Cetaphil RESTORADERM with its advanced technologies and innovative ingredients can improve your skin’s integrity and help restore its natural, protective moisture barrier. In the winter our skin seems to take a beating. Dry and itchy it is everything I have to keep moisture in it. 



Cetaphil RESTORADERM Nourishing Body Wash and Replenishing Moisturizer


  • Soothes itch and irritation due to dryness
  • Gently cleanses without irritation
  • Patented Ceramide formula replenishes your skin’s natural oils
  • Filaggrin technology improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and increases hydration
  • Dermatologist and Pediatrician Recommended
  • Suitable for children as young as 3 months
  • Fragrance-free, non-allergenic, for total body use

The sleek bottle with easy to use pump contains a fragrance free moisturizer. Non greasy and quick to absorb into skin. The more I use it combined with the body wash, the better my skin feels. I love having smooth hands and elbows, soft feet and skin that is no longer itchy from the elements. Heat inside and cold winter air combined do a number on my skin. I try to drink more water to hydrate from the inside out but moisturizing is a BIG part of my daily routine. 

  • Cetaphil RESTORADERM is available in most pharmacies
  • Body Wash is available in 295 mL size. Average retail price is $16.99
  • Moisturizer is available in 295 mL size. Average retail price is $18.99


Giveaway time

I have 12 sample packs to giveaway to my Canadian readers. Each sample pack contains a RestoraDerm Nourishing Body Wash and Replenishing Moisturizer (29 ml)



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  1. Sean McKnight says

    I don't have dry skin issues, but family members do

  2. every part of my skin dislikes winter – itch, itch.

  3. My hands and feet get so dry that my skin gets flaky and sometimes cracks.

  4. My skin gets very, very dry in the winter!

  5. Victoria Ess says

    I get really dry skin in the winter, to the point of being painful.

  6. My skin sometimes becomes dry and itchy which is very annoying. Never tried Cetaphil but would love to.

  7. natasha severson says

    very dry, i get sores on my fingers and my lips get really sore

  8. Dwayne Taylor says

    my poor skin gets so dry and itchy at this time of the year….maybe this will help

  9. dry skin here and there –very itchy during winter

  10. Treen Goodwin says

    My skin hates season change , i get hives and itch like crazy , i so need this bad !!!

  11. sure will come in handy during these cold winter months

  12. susanne mccarthy says

    my hands are dried out and crack between the fingers…..

  13. I have very very dry skin and in the winter time it gets ridiculous.

  14. I have sensitive skin, so react to a lot of moisturisers and cleansers. I never react to Cetaphil. It's great for skin chafed and dried by North Ontario winters.
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  15. cherylmansfield says

    My skin gets, very dry in the winter! ITCHY !

  16. My skin gets flaky in the winter dry season.

  17. Linda Geertsma says

    My skin gets very dry and itchy during the colder months and also a touch of excema as well.. I hear this Cetaphil is great, but its very expensive I find.. so would love to be able to try it before buying some.. thank you…:)

  18. I get alligator skin on my elbows and feet in the winter.

  19. my hands starts to crack in the winter

  20. Cheryl Grandy says

    My skin gets flaky when I don't use moisturizer.

  21. Working in various climates in winter all over the country plays havoc on my skin. Hard to keep moisture in balance for sure

  22. across my cheekbones and elbows are dry year round, i have had eczema outbreaks on my shins and eyelids so moisturizing is very important for me!!

  23. Wanda Bergman says

    My hands get super dry in the winter and they hurt!

  24. My skin gets flaky.

  25. My hands are sooo dry this winter – they are cracking and bleedy. I think its from all the diaper changing and washing my hands with my newborn.

  26. My legs are very dry and on the knees. Currently I am using Aveeno but I would love to try cetaphil.

  27. butterflyamyc says

    My hands get sore, dry and cracked in the winter.

  28. my legs get dry in the winter and my hands get extremely dry and cracked.

  29. Angela Mitchell says

    I get dry hands and lips in the winter. And my feet are dry year round.

  30. No dry skin here, but a family member does.

  31. Carol Denny says

    My hand get so dry they are like sand paper

  32. My legs get so dry that they drive nuts

  33. I have the worst flaky skin on my face and hands during the winter months – it's awful!

  34. My skin is so much drier these days thanks to the cold winter weather and the aging process. Thank you for the awesome giveaway and Happy Holidays!!

  35. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******my skin gets really dehydrated over the winter months and I try to moisturizer frequently******

  36. my hands gets so dry, my kids suffer from dry skin too

  37. Annette Chai says

    I get patches of dry skin, especially in winter, and is complicated by eczema & dermatitis.

  38. extremely dry and flakey-winter is very hard on our skin

  39. My legs are dry for the winter and also I have blood clots and itch a lot. Thanks for the entry.

  40. Gillian Mitchell says

    My legs are extremely dry at any time of year. Very rough and bumpy skin.

