The Best Part of Australia? The Beer!

Heading to Australia for vacation and looking to save money when stocking the fridge with a few adult beverages? Check out The Bottle-O chain of stores while you are there. The Bottle-O has a handy guide to Australian beer to start you off with sampling something local. There are some you may have heard of like Foster’s and Victoria Bitter as well as newer craft beers to try.

“Although younger in tradition than their European, British or even U.S counterparts, Australian beers have matured and flourished since James Squire began Australia’s first commercial brewery in 1798. Today, there are many fine beers made by both large companies and microbrewers alike, and exploring what the Australian beer market has to offer can be a rewarding exercise for your palette.”

Beer isn’t the only thing to pick up at The Bottle-O, they have the full selection of beverages. Local wines, imported spirits and premixed favourites are all well stocked. To stretch your vacation budget, you can check out the sales flyer for each of the local shops online. Navigate to the specials page and enter the your vacation address. The current flyer will pop up to help plan you budget.

When you get to Australia you will find more than just some “shrimp on the barbie.” The influence of European immigration is easy to find in pubs but the country has matured into an international palette. Food in Australia is now heavily influenced by its Asian neighbours. Look for Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Japanese in abundance. 

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