, snacks, juice and movies go as there is always one in the crowd that is really hard to please – LOL!

  27. We were taking my grandson's friend home from the sleepover. We had to stop off to pick up a few things at the store because it was near closing and I needed a couple items for dinner. The little guy that was with my grandson kept adding things to the cart as we were going through the store and at checkout threw a temper tantrum because we said we were not buying them for him. My grandson watched in horror and ended up being angry at us because we made his friend angry.

  28. I learned that Polysporin helps you heal faster

  29. Cleaning and trying to prepare as much as possible to keep them occupied

  30. no real strange stories here yet

  31. It doesn't sting

  32. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    make sure everything is washed and clean ahead of time, beds made etc. Check what food is needed and that there are suitable games to play.

  33. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    What I always found weird was that I always had to have the place spotless for it to look like a bomb had hit when the visitors left 😉

  34. nenasinclair says

    Lots of activities, a movie, a walk, and yes, Polysporin, for those "Just in case" moments!

  35. nenasinclair says

    When I asked my 5 year old grandson what happened (his knee was cut and bruised), he told me a bug kicked him! 🙂

  36. nenasinclair says

    I learned that they make Eczema Essentials, I didn't know they did. I'm going to let my brother know, he has terrible trouble with eczema.

  37. abedabun dawn says

    How do I prepare for play dates? I dont really, I just make sure everyone is safe, fed and otherwise taken care of and I do not let anyone be mean. I try to "let kids be kids". And if a child is mean, I simply call their parents and ask them to come ASAP to pick their child up. Depending on the level of meanness, I may not allow the child back.

  38. I don't have kids, but I ALWAYS have Polysporin in my First Aid kit which travels in the car with ne!

  39. Dayna Wilson says

    I don't really do much prep.. just make sure that we have lots of snacks and a vague game plan.

  40. Jeannie Lam says

    For a playdate, I just make sure I have the stuff that I need during the time out, such as snacks, diapers, wipes, extra clothes and band aids.

  41. Jeannie Lam says

    AT a playdate, someone dropped a cookie and left crumbs on the floor. The kids all gathered around the crumbs staring at it for quite some time. That was so odd.

  42. Jeannie Lam says

    I learned that Polysporin has a formula that contains 3 antibiotics in it.

  43. I don’t over plan. Make sure things are tidy and have Miss R pick a couple activities she thinks she wants to do then go from there.

  44. A strange thing that happened on a play date was that my dog collapsed the gate when my DD’s friend’s mom came to her, but he just went up to the mom for a pet.

  45. Get everything ready

  46. sarah stickney says

    i haven't done it yet, but popcorn and movies would be a must

  47. Lots of healthy snacks and games to play

  48. I don't really prep for a sleepover, very lowkey around here

  49. i haven't really had an issue with a playdate. I guess the funniest was when my son came home with painted finger nails

  50. when i visited the website i learnt how many things their products can treat, i realty didn't know it could treat all that.

  51. lots of activities to keep kids busy, lots of healthy snacks, and I always ask if anyone has allergies

  52. cottagebunny says

    I tidy up the house,change the bedding and put out extra towels.Then I make pizzas and put out vegetable and fruit snacks.I have movies for everyone and games to play.

  53. cottagebunny says

    Polysporin is the #1 selling brand for infections that Canadians trust.The Polysporin Ointment has 3 antibiotics in it for fast healing.

  54. Darlene Schuller says

    We get extra snack, check with the parents about allergies etc. We try to plan it when the teenager is out for the night and allow the girls to build forts to sleep in 🙂

  55. I clean up and buy snacks for a playdate.

  56. I once had a mom friend sleep her newborn on the top of our change table. It freaked my out that the baby might roll off so i took him off to "hold".

