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They say red heads are a minority and we are going extinct. I find this strange as there seems to be more and more redheads now then there ever were when I was a child. There are many stereotypes that come along with being a redhead as well. Some are true, some not. Some are just laughable when you think about it.  Over the last couple of years I have grown a good sized following and recently I have come to realize, many are redheads like me. So in true Ginger form, I am going to feature some of the redheads I know online, through blogs and social media. Us redheads always seem to be able to spot one another out in a  crowd.  We have some similarities and we all have stories to tell. So please look for this feature the last Friday of the month.  
If you are a redhead and would like to be featured (and have a blog) please email me at gingermommyrants@gmail.com 
This month we introduce you to Wendy from Mapsgirl.ca
Describe your red hair colour
My red hair has gone through changes over the years.  When I was first born, my hair was bright red.  As I have gotten older, it has turned a more orangey-brown colour.  Probably to be expected since both my parents have brown hair.
Tell us a Redheaded stereotype you fit
I’m feisty and I blush really easily!  
Who is your favourite famous redhead dead or alive?
I don’t know if I have a favourite, but I’ve always seems to have a connection to the red-headed girl on the sign for the hamburger restaurant.
Are there any redheads in your family? If so how many and how are they related to you?
Nope, I’m the only one!  I have been told of distant relatives on my mother’s side who had red hair.  Also, back in the 1970’s when my dad had a mustache and side burns, they were red.
Does the word GINGER offend you?
Not really.  I guess if someone was to use it in an offensive manner, then I’d be unhappy.
What colour do you love to wear with your hair and which do you not?
I love wearing green, blue or teal.  I don’t wear pink or red.  Oh, and becuase I’m so pale, I don’t wear a lot of black either; just makes me look whiter (if that’s even possible)
Tan, freckle or burn?
Yes.  First, I’ll burn, then it might turn into a tan for a bit, but I’m always freckled!  I joke that I don’t tan, my freckles just blend together.
Anything else you want to share?
I love that my red hair helps me to be unique.  I had hopes one or both of my daughters might have gotten my red hair, but that wasn’t to be the case.  I also like that this unique, seemingly rare, feature can create a fun bond between people.  
Share with us a pic of your hair. Not creepy (just love all the shades of red)
Where do you blog/Tweet and occupy the web?
Be sure to stop by and say Hi to Wendy! I look forward to featuring my fellow Gingers here every month. We may not be able to have world dominance with our limited numbers, but we sure can rock social media 🙂 


  1. Love it! When I was young I always wanted red hair. My family is Irish and there are red heads – I have had red highlights put in – love a hair colour that makes you unique and stand out. 🙂

  2. WhispersInspire says

    I always wanted to have red hair and fair skin. It's beautiful. Alas being latina means tanned skin and black hair. 🙂 Hehe. Loved this Wendy and Kim!

  3. It's kind of funny because I don't even really think of people's hair colour much. I mean Kim you are obviously red haired because you talk about it a lot, but it doesn't define people for me. I used to dye my hair red because I loved that look and thought it made me a bit more distinct. But I don't even think of Wendy as a redhead. Funny. Glad to read about Wendy here though. She is a fab redhead or just a fab person to get to know.
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  4. It is interesting that those with red hair have been made to feel like it isn't necessarily a thing to be celebrated. Very odd and oh so wrong.

  5. I always dyed my hair red as a teenager… alas, I'm a brunette 🙁
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  6. Red heads have to stick together!
    Sad that your girls didn't get your red hair. I joke with Hubs that we will keep having kids until I get a little girl with red hair! So far 2 boys, both with brown hair
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  7. Both my kids are gingers. My daughter gets called names alot because of it but I keep reminding her that she is unique and that people pay ALOT of money to have her hair color.

  8. Wendy Arnott says

    Growing up, I was one of maybe three kids in my school that were redheaded. I laughed as a teenager when it became so popular to color your hair red and pouf up the bangs. Do all redheads have thick hair? Seems about 9 out of 10 I know do. I had "in" hair and didn't need to do a thing to it! A big LOL to everyone that made me feel diff growing up. Strangely, I never heard the title "Ginger" until I was in my mid 30's.

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  10. kathy downey says

    I always also dyed my hair red as a young adult

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