  41. kristen visser says

    my hands are dry in the winter and my feet are dry 24/7. i have to lotion them morning and night

  42. My hands get very dry plus I get eczema throughout the winter.

  43. Skin on my cheeks get especially dry with the winter winds against my face.

  44. Bessie Sibley says

    I have dry spots on my face and my hands are very dry

  45. My hands and across my cheeks.

  46. in the winter my hands get really dry

  47. just started having lots of dry skin here and there

  48. Stephanie Mac Isaac says

    This winter weather is rough on the skin

  49. when i rub me forehead it looks like it's snowing. I need help!

  50. Just plain old dry skin

  51. eczema and winter dry skin-both my son and myself suffer daily from this dryness and itch

  52. Christine D says

    Dry and itchy. I can't stop scratching. My cheeks are so dry too. ARGH!

  53. My hands and legs get really dry especially in the winter time.

  54. Rhonda W G. says

    I have dry skin all year but of course is worse in winter.

  55. kathy downey says

    my skin(face/hands) are very dry in winter months

  56. Sensitive skin and dry winter skin are my biggest issues.

  57. My skin gets a lot more dry in the winter

  58. Sure could use a good moisturizer

  59. my skin is so dry from head to toe

  60. My skin get dry in the winter

  61. Winter is very bad for my skin

  62. susanne doherty says

    The winter season is the time when my skin is really dry, especially my legs and feet!

  63. SueSueper Sue says

    This cold winter weather give my hands a beating all the time! This would be nice to smoothen them out.

  64. i have dry skin year round, worse in the winter. i also have sensitive skin, so have to be super careful about the products i use as i react to almost all scents/fragrances, etc.

  65. I have really dry hands

  66. my hands are very dry and cracked

  67. Dry and exzema

  68. Jane Gray Hammill says

    I am a gilr of a certain age and my skin is very dry in winter I have to apply lashings of jollop daily to prevent the appearance of a tortoise in dessert face!

  69. my skin gets so dry and itchy in the winter months I can't stand it, and my hands across my knuckles are bleeding from being dry and doing dishes all the time.

  70. Jennifer L. says

    My skin is so dry in the winter months. It's hard to find something that makes a difference.

  71. Dry hands and dry and itching back.

  72. Alexa Nernberg says

    Seasons Greetings! My skin gets very dry in the Winter and I get really itchy. I definitely need to use body wash that has a moisturizer in it and follow that up with a cream with moisturizer. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for the opportunityto participate.

  73. I get dry flaking and itchy skin in the winter.I need and would love some Cetaphil!!
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  74. i get really bad dry and cracked hands from work, i have to wash my hands or use alcohol sanitizers frequently during the day

  75. Having such brutal winters, all my skin needs tlc from dry skin, especially hands!

  76. wendy Hutton says

    my feet and calves are always so dry they itch

  77. my skin peels alot during winter

  78. my friend in Winnipeg Manitoba had recommended this product her doctor had mentioned it

  79. Gingermags says

    I have the same issue every winter. Dry hands and a thumb that cracks and bleeds. Nothing seems to help me thus far.

  80. My school has eczema so his skin is very dry during the winter (and all year, really).

  81. Jo-Anne Pfoh says

    my hands elbows knees and feet hit hard in winter

  82. Tara Crawford says

    working outside my hands hurt from the cold where they begin to itch until they are raw… never tried this product before. would like too

  83. Christy Martin says

    My hands are insanely dry! When it comes to my face the area around my nose and nose tends to flare up every now and then. I don't even need a runny nose. It looks lovely.

  84. Dry skin issues?! I live in Saskatchewan… this winter weather is harsh on skin, exposed or not!

  85. My hands are my biggest dry skin problem.

  86. My skin is dry & flaky with psoriasis on top of it.

  87. My hands get so dry and crack around my nails because I spend a lot of time doing dishes, laundry and cleaning around my home.

  88. skin gets dry in the winter


    My skin is so dry I look like I have alligator scales! My skin comes off like it's raining dandruff-on my black pants when I'm sitting , on the table-everywhere! Cetaphil would be great right about now! Thanks for the opportunity to win some!!

  90. I have eczema and the winter season makes it worse

  91. Ron Bowman says

    my skin gets crusty

  92. Itchy back and shoulders in the winter and awful sore cracked hands

  93. Leisa mcBride says

    dry scalp, dry hands

  94. Judygrieve says

    Love this product!

  95. hands are the worst… fingers get so dry that they crack

  96. Dry, cracked fingers from too much washing.

  97. I grew up on the west coast and now live on the prairies so I certainly have dry skin issues. Fingers crossed that Cetaphil would give some relief!

  98. Myself and my son have vey dry skin so this would be a great gift for us!

  99. Feets are so dry and itchy,my husband has to scratch them every night,tried lots of different creams but doesnt help,would love to try this.

  100. Dry itchy skin on my legs.

  101. debora.scorpio says

    I have severe dry skin issues in winter, especially itchiness. Have tried Cetaphil cream in past and would like to try the moisture lotion and wash.

  102. mommakoala says

    Because of my job I wash my hands every couple of minutes. My skin is so dried and cracked.

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