  57. I have never really prepared in advance. We play it by ear and as long as there are snacks and stuff to do everyone is happy

  58. I learned that a cold sore are usually a result of psychological or physical stress

  59. we haven't had sleepovers yet. For play dates, I clean the house, put away any toys that they don't want to share and make sure to have some great snacks

  60. I get some healthy snacks prepped and send them outside 🙂

  61. Karry Knisley says

    Always have first aid supplies on hand, get the parents phone numbers and a list of medical conditions and allergies the children may have

  62. Extra towels, snacks, etc..

  63. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I learnt that POLYSPORIN® makes an Itch Relief Lotion, also good for Mosquito bites.

  64. get lots of snacks ready

  65. lots of yummy snacks

  66. mistycarole says

    I make sure I have everything my grand daughter like so she enjoy sleeping over at grandma

  67. I fill my purse with poly to go and band aides, for sleep overs i make sure i have my first aide kit stocked and stacked with freezies in my freezer

  68. Everybody trying to flex themselves to the same position that one was showing off.

  69. Clean up, make sure that there are enough snacks and drinks, and have plenty of movies, games and play activities ready-to-go.

  70. My girls and I pick up some snacks and get some games ready to play.

  71. At our last sleepover, one little girl started vomited and we had forgotten to get her parents' number!

  72. Polysporin contains three different antibiotics.

  73. i always bring sanitizer spray, wipes, and diapers. My son is 2

  74. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    Make sure the Goodnights are packed in the bag!

  75. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    My son had a friend sleep over and he discovered my son had to wear Goodnights. He teased my son relentlessly so after they were asleep I checked in his overnight bag and what did I find? Goodnights! He doth protest too much!!!!

  76. I tidy up and try to have a activity or craft planned

  77. natasha severson says

    i make suer that everything is set aside ahead of time.. i also make sure i move all of her "important" toys into a special place so that there will be no fighting lol

  78. christine wakely says

    no sleepovers yet, get redy early!

  79. Elaine Laforge says

    The kids each have a small suitcase with everything they may need including stuffed animals, tooth brush, snacks and a mini first aid kid.

  80. Elaine Laforge says

    Once during a sleepover at my sister's place my two sons and her two sons all under the age of 9 at the time, decided to walk to Montreal. They packed their bags and include all the important stuff including snacks.

  81. marlenesmith953 says

    we get the rooms ready and have movies and snacks and always have an emergency kit ready just in case somebody gets hurt and i always use polysporin everytime we hurt ourselves

  82. Brenda Penton says

    I don't usually prep anything.

  83. marlenesmith953 says

    when we were watching a a scary movie the kids didn't see me coming up behind them aznd one of them jumped of the couch and fell and hit the cat and the cat turned around and scratched him because she thought hes was grabbing his tail it was kind of funny but the scratch was enough to look bad so i had to put polysporin on it i'm bad for scarying kids watching movies like that you should see me at Halloween that's more fun

  84. wendy Hutton says

    plan with the kids what they want to do, like movies and have them on hand, make them clean up their rooms before the company comes over, and have their favorite snacks on hand

  85. marlenesmith953 says

    i also learnt that polysporin had an an anit itch which i didn't know they even had that's good to know i hope it's better than the other stuff that we use

  86. Get a list made and make sure I follow it.

  87. Fun fun fun lives to short and sleepovers are fun, movies popcorn and cuddles.

  88. Plan ahead with lots of activities!

  89. I learned that Polysporin has a solution for pink eye. I never knew that. I always associated them with some sort of topical cream.

  90. My kids not yet have sleepover yet, but I think I would prepare an extra set of clothes just in case, snacks, water and their sleeping pal

  91. My son is just about the most shy child ever to walk the earth and sleep overs for him are dreadful. Last time we tried it, his friends mom drove him back home at midnight because he was so upset…He has had friends sleep over a few times and I just made sure they had plenty of food and activities to keep them busy until bedtime.

