Tiger Towels from ROYALE

ROYALE recently introduced the newest member of its feline family – Tiger Towels – and a new charitable partnership with PANTHERA, the world’s leading wild cat conservation organization. As part of the launch, we tried out Tiger Towels to see how it handles the jungle inside our home. 

Tiger Towels

With no dyes and no fragrance ROYALE Tiger Towels were a welcome addition to our family. I loved the large thick rolls. The fact I could rip them off in full sheets or partial sheets was very handy and saved on waste. These paper towels were strong and absorbent. I found they cleaned up messy faces, messes my dogs made on the floor and were great for after dinner clean up. I also found them to be gentle on skin. 

ROYALE Tiger Towel are made from 100 percent virgin wood fibres and do not contain recycled fibre. For the parts of our product that do not require softness, they use recycled materials. For instance, the cores used in the rolls of bathroom tissue and paper towels, as well as the cartons used for our facial tissue are all made of recycled fibres. Germs love the warm wet environment sponges and rags offer. ROYALE Tiger Towels are strong enough to handle the toughest cleaning jobs and can be thrown away along with those nasty germs.

Giveaway time!

One lucky reader is going to win the following prize pack (Canada only) Prize valued at $70 contains 

  • A pack of Tiger Towels
  • A Tiger Towels plush tiger 
  • The TIGERS FOREVER book – a decade worth of stunning images and stories about tigers and tiger conservation efforts from National Geographic photographer Steve Winter

tiger towel prize pack

Enter the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!


  1. ninjamommers says

    I have a 5 year old lab that sheds…. a lot. A 4 month old Chocolate lab that still has the odd accident… and sheds… a lot and they both drink water like they have no lips. I also have a 5 year old son that seems to think that muddy boots are for my hardwood floors and a 2 year old daughter that thinks apple sauce is for painting the table. Do NOT get me started on my hubby… I call him Tornado Husband for a reason.
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  2. Amy Heffernan says

    Argh messes from toddlers and teenagers. NEVER ending!

  3. vanessa foster says

    I love Tigers 🙂 & Royale!!!!!!!!! Ty Happy holidays

  4. mybitsandbleeps says

    cleaning up pet messes is a constant need; however, my partner gives my cat competition
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  5. chocolate milk..everyday…at random times thru out the day!

  6. I am always knocking over or spilling stuff.

  7. I need to clean up all the slush and puddles from the kids playing in the snow and then coming into the house

  8. Rhonda W G. says

    I have 2 little dogs that are on the most part really good but there is the occassional "accident"!!!

  9. Always cleaning up kitchen messes!

  10. Jaime Brown says

    I have to clean up our bathroom after my teenage daughters, its like a tornado hit it. Thank you:)

  11. Erika Birrell says

    My daughter spills her milk all over the floor, the water puddles from my kids boots and water in the bathroom from the kids splashing in their baths

  12. spills from the kids
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  13. stacey dempsey says

    as your kids get older they don't get any cleaner lol my son has a habit of spilling juice and my daughter seems to make a mess with her cosmetic products and don't get me started on the bathroom lol

  14. Jennifer L. says

    I have several cats so I clean up a lot of pet messes.

  15. I have to clean up after my puppies and my husband lol

  16. thejauntyloon says

    At the risk of sharing too much information, my cat makes a point of "missing" the litter box. That's what I need to clean up!

  17. Lots of spills. I wish I could blame someone else for it, but I'm a bit clumsy.

  18. wet footprints and cat spills

  19. Doreen Lamoureux says

    I tend to make some nice messes. I will drop my coffee or tea or coffee cream. Things like that.

