Bowling package for #ldnont From Flintstones Gummies + Immunity Support Vitamins

Nutrition and immunity have always been essential to kids’ overall health and wellness. As a busy parent, we know providing your kids with balanced snacks and meals, and keeping up their immune function can be a challenge. This can be especially true in the fall when the changing temperature signals the start of flu season.


A new survey commissioned by Bayer Healthcare Consumer Care shows that –

  • 67 per cent of Canadian moms with kids 10 and under say healthy meals for their kids are often compromised because of busy and hectic schedules;
  • 55 per cent of moms agreed their kids are getting enough vitamin A, while only 41 per cent said their kids are getting enough zinc. Both of these help to maintain healthy immune function;
  • Almost two thirds of moms agreed that they have added other ingredients to vegetables to make them taste better.

Since the dawn of time, nutrition and immunity have been important to children’s overall health and wellness. Balanced meals along with a strong immune function can help maintain your child’s overall health so they can enjoy the activities they love.

DiD you know?

Our daily diet probably isn’t that different from what our ancestors ate in the Stone Age. A balanced and healthy diet still consists of foods from the four main food groups — Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Meats and Alternatives, and Dairy and Alternatives. Take a page out of the FLINTSTONES™ book and have a homemade Brontosaurus burger!

A diet full of vitamins and minerals is one of the things that can help keep the body healthy and strong.

Being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. Since we don’t use our feet to drive our cars, try and get a few extra steps in every day with your children by taking the stairs, walking to school and enjoying other activities as a family. Children can come into contact with germs throughout their day. FLINTSTONES™ Gummies Plus Immunity Support can’t protect your child from germs or from getting sick, but it can help maintain their immune system.Here are some germ-fighting tips:

  • Children should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, rubbing their hands together to create a lather, then rinsing well under warm water
  • Be aware of germs at the playground and at school. Encourage your children not to put their hands or toys in their mouth

 Flintstones Gummies Plus Immunity Support was recently launched in Canada.


Nutritional Info

Flintstones Plus Immunity Support gummy vitamins help support:*

  • Immune health with Vitamins C, E, and Zinc
  • Energy with Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid by converting food to fuel
  • Eye health with Vitamins A, C, and E

Flintstones Plus Immunity Support Gummies are easy for kids to chew with great tasting flavors and fun character shapes. Click now to save $1 on your next purchase 

Giveaway time! 

One lucky London area reader is going to win an ultimate fun stone-aged themed activity in London – BOWLING! Travel back to the Stone Age and enjoy Fred & Barney’s favourite pastime. Bring the family to Fleetway Fun where you can have fun with the whole family. Make sure the family is well fuelled for a fun afternoon by enjoying healthy and delicious smoothies courtesy of Booster Juice. 
If you are in the London area and would love to have a game out with your family at Fleetway Bowling, fill out the form below. Good luck! (no transportation provided) 



  1. seham merzib says

    because we go to fleetway all the time and this would mean so much to them

  2. melikegarfield says

    I'm trying to get everyone to eat better and have a balanced diet…but this could certainly help at the margins!

  3. kelly nicholson says

    Leave a comment below telling me why you would like to win this for your family


  4. Dorothy Deakyne says

    need to keep my son healthy during flu season

  5. I'd love to try it for my kids.

  6. Erika Birrell says

    I would like to win it to keep my family healthy!!

  7. Sometimes my grandkids are picky about what they eat, so having Flintstones on hand would be a good idea as a back-up.

  8. I haven't gone bowling in years! Would love to do this with my family!

  9. My kids really enjoy fleetway (especially now with the mini golfing) — they are both a bit under weight for the rock wall though.

  10. susanne mccarthy says

    One of the best family activities is bowling!!

  11. jasmine burdett says

    i want this for my family because i really need them to start taking vitamins

  12. We faithfully take vitamins and free is good. I'm being honest here.
    (Debbie W)

  13. kathy downey says

    its hard to get kids to have a balanced diet

  14. because it would make my family happy to win this

  15. Lori Loov

    I would love to win this gift because I have wonderful memories of The Flinstones way back from childhood. When I would come home from school for lunch, I would watch The Flinstones while eating. A wonderful show.

    Thanks for having the contest!!

  16. i would love my kids to start taking vitamins

  17. my son has bowled once and loved it, i would love to take my grandpa and my son out for an amazing afternoon

  18. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    This would be great for my young boys!

  19. The Flintstones are a cute vitamin and they would persuade the kids into taking vitamins.

  20. Jane Gray Hammill says

    I live in London and our family love to bowl it is a great activity we can all do together all 6 of us!

  21. Jennifer L. says

    I'd like my son to start taking vitamins because he doesn't eat a lot of veggies.

  22. the kids would benefit from taking some vitamins!

  23. this would make a great family evening or saturday out, as our schedules are so busy its nice to do something together as a family

  24. Jo-Anne Pfoh says

    my son would gobble these up

  25. to be more healthy

  26. My boys love to go bowling! 🙂 would be a fun family acitivity
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  27. Tara Crawford says

    to be more healthy for my kids would maybe take these to try and prevent being sick

  28. Megan Smith says

    When taking a multi-vitamin its always a bit more exciting and you seem to remember more when its a gummy for some reason, lol

  29. There is less arguing with the kids about their diet.

  30. michelle tremblett says

    We love flintstone vitamins, keeps the kids healthy, as well we haven't bowled in forever,, would be a great night out.

  31. Treen Goodwin says

    My grandson needs these to help him get what hes lacking and to be healthier !

  32. I think my daughter would like them

  33. I'd like to win this because these are the vitamins I normally buy my kids and it would be nice to get some free ones

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