Santa say “No!”

We have had little one visit Santa twice at the mall over the last month or so.  Both times Santa was very nice. One had a real beard and the other maybe not. Both laughed like their bellies were full of jelly. Very kind and great at their role. I normally would not have Little one visit twice but I have been procrastinating on my shopping. So I used these opportunities to get updates on her “wish list” . During each visit their is the chat.

Santa asks for little one’s name or in one case asked me quietly. then they chat about how good she has been. How she loves her family, likes Sk and what she will be feeding the reindeer on Christmas Eve. Lots of smiles, lots of fun, lots of laughs.

All good, right?


When Santa asks “what do you want for Christmas?” Little one replies with “I want a Barbie Dream house”

You know those must have toys we all seek during the holiday season. Those toys some of us just can not find. Those toys that cost an arm and a leg to buy if you can even find one. Yeah, that is what she wants.

So before you tell me about the true meaning of Christmas and the less fortunate. Please remember that Christmas is also about magic. Believing and magical moments. Sometimes the magic is the child waking to that one item they wanted more than anything in the world.

In both cases that my daughter asked for a Barbie Dream house the Santa replied with “Yes, you will be happy to see one under your tree Christmas morning!” Or “HO Ho Ho you have been a good girl, you will surely get your dream” Or a variation of this.  Little one runs off with her candy cane so so happy to know her dream toy will be there Christmas morning.

The first time I did not think much of it. I wondered over to Target to have a look. Seeing none on the shelf I asked if they had any. The store clerk said they come in but fly off the shelf. Then informed me they are $200. So Santa has promised my daughter an expensive toy that is impossible to find.


I have been looking everywhere and I think it is safe to say, it is not happening this year.

Yes she will have presents. Yes it will be a great Christmas. But why can Santa not say no? Why could he not say “I will see what I can do” or “it is very close to Christmas, this is a special order. I will try but no promises” Or a variation of this?????

I wonder how many other parents are lost looking for that items Santa promised with no luck?

To all you store Santas out there, we love you and the magic you help maintain during the holidays. But please please please do not agree to presents and toys that are next to impossible to find/buy this time of year. I know my children will be happy and all will be good. But I can not help but think a little bit of the magic will be gone.

What is the MUST have item on your child’s wish list this year?


  1. I’m lucky in that first Miss R doesn’t like mall Santa’s and secondly she always ask for bizarre gifts (a real Warthog this year), that the 2 special event Santa’s have no choice but to say “Oh, I’ll see what I can do but that is very unusual,” or something similar. Consequently she has never gotten the big gift she’s asked for from Santa.

  2. Hmm. I've always quizzed the boys early on in the game, and then get them to write a Santa letter no later than early November. Then there are no take backs, and I remind them what they asked for before they sit on Santa's lap. I'm paranoid that way. But regardless, Santa's helpers shouldn't be making promises. At our mall they always ask, then respond with something non-committal. "Oh! That sounds like fun! We'll have to see." Thank goodness! How are they to know what a family can find or afford, or what has already been purchased!

    I'm sure Christmas morning will be magical for your wee one nonetheless
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  3. mybesthelper says

    We went through this with the Barbie Musketeer… Tears on Christmas morning as one of our daughters realized that Santa had not delivered (and we had not clued in on how important this particular Barbie had been to her out of the longer list, the remainder of which we had nailed, but did not seem to matter). Since then we are big on setting expectations that Santa's job is to find toy that the kids may find surprising at first, but he knows best as to what new and expected or unexpected adventure that would be perfect for them. So the list they make is a guide for the magic, but is not a simple order list one sends to Amazon.
    This message seems to have worked, as we now can throw in surprises that stretch them, instead of going with what they already know. Ah, the magic of Santa….


  1. cleaning says:


    Santa say “No!” – Tales of a Ranting Ginger

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