Playmobil Large Horse Farm with Paddock and more

play mobil farm


The holiday season is a magical time. A time when children can imagine, play and enjoy being a kid. Playmobil is great for children to play, make believe and use their imaginations. Their play worlds have many pieces and sets you can add to. This set includes,four paddocks and hayloft. With stickers for the boxes to write on and lots of accessoires. Size: 75 x 46 x 29 cm (LxWxH)

Assembly time required is approximately 90 minute(s). Due to the small pieces this set is not meant for children 3 and under.

Creative role play with PLAYMOBIL®

The unique playing principle stimulates imagination and creativity and thus promotes child development: With PLAYMOBIL®, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature.

With multiple talents, these cheery figures successfully overcome all kinds of challenges – as knights or pirates in historical scenarios, as construction workers, vets and police officers today, or as secret agents in virtual worlds.

The creative people at PLAYMOBIL® are constantly coming up with new ideas and additions to bring long-lasting fun to children everywhere.

We received the Large Horse Farm with Paddock from Playmobil ($129.99 value) This set is amazing! The detailed pieces it includes really surprised me. Bright colours, sturdy pieces that fit and interlock and great quality. The set includes flowers, animals, food, people, fences and more. Everything you need to create a make believe land. It is a lot of fun and it takes quite some time to set it all up. So I suggest assembling it ahead of time when gifting on Christmas. The people can have their accessories removes and this adds to the imagination and creativity.


This picture was taken mid-assembly. You can see the detail in the hinges, flower beds and horse stalls. I love that the play sets are fun for all ages and genders.  Additional sets can be added for as low as $7.99, expanding the play world and adding more elements for your child to discover. 

Gallop into action with the Large Horse Farm with Paddock. This extensive set has everything kids need to house their champion horses. The fenced in area allows the horses to graze outdoors after a long day of riding, while the four stables provide the perfect shelter when nighttime settles in. Set also includes two figures, two horses, one foal, cats and kittens, hedgehogs, and prize ribbons. The Large Horse Farm also comes with a gated entrance and indoor attic space perfect for storing unused saddles, grooming tools, feed, and other accessories.

Other Play worlds include; Top agents, Pirates, Country, Summer fun, History, Princesses Western and more.

Playmobil Canada is now on Facebook. Check them out for your chance to win a fun prize Police Station with alarm system.

The detail of teh Play world sets is amazing. The farm we have with its red roof, fenced in animals and hay bails lets teh child feel like they are on a farm. Listening to my daughter play with it and pretending she is a farmer and is going to take the horses out is amazing. Hearing the sounds and the stories she she coming up with is a lot of fun to watch. 

I highly recommend Playmobil sets for your holiday shopping list. The price reflects the quality and you really get so much included. Once the initial set up is over, your child with have hours and hours of play time with these sets. This would truly be an impressive toy for any child under the tree. 

Visit for more info and other fun sets. 

Which Play World do you think your child would like most?


  1. MapleMouseMama says

    Wow Kim, this is just amazing! My daughter has the smaller version of this as well as two that you can take with you "on the go" and she loves them all. I love the detail of Playmobile, but just wish we had more room for all of it, LOL. Maybe now that my son is older we won't have to hide it away!

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  2. this is pretty awesome, it looks so much like the toys i used to play with, not like the big chunky plastic ones now! i love this

  3. nenasinclair says

    Playmobil has amazing toys for kids! I love the horse ranch, my grandchildren live on a horse ranch and they would love this!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    wow, fantastic. That would give any child hours of pleasure and the parents hours of peace and quiet :-). I love Playmobil, my children grew up with it and had a lot of fun playing with all the various bits and pieces.

  5. Chelsea would probably like the horse farm the most as well. I LOVE Playmobil. You are so right about putting together before Christmas. We do this now too as hubby's parents did growing up… I had to sit and cry because nothing was together fast enough 😛
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  6. hmrcarlson says

    What a nice set! My girls would really enjoy playing with this!

  7. I think it's great how much imagination that Playmobil can spark. Before a couple months ago, I never heard of this line of toys but now it's on my "must have" list for my son.
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  8. When I was little my cousin had a HUGE Playmobil collection, I remember how fun it was to go shopping for a gift for him and pick out pieces to a set.
    This one looks like a lot of fun too!

  9. The Modern Mom says

    Kim, I have never even heard of Playmobil, how is that possible? My daughter would love the Take Along Doll House, she loves things she can cart along with us in the car or to Grandma's. What a wonderful product, thanks for introducing me to it!
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  11. (Playmobil Large Horse Farm with Paddock and more) This looks like such a nice toy for any child to enjoy, I bet my grandson would have a lot of fun playing with this.

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