  20. I am always cleaning up hair balls from one of my three cats.

  21. angie hotte says

    i have 4 cats and they can make a large wet mess in the fountain on my desk

  22. Juliee Fitze says

    With 3 animals an grandkids around there i always a mess to clean up somewhere

  23. Puppy messes. 'Nuff said! :o)

  24. Yes, Kitties do tend to yak a little bit here and there and need cleaning up!

  25. My kids are always spilling juice and their supper on the floors!

  26. seham merzib says

    when plates or cups are knocked over

  27. I am always spilling things. The towels are very handy to have.

  28. Tara Crawford says

    have kids should i say more they are the messiest

  29. Puppy slobber from when my big baby has a drink!

  30. drink messes,mud and slush mess from boots,and just random everyday messes!.lol

  31. Toddler messes. Enough said. Lol
    My recent post Unforgettable Nights Lead to Brighter Days

  32. Monique L.S. says

    I need to clean up after my one-year old daughter. Some days, after a meal, food is everywhere.

  33. Kids spills mostly, kitchen messes too

  34. Slushy wet puddles at the door from tracking snow inside

  35. we love to cook, but my we are messy around the stove.

  36. Kitchen messes

  37. I need tiger towels to clean up the mess under the highchair from my granddaughter flinging her food!

  38. Gabriel Chow says

    I got to clean up the floor after tracking snow and mud in everyday.

  39. I am always cleaning up spilled milk, juice and oatmeal!

  40. I have two small children, need I say more??

  41. it never fails, i'm always dropping an egg

  42. Doris Calvert says

    Spilled drinks, water from shoes in the winter, food etc

  43. lots of food spills from my kids

  44. Toddler messes 🙂 Lots of spilt water and juice!


  46. We always need towels at mealtimes with my toddler and 1 year old. The clean up never ends!

  47. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I have two sons in their early twenties – need I say more?

  48. i basically need to follow my husband around with these

  49. cat vomit

  50. Carol Denny says

    I make a mess when I'm cooking so I use a lot of paper towels

  51. Sarah Stickney says

    my sons juice, he spills it all the time

  52. natasha severson says

    my cat knocked my little fish tank over (and ate the fish) it took forever to clean up the mess!

  53. Would love to try these!


    Lots of sticky toddler messes need to be cleaned up here all day long!

  55. Linda Abrams says

    kitchen counter messes

  56. susanne mccarthy says

    Milk, juice, water, mud, food….the list is endless!!

  57. I just grabbed my last roll, sure could use these

  58. this is great…i love tigers!

  59. Jeanette Jackson says

    I need to clean up a lot of spills on my kitchen counter.

  60. My kids are constantly spilling and dropping food on the floors!

  61. This is ADORABLE. I need to clean up after my messy housemates!

  62. Belinda McNabb says

    All kinds of spills in the kitchen, kid spills…..cat messes

  63. dog messes and kid messes and husband messes!

  64. butterflyamyc says

    Messes that my kids make and messes that the dog makes. Muddy and wet paw prints.

  65. cat furballs

  66. kitchen spills

  67. Marjorie L. says

    pet messes

  68. Rose Holloway says

    Lots of baby food messes

  69. ferret poop, enough said

  70. I'd clean up kitchen messes

  71. Steve Bobula says

    Juices, left over spills from the grandchild

  72. Darlene Schuller says

    I clean up everything from spillages to blood droplets to dog messes/bird messes.. its endless

  73. cat messes, kid messes and just regular messes!

  74. lots of spilt messes

  75. I'm mostly cleaning up spills, milk and juice.

  76. Spills on the kitchen floor.

  77. My kids always make a mess during snack time and meal time, so I have to frequently clean up

  78. The never-ending kitchen messes created by my very active, busy kids!

  79. my 4 yrs old and basically any liquid 🙁

  80. Treen Goodwin says

    Doggie messes and my grandson spills his milk !

  81. Belinda Swim says

    Clumsy teenagers

  82. I have a couple of kids too and they are always spilling water, juice etc.

  83. I'm messier than anyone in my family. So I spill a lot. And cat barf. There's always cat barf.
    My recent post Blueberry Nutrition

  84. karinespace says

    All kind of food messes, spills, drinks falling, sometimes dog pee, etc hahah

  85. I have 4 teenage boys and 2 dogs need I say more : )

  86. I have a toddler so I pick up lots of food and drink messes.

  87. Wendy Lange says

    The usual kid & cat messes ~ spills & messes.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. Cleaning up the mess when I cook!