  92. I have snacks ready, they are always eating.

  93. Julie bolduc says

    We get movies and snacks

  94. Christy Martin says

    For a play date Bandaids, Polysporin and alcohol wipes are always on hand. Same with home but also always have an Epi-Pen on hand (my spare) because you never know!

  95. Mine's too little to have had them yet, but I suspect she'll get to choose her snacks and her movie, and bedtime will be off the table.

  96. Sarah Jackson says

    My children have not yet had a sleepover but for play dates the diaper bag is packed with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, sippy cups, snacks, bandaids and a tube of poly as well as some Kleenex and paper towel

  97. We make sure my daughters room is cleaned. and have some snacks ready

  98. angela mitchell says

    I have the dinner and snacks planned ahead of time for a sleepover and I have my daughter clean up her room before her friend comes over.

  99. angela mitchell says

    My daughter had her first sleepover this spring at our house and when I went downstairs to the family room to check on the girls at night they had torn the whole room apart. I learned the hard way that I need to set some more ground rules before a sleepover.

  100. angela mitchell says

    I had no idea they have products for cold sores, eye infections, etc.

  101. holly ogorman says

    make sure we're stocked on snacks

  102. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I learned that Polysporin is good also for chicken pox and cold sores.

  103. I prep by taking an advil and making sure my liquor is close by.

  104. On one playdate for my daughter, her friend spent most of the afternoon chasing our cat instead of playing with my kids. It was kinda weird.

  105. I get my kids to tidy up their rooms first.

  106. we stock up on snacks

  107. Someone showed up on the wrong night!

  108. I learned that Polysporin now has eczema products.

  109. Kristi Renout says

    Clean the house, make sure we've got some fun stuff planned to do.

  110. Movies, snacks, games. Simple but fun is how I prep 🙂

  111. I do a big grocery shop and cook up some snacks.

  112. make popcorn and pickup some good movies. When the kids come we make popcorn balls.

  113. I try to have an organized house- keeps chaos away 🙂 lots of easy healthy snacks prepped and ready to go

  114. Healthy snacks and activities!

  115. Yvonne Tabaracci says

    I plan everything for playdates

  116. Have snacks ready and plan an activity

  117. extra snacks, plenty of fun things to do

  118. triple check that we have everything ready

  119. Audrey Skinner says

    Have a couple of activities lined up and lots of snacks and a first aid kit is a must.

  120. Always has been my go-to for burns, scratches and scrapes — my boys are now 31 and 40, so, I am sure that they have this in their own medicine cabinet and as always I still have it in mine.

  121. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******Well since my son is 14 there are no play dates or sleep overs and if there were-he's on his own and should know the rules by now:)!!!******

  122. We tidy up the house, pick out movies and snacks.

  123. Have healthy snacks available. The children will entertain themselves.

  124. When my kids had play dates with their friends I always had lots of snacks ready for them and juice boxes. They liked cooking with their friends or doing crafts so I would have that ready before the friends arrived.

  125. Holly Messana says

    I really don't do to much for playdates anymore, but I always make sure my kids have everything they may need for sleepovers.

  126. try my best to be nice 😉

  127. Elaine Miller says

    Tucker them kids out before bed

  128. For a sleepover, let them take their favorite blanket.

  129. I loved them as a kid, would stay up really late, as that was allowed at those!

  130. I didn't realize how many varieties there are of Polysporin!

  131. when i inquire with other moms if their kids have allergies i always ask what their favourite treat is so i can attempt to have a little something special for each attending

  132. I make sure there is plenty of craft supplies on hand as well as snacks and most importantly finger nail polish.

  133. nikki robak says

    make sure I have enough for the kids to do and have enough snack food on hand

  134. nikki robak says

    the kids got into my shaving cream and got it everywhere

  135. Prepare some crafts and maybe let them make their own snacks

  136. nikki robak says

    they have a polysporin for swimmers ear

  137. make sure that you have a plan, craft supplies readily available. snack options at the ready

