Add some Vitamin D to your day with Kellogg’s

Smack dab in the middle of a Canadian winter and I feel like it has been weeks since I had a sunny day. Yes the sun pops out for a bit but it does not last. It is easy to feel blue during these colder months. The kids love to play outside but they do not last, it is cold out there. I try to have them exposed to natural sources of vitamins as much as possible. But it is sometimes hard. No wonder 85% of Canadian children are not getting the required amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps your body absorb calcium. Calcium and vitamin D work together to help maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps your muscles, nerves and immune system work properly. Recent research has shown that vitamin D may be linked to lowering the risk of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and some cancers.

Recently Kellogg’s Canada has fortified 13 of their cereals with 20% of Health Canada’s recommended daily intake of vitamin D.  Start your day with a bowl of sunshine!



The cereals Kellogg’s has added this sunshine vitamin to are; Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Special K, Froot Loops, Mini-Wheats little bites, Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Pops, Crispix Krispies and Krave. 

Parents have so much to worry about as is. This added vitamin in the most important meal of the day gives us one less thing to stress about. Start your day and your children’s day off right. Vitamin D helps your body function right, improves muscle function and helps you feel good. Without enough Vitamin D the calcium levels in our blood can drop. Vitamin D can also be found in fatty fish, egg yolk, and fortified milk, orange juice and margarine. It is a lot easier to get my kids to eat a bowl of cereal than enjoy a plate of fish 🙂 

How much Vitamin D do I need?

The amount of vitamin D you need depends on your age. 

Age group Aim for an intake of international units (IU)/day Stay below IU/day*
Infants 0-6 months old 400 1000
Infants 7-12 months old 400 1500
Children 1-3 years old 600 2500
Children 4-8 years old 600 3000
Children and Adults 9-70 years old 600 4000
Adults over 71 years old 800 4000
Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women 600 4000
*This includes vitamin D from both food and supplements


Check out Kellogg’s Canada for more information 


  1. Cheryl Grandy says

    Great to hear that some Kelloggs cereals have Vitamin D. I often take a vit. D supplement, but with the Christmas rush, I have gotten away from it. Thanks for the reminder and for the information.

  2. Stacy Scott says

    Wow Thank you for sharing this great information, I do feel much more relived that Kellogg’s Canada is adding the Vitamin D =) With having 10 Children I am always trying to improve for their health. Thank you again =)

  3. Thanks for posting the chart – that helps me to figure out how much I should be taking. I buy a lot of Kellog's products here and I am a fan of anything that includes vitamins or extra fibre. I think this makes a lot of sense especially in Canada.
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  4. do eating rice krispie squares count? lol

  5. Great chart! I have wondered how much my boys need a day. I take a Vitamin D supplement and drink milk so I try to meet my minimum but with kids it's always different. Love that they can get it from their cereal too!
    My recent post A Letter to My Boys

  6. On a cold day like today I don't think I am ever going to go outside again! It is tough in the winter to make sure you are getting enough "natural" vitamin D
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  7. I love Special K., Corn Pops (my guilty pleasure) and making squares with Rice Krispies. Thanks for the post. I will be sad to see Kelloggs leave London 🙁

  8. We live on rice krispies around here, I think. Good to know it has Vitamin D in it! Thanks for sharing.
    My recent post Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

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