React Mobile- Call for Help with a Touch of a Button (Free Mobile App)

Living in the country I have become less guarded than I was living in the city. My street sense is not quite where it should be at times and when visiting the city I may end up on a street I wish I was not on. A few times I have taken a wrong turn and gotten lost. My sense of direction just is not there anymore. I have not been in a position of any danger, but I can see how quickly it could happen. 

When I was a teen I grew up in the city.  Often taking the last bus home from work then walking through dark and narrow walkways to get home. We grew up in town houses and the cars were broken into a few times. I remember one night my sis came home late from work. She stumbled across a couple of guys trying to break into the neighbours car. She, at the time did not realize what was happening. She got out of the car and walked towards the house. The two men, stopped and started walking towards her. As she realized what was happening, she started to panic. Trying hard to get in the house before they could get to her. My parents were upstairs asleep and not hearing a thing. She just barely made it in and literally pushed the door closed on these two men. She got inside, woke everyone up and called the police. A few seconds more and there could have been a different ending. 

Imagine if this happened now? With most people having cell phones she could have called from her car if she realized what was happening. With React Mobile, she could have easily pushed a button at any time and called for help. Now my oldest lives in the city and I worry about her safety all the time. 

What is React Mobile?

An application for Androids and iPhones that allows you to call for help with the touch of a button!

React Mobile helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. The app has a “Follow Me” feature, that let’s your self selected contacts track your whereabouts in real-time whenever you’re concerned for your safety. Perfect for running or walking alone early in the morning or late at night, keeping track of kids, or meeting a client for the first time, simply touch the “I’m Safe” button to let your contacts know when you’ve arrived at your destination safely. In an emergency, press the SOS shield on the app to send out a panic alert containing a link to your GPS location to select emergency contacts via text message and email, which can optionally be posted to Facebook and Twitter. Once the SOS alert is activated, you’re automatically prompted to dial 911. For users outside of North America, the app allows you to choose which country you live in (or are traveling to) from the settings tab and when an SOS alert is triggered, you will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on you’re geographic location (ex: in the UK the app will prompt a user to dial 112/999 not 911).


Having teens who are out and about on their own I can see this being a great resource. Kids often forget to check in so being able to see their location is comforting. 

This App is great for anyone who owns a smartphone. Business professionals, students and seniors. The safety and security of the React Mobile App makes this a MUST have for all.

The Story behind React mobile 

React Mobile Co-Founder, Robb Monkman, was inspired to create the mobile safety application after being held at gunpoint during a home invasion while in college several years ago. Wanting to do more for on and off campus safety he created a tool that could be used to silently and discreetly alert a wide network, including the authorities, of an emergency and its location. After testing several beta products in various markets for over a year, the React Mobile safety app was finally launched in March 2013.

shieldBest of all it is FREE to download

React Mobile Personal Safety App from Robb on Vimeo.

Your safety is important. Nobody ever thinks something bad will happen to them. But things do happen , and often they happen faster than you expect.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be prepared. Since it is free, you have nothing to lose. Download the app now and put your mind at ease as well as your families. 

Apple iTunes Download:

Google Play Download (available on select smartphones) 


Features include 

  • SOS Alerts email
  • SOS via text
  • SOS to Facebook and Twitter
  • SOS to dedicated user console
  • GPS location tracking
  • 911 button/prompt
  • Group SMS messages

followmeNever be put in a position where your safety is at risk again. Read more about React Mobile and how it can help you and your loved ones  now. 

Have you ever been in a position where you could have used React Mobile?


  1. oh hey, they made a whole service just for anxious folks like me!! awesome
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  2. I like the sound of this app, I haven't heard of it before but can see where it could be very useful!
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  3. This is my first time hearing about this app, but since we're about to move from an apartment community to a home, it's worth a download. Plus my husband works late at night and we can keep in touch with our exact locations this way!

  4. I've never heard about this app before, thank you for sharing! I think it's great for parents!

  5. That'd be pretty useful to have especially when family visit.
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  6. Nadia Frank says

    this is really cool! I can see it being great for my 10.5 yr old sister one day in the future when she gets her own phone.

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