Yummy Baby Gifts

Yummy Baby Gifts™ are adorable, hand-rolled,
unique baby gifts that look almost good enough to eat!

Looking for that special baby gift for the Mom-to-be?
Our baby gifts are a perfect idea for all special deliveries!

Baby bodysuits, socks, hats, and accessories are hand-rolled into
different foods like ice cream, lollipops, bon bons, cupcakes and sushi.
Your baby gift will be the most fun to receive for the modern, chic mom!

This is for all those new mommies out there, or new mommies to be, or anyone wanting to get a new mommy a very cute and unique gift!  I was the very lucky recipient of some absolutely adorable baby gifts from Yummy Baby Gifts™ LLC.  Yummy Baby Gifts™ LLC  is an online baby gift store based out of Arizona, USA, and they ship to anywhere in both the USA and Canada.  Yummy Baby Gifts™ are baby clothing items and accessories that are hand folded and rolled to look like different kinds of food.

I am expecting my own fourth little bundle of joy soon, so I was very excited to receive some new baby items for him to use within the next few months.  The specific gifts which I received were the “Sushi Rolls”  and the “Bon Bon“.  OK, now what pregnant woman could resist those food items?
The “Sushi Rolls”  are actually packaged in a real Japanese takeout box, and consist of 6 colourful hand rolled pieces of “sushi”, which are actually soft baby washcloths each rolled inside a white baby sock.  So each “Sushi Rolls” box actually contains 6 washcloths and 3 pairs of socks.  Included on top of the precious little sushi box are also a pair of children’s chopsticks, which my 5 year old instantly took a shine to, and he proceeded to try to eat his supper with them.

The “Bon Bon”  looks exactly as that, a piece of delicious wrapped candy, except surprise!… it is actually a delightful baby gift in disguise.  In my “bon bon”  there was a cute cotton baby short sleeved bodysuit and matching baby hat.  I received a dinosaur themed matching set, but there are so many different themes to choose from including sports, flowers, stripes, puppies, polka dots, bees, etc.  The one thing that I really love about this website is that each baby gift is described in minute detail and also has a very helpful photo of each gift as well.

Other baby gifts which are available from Yummy Baby Gifts™ LLC are “Cupcakes”- consisting of baby hat/bib and 2 pairs of socks, “Lollipops” – consisting of 2 washcloths swirled together, “Nigiri Sushi” – consisting of 3 washcloths and 2 pairs of socks, and last but not least, “Ice Cream” – consisting of a baby short sleeved bodysuit, ice cream cup and spoon.   I am so impressed with the quality of my Yummy Baby Gifts™, and I know that I will definitely get a lot of use out of these lovely baby items in the near future!

These are aimed for newborn to 6  months of age.

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  1. I like the cupcakes.

  2. Judy C (Cowan) says

    Bon Bon – Polka Dot – Girl

  3. natasha severson says
  4. love the assortment of socks they are adorable. thankyou, ken

  5. I'd choose a whole bunch of the Lollipop washcloths – think they're a great idea to use as a bow on a baby gift.

  6. Would love the cupcakes leopard girl

  7. I really enjoy all the sushi styled products, so probably something from that line!

  8. i like the Bon Bon – Pink Flowers – Girl

  9. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I would choose the Cupcakes!

  10. I would choose the Nigiri Sushi – Washcloth & Socks – Pink/Orange – Girl

  11. Cupcakes – Blue Hat and Orange Washcloth – Boy

  12. Dayna Wilson says

    Definitely the green nigiri washcloths, those are SO cute.

  13. I'd choose the Cupcakes – Yellow Liners – Boy.

  14. lollipop pink and blue wash cloths

  15. These baby gifts are so cool!! I can't wait to win!

  16. the Ice Cream – Orange

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I think I'd go for the Sushi, my daughter loves Sushi, so Sushi Rolls would be very appropriate in the unisex style since we don't as yet know what sex the baby will be.

  18. Jennifer P. says

    I'd get a Nigiri Sushi set and a cupcakes set. I haven't decided on the exact colours yet, but most likely the boy colours for a friend's baby boy due in March.

  19. I think the cupcake sets are adorable. Especially the boys stripe chocolate set. The stripes make it look like there are sprinkles on top!

  20. I think I'd choose the Nigiri Sushi – Washcloth & Socks – Yellow – Unisex, and maybe some cupcakes!

  21. Cupcakes- pink hat and green liner – girl

  22. i'd pick sushi

  23. Cupcakes – “Chocolate” – Girl

  24. Julie bolduc says

    I would choose the Cupcakes!

  25. Terry Madden says

    I like blue cupcakes for Boy.

  26. Cupcakes – Bib with Green Liner – Girl

  27. I would choose the Sushi Rolls – Washcloths and Socks – Spiral – Unisex!

  28. Cupcakes – Pink Hat & Green Liner

  29. I'd also go with the Cupcakes in Pink. Thanks!

  30. marian boll says

    The Bon Bon pink flower girl for my great granddaughter!!

  31. bazaardelight1 says

    nice baby gifts for ur loved babys u can visit online baby products

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  32. The sushi rolls and bonbons

  33. I would get the Bon Bon – Turtle & Bee – Unisex along with some of their other unisex items.

  34. Holly Messana says

    Awww, they are so cute. I like the lollypops the best I think.

  35. Shannon Baas says

    cupcakes in striped hat.

  36. the ice cream pink is cute

  37. I would get the Cupcakes Hat and Animals Unisex

  38. Dawn Monroe says

    Ive always wished I could be this creative and talented. I love the ice cream and cup cakes, so cool.

  39. Emily Linton says

    I would get a couple of the Bon Bon – Puppy – Boy for my sister in law!

  40. Nina Bergeron says

    bon bon poka dot. very cute!

  41. cupcakes

  42. Tara Crawford says


  43. SueSueper Sue says

    I would choose the lollipops. 🙂

  44. I would pick the cupcakes!!

  45. missbobloblaw says

    I'm thinking that the Nigiri Sushi – Washcloth & Socks – Green – Unisex is super sweet!
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  46. shelly peterson says

    I like the Sushi Rolls – Washcloths and Socks – Blue/Orange – Boy

  47. i would get the sushi roll washcloths

  48. Stephanie Larison says

    I like the Ice Cream – Pink

  49. I would choose anything unisex in the bon Bon category. This is for my baby sister who is expecting her first child after years of trying and they are leaving the gender a surprise!!

  50. These are all so cute, I think I would choose the Ice Cream!
    My recent post Triple Flip Onesie – Holiday Gift Guide 2013

  51. Brittney House says

    I would choose the Cupcakes!

  52. how could you not love the sushi set! Teasing every preggo out there! SIgh!

  53. Victoria Ess says

    I would choose the Cupcakes!

  54. Meliss Nagy says

    I would choose the Cupcakes – Blue Hat and Orange Washcloth.

  55. I like the Nigiri Sushi

  56. I like the Bon Bon – Pink Flowers

  57. Nigiri Sushi set

  58. I'd choose the
    Cupcakes – “Chocolate” Leopard – Girl

  59. Lanicsha Wynn says

    I like the Cupcakes – “Chocolate” – Girl

  60. jackhandy119 says

    I'd pick any of the bonbons

  61. tina reynolds says

    I would pick the cupcakes

  62. Laura Unger says

    I would choose the Cupcakes – “Chocolate” – Girl.


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