Christmas Crafts for Kids

I have so much packing popcorn, bubble wrap and packing paper I decided it was time to do some crafts with the kids. I was home alone with my 5 and 13 year old the other day. I pulled out some craft books I got from DK Canada, and let them free to create what they wanted. I helped a bit with holding things while it glued and cutting for the 5 year old. For some reason we could only find the big scissors so I was the helper. We drank hot chocolate, has Frosty the snowman playing in the background and made Christmas crafts. It was so much fun. 

christmas crafts

If you need a little creative inspiration here is how we did them.

Paper Tree Ornament

What you need

  • Scrap paper cut into triangles, various sizes, colours, patterns
  • stickers
  • glue
  • beads
  • ribbon

We folded the paper into 3 cones. Wrapping paper, construction paper, envelopes form cards etc can be used. Glued them into place, slipped a ribbon through the middle. Attached a bead at the bottom (inside) then another at the top as the “tree topper” Then little one added stickers,  and decorated s she liked. We hung ours on the tree. We have a few in various sizes. Very simple and cute! Super easy. These would make great table decorations or gift toppers as well. 

Popcorn Snowman

What you need

  • packing popcorn
  • cardboard
  • scrap material
  • Large cardboard tube, hot chocolate container or other item for base
  • Beads
  • Markers
  • glue
  • ribbon

We had some large tubes my hubs had lying around from work. I cut them to the height we wanted the snowman. DS who is 13 cut out eyes and a nose from cardboard for little one to colour with her markers. We covered the tube with glue and placed the popcorn pieces all over it. Mixing up the direction so it did not look “perfect”. We then found an old pair of Christmas PJs DS had grown out of. I cut the leg making it into a hat. Tied off the end with ribbon. Cut another piece for a matching scarf. The fuzzy Christmas story print looked great on our snowman. He now sits under our Christmas tree 🙂 

Santa Face

I am especially happy about the Santa face. I told my 13 year old he needed to join ion and get creative. So he made the Santa Face. He used pieces of wool, packing popcorn, construction paper, a small ball we found for the nose and a Christmas card envelope for the hat. He then taped a ribbon looped to the back so we could hang on the wall. 

With the kids being home tomorrow for the next two weeks we have some more fun planned. I will be sure to post . Maybe this time I will plan ahead and remove the clutter from my pics 🙂 


Happy Crafting!


  1. ninjamommers says

    These are just adorable. I love new ideas for crafts with the kiddies. I think I am going to have to make these soon!
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  2. These are so cute! I am going to have to make these with my gang!

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