Give a Unique Gift this Year instead of another mug


Every year since my oldest was in kindergarten I have stressed over what to give the teachers for gifts. In a class with anywhere from 20-30 students you know half of them are giving chocolates and the other half are giving mugs that say some thing fun regarding Teachers. I bet the first year it is exciting and fun. Then every year after that the teacher probably dreads teh thought of another mug. another box of chocolates or something they already have a bunch of. Since most teachers are sweet and giving, they smile and say thanks. 

We had one teacher who requested instead of gifts, $2 from each student. this was very unique. She took the money and bought turkeys and donated them to the food bank. This was a great way to teach the children about giving to those in need. It even cost less than what most parents would be paying for a teacher gift. 

This year I vow to not give the gift of another mug. To give something unique!gift

I know our children’s teachers are kind and giving and would appreciate any gift they receive. This year I am giving a gift of a donation in their name. A gift that makes us all feel good. You too can donate to unicef and give a gift of love and happiness to the teachers and others on your list. You can choose the amount and where the donation goes. It is a fantastic gift that really allows us all to know the true meaning of the holidays. Plus it opens up discussions with our children about people who really are in need. 

So tell me, what are you giving your children’s teachers this year?


  1. I found a really cute bird house made of bird seed, she's getting that and a bottle of homemade wine.

  2. I homeschool, so I'm not sure what I'll get this year for Christmas!

    I used to be an early childhood educator and every year, one family would donate a variety of ECE supplies to a community in need through Unicef. I loved that gift!

    I like to give charity gift cards as well. That way the recipient can donate to whatever charity they choose.

    Wishing you a lovely day.
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  3. Cheryl Grandy says

    I like the idea of donating in the teacher's name. Some schools even have programs encouraging this. My children's school asked that the children donate to the food bank instead of giving gifts to the teachers. Each classroom decorated a box and filled it with donations. The boxes were formed into a "train" in the hallway. Previous to that, the school suggested donating books to the school library in the teacher's name. Students who wanted to participate were given book labels to fill out with the name of the teacher and glue inside the donated book. The teacher would keep the book in the classroom for a while (to read to the students or for the students to read) and then it was sent to the school library for everyone to use.

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