  89. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    all kinds really from melting ice on my windows to food spills to coffee spills, there’s always something needs cleaning up

  90. Cat pee….lol

  91. Angela Mitchell says

    I have a dog and a baby so there is always something. Puke is a popular clean up item:)

  92. spilled milk and muddy boots

  93. Nena Sinclair says

    I'm the most clumsy person I know and I'm always dropping food or drinks!

  94. nicolthepickle says

    My kids spill things a lot, water especially.

  95. Julie bolduc says

    My kids mess after dinner

  96. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******sometimes I have to clean up Kitty hair balls and doggy messes- and not cry over he spilled milk too:)!!!*******

  97. Holly Messana says

    Kitchen messes are the big ones for me. Kids are always spilling things.

  98. food spills

  99. our home right now has very small spaces things are knocked over all the time

  100. Always cleaning kitchen messes.
    My recent post Do you feel “off”

  101. I think that the biggest messes that I have to clean up are beverages being spilled on the floor.

  102. I need to clean up spilled beer 🙂

  103. Messes from spilt chilli.

  104. bacon grease mess

  105. Just usual kitchen messes. Sometimes I can be quite messy!

  106. Bathroom sinks and tub

  107. Darci Paice-Bailey says

    three jack russells and three teen boys…mud, food, and muck!

  108. My kids are always spilling everything 🙂

  109. Ferrets always spilling and my daughter always dropping something and my 88 yr old mil cant carry a plate straight if her life depended on it now,.

  110. Annette Gaudet says

    My daughter is expecting a baby and also has a 3 yr.old… Messes are always happening.. Easier for nana to clean up with.

  111. Nicole Scoble says

    I have two kids one dog .. to clean up after .

  112. Michelle Procter says

    juice spills, daily!

  113. Thank you for the chance, would love to win!

  114. lots of messes with my puppies this would be great

  115. Patricia Forbes says

    Constant cleaning up after children/adults spilling things. Having to clean up after kitty that tears stuff apart. Never ending cleaning something!

  116. Valerie Johnston says

    cleaning up spills

  117. helenoconnor says

    My baby is sooo messy.. The spot where he eats needs wiping down with tiger towels

  118. cherylmansfield says

    I clean up a lot after 3 cats

  119. All the above in there comments. Cheers and Happy New year

  120. I have to clean up after my 2 cats..Thanks for the chance to win..

  121. I'd like to blame my mess on the dogs or even the kids, but in actuality, it's my husband who is the worse!! At least I know where the kids get it from. He spills EVERYTHING!!!

  122. Liana Thompson says

    Best towel ever!

  123. who can live without papertowels

  124. The constant juice/milk/water/etc spills by the kids and sometimes some spills when I get into the wine!

  125. I have cats. That is all. Lol

  126. I have a dog&cat and on the average day they can make quite the mess, tipping over flower pots and garbadge cans when they play , so the paper towels would definately come in handy for the cleanup 🙂

  127. Cat messes 😛

  128. Lynn Whitehouse says

    I have many living things in my home that make a mess. One husband, one daughter (very messy), one turtle – he doesn’t make much of a mess except in his tank. Two dogs – a male Newfie Great Dane cross and a female Newfie. Last but not least two cats – one male one female – he makes the most mess out of all the pets. Oh, I forgot one, but I don’t use paper towels on her ……yet – a newly acquired draft cross horse (mare). She doesn’t live at our house.

    So, as you can imagine we go through a lot of paper towels. I should have bought stocks in the company Lol.

    If I won this contest it surely would be put to good use.

    Merry Christmas.

  129. A beautiful, yet klutzy, 10 year-old boy, that's a lot of messes! Haha. Wonderful prize pack! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  130. Darlene Murphy says

    Any mess from my teenage son.