  138. Make sure we have plenty of snacks, movies and activities

  139. I just make sure I have lots of snacks, video games, board games and movies ready.

  140. Richard Corkum says

    Clean things up a little

  141. I don't do much before a play date, just clean my daughters' playroom with them

  142. I make sure there is lots of good eats.

  143. That poly pore kit looks most useful for my grandchildren

  144. buy alot of snacks

  145. Nina Bergeron says

    for sleep overs, a movie and snacks

  146. snacks and activities

  147. I make sure there is plenty of kid friendly foods, games, and movies.

  148. mrsbubsmith says

    kids have to have tidy rooms and have clean sheets of course!

  149. pray that all goes well

  150. Wendy Lange says

    I pack my son's comfort items such as blanket, special stuffy, pillow, and special snacks for him and his friends.

  151. Tara Crawford says

    having snacks and crafts available. and making sure the place is clean for now lol

  152. Tara Crawford says

    one playdate this other child came over soiled and they were so embarrassed…. after cleaning up the girls had fun playing dress up

  153. Tara Crawford says

    triple Ointment contains 3 antibiotics dont sting so my kids wont cry

  154. Diana Corlett says

    Long ago when my kids were small, we used to put up any breadables, get in a supply of kid friendly snacks and drinks and let them enjoy!

  155. I always got plenty of snacks in and got the board games ready.

  156. SueSueper Sue says

    I make sure there is lots of available snacks and activities before anyone arrives.

  157. roger simmons says

    When my son has friend or friends over, we have a pullout bed downstairs and we also have another bed downstairs along with a couch. Plenty of room for 1,2, or 3. We buy drinks, and snacks for the boys and they play XBOX 360.

  158. Debbie Flynn says

    Plenty of snacks and movies.


  160. Have lots of snacks, games, and movies ready to go!

  161. missbobloblaw says

    Lots of snacks and entertainment! 🙂
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  162. I let them hang out in the basement playroom

  163. pack lots of snacks and take a shower before leaving

  164. I have teenagers, the fun and the accidents don't stop because they are older. I prep with lots of food/snacks and Polysporin is always in my cabinet as you never know when you may have a popcorn emergency, or a hot chocolate explosion.

  165. Ensure there are lots of games to play!

  166. paulinemilner says

    I make sure that I have enough to keep everyone busy and entertained as well as having great snacks to fill tummy's. Our kids have regular play dates and sleep overs and it is always a lot of fun. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  167. paulinemilner says

    There was one night that a little guy instigated a food fight with popcorn. The kids were having so much fun that I let them go. When they were done with the tossing and the giggling, I settled them in to watch the rest of the movie and I swept up. We have hardwood floors, so it really was not a big deal. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.


  169. billiondollarprincesss says

    I get them packed before heading out a few hours before at least.

  170. I talk to the other parent, then plan lots of crafts, food and a movie to fall asleep on.

  171. Polysporin is an excellent product!

  172. Carol Denny says

    Have lots of games

  173. Carol Denny says

    The ointment contains 3 antibiotics and doesn't sting.

  174. we usually clean up their rooms and then make a fort for them to sleep in. Get snacks and movies ready for a night of fun

  175. Dvd's and mini pizzas.

  176. patricia l george says

    the new batteries for the Wii,,, new movies, and tons of snacks, then a long walk before bedtime,,,

  177. Darlene Schuller says

    I had no idea you could use it for chicken pox.

  178. Karla Hynes says


  179. T.Markham-Thomas says

    My daughter informs me she is to old for playdates but then she is sixteen LOL

  180. oh dear, i don't even want to start thinking about sleep overs! i know how horrid we were when we were kids lol

  181. i had a women ask me to watch her daughter while she went to the washroom while we were having a mommy starbucks date. I didn't know her….

  182. Jennifer P. says

    We buy snacks and get our board games or movies sorted out depending on what kind of night we're going to have. We don't do sleepovers yet.

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