Getting the Best for Your Baby on a Budget

Having a new baby always brings so much joy to the family but at times can bring additional pressure on new parents. In addition to sleepless nights, new parents might also struggle with selecting the right baby products from a vast array of manufacturers and brands. For the parent on a budget, it can be challenging finding high quality, durable and safe solutions at the right price. Enter Baby Value, an online factory outlet store that carries a wide variety of discontinued Dorel products for your little one at fantastic discounts.

Here’s a look at some great items for the new parent on a budget:

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat

Keeping your little one secured during bath time has never been easier with the Safety 1st It has suction cups that will keep the bath seat in place and prevent it from slipping, especially if you have a rambunctious little one! It also allows the user to lock the seat in any position for an easy time in the bath. Not only is this bath seat safe to use, it will also keep your baby amused while you’re giving him a bath; thanks to the colourful activity rings attached to it.

Zuzu Genesis 3 Wheel Stroller


Your bub will love their outdoor visits and the Zuzu Genesis 3 Wheel Stroller is an inexpensive stroller, packed with great features such as front lockable wheels and harness pads to keep your child safe and secure while ensuring maximum comfort. One of the most prevailing myths surrounding nursery products is that only expensive strollers will have the required safety features. Rest assured this has been routinely dispelled and the only thing to be mindful of is that your stroller meets the minimum safety requirements of the mandatory standard.

Mother’s Choice Snooze Cushion


With a newborn, parents need to ensure that conditions are perfect during naptime and minimize any disturbance or discomfort that might affect their sensitive sleep cycles. The Mother’s Choice Snooze Cushion is an excellent budget accessory which can be used in tandem with your stroller or car seat, providing excellent neck support and maximum comfort for on the go snooze time.

At the end of the day, your toddler’s safety and comfort should always come first when selecting and purchasing baby products. You should always take time to carefully research the massive range of products available to help you find the right balance between quality and price.

This post was made in collaboration with Baby Value

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