  131. Chantal Aubin says

    Messes messes and more messes. Need I say more when you have kids and pets? Lol

  132. Margaret Bodnariuuk says

    Have a new baby coming in Jan so extra thick absorbent paper towels will be a true help!

  133. 3 dogs, 7 birds,,,I use a LOT of paper towels!!!

  134. I have a 2 year old that lives on making big messes and getting into things!

  135. Wendy Jensen says

    Just the regular messes adults make when they knock something off of the counter.

  136. General Kitchen spills and other mess.

  137. Always needs a towel for clean ups.

  138. New house with tones of cleaning

  139. Kristen Plaskon says

    I have a new puppy and never understood how much paper towel I would go through!!

  140. I love Royale and Tiger! They always have great deals, and their products are great!

  141. I have a 4 year old boy who loves to play outside and track dirt and whatever else from outside. I also have a 2 1/2 year old girl who loves gardening and collecting worms and brings them in hte house to show me her collection. Then our happy little toy poodle dog who loves to follow my 2 1/2 year old in and out of the garden. Leaving footprints, paw prints and of course hand and finger prints everywhere. I feel like I do is walk around the house with a roll of paper towels lol!!!

  142. baby and toddler and preschooler everything

  143. Splashes and spills, dirty dog footprints, little fingerprints… you name I clean it up!!!

  144. I have a puppy so you know how that is not completely trained yet !!

  145. Christine Gold says

    Would live to win, love tigers!

  146. With a toddler and Lab nothing is ever clean. From muddy paw prints to spilled juice these two know how to make a mess.

  147. Accidents happen and I’m always reaching for paper towels

  148. Wet floors after a shower

  149. nephews' melted drippy ice cream cones!

  150. Delaine0609 says

    I bake and cook a lot and I can get quite messy.

  151. Tanks for the givaway!

  152. spilled juice, love these towels

  153. Karen Munro says

    17 month old great grand daughter ..enough said!

  154. I have two dogs who love to track in mud on their feet as well as my grandkids who love to spill their drinks..lol!

  155. Wow, these sound great. I have 2 little girls….paper towels are used frequently in our house

  156. slush n salt

  157. I need to clean up muddy floors!

  158. A three foot radius under the highchair.

  159. Paul VanZeben says

    We have a pup and grown wiener dogs, who of course low to the ground. Never enough paper towels for the clean up lol. Would love to win this

  160. michelle michaud says

    Kitchen, always cooking!

  161. Lisa English says

    anything from car oil to dinner clean ups

  162. I have 2 cats, a chihuahua and 2 kids, there's messes all the time! lol

  163. dropping food on floor

  164. Unfortunately my cat throws up hair balls so that is one of the biggest messes that I use paper towels for. yuck. I also use them for cleaning up spills.

  165. Elaine Buonsante says

    Anything the grandkids drop on the floor as well as the occasional egg that I drop onto the tile floor.

  166. Stephanie Mac Isaac says

    Spills, lots and lots of spills

  167. Magalie Pouliot says

    J’aimerais bien gagner ce lot… Je suis assez serrée financièrement en plus d’avoir été frauder récemment… Disons que ça m’aiderais… 🙂

  168. Kathleen Daigle says

    I have one granddaughter who is a year old and can make a nice mess with her finger paint . I could use Royal Tiger Towels to clean it up.

  169. kids-I baby sit-dog-have a big slobbery one!

  170. I always miss my mouth…really.
    Debbie W)

  171. Christine D says

    My cats! They always make a mess of their wet cat food, and I need to clean it off the floor!

  172. I always need to clean up food and drink spills.

  173. Barb Edwards says

    Messes, lots and lots of messes with three children and a hubby!

  174. I love this product its almost as good as Bounty & the best part is its much cheaper 🙂

  175. Shawna Chapman says

    I'm constantly finding gross "hairballs" from my cat who is overly obsessed with cleaning himself, hence the hairballs!

  176. Jennifer P. says

    Spilled drinks and food!!

  177. elaine bolduc says

    I have a very old cat that throws up a lot..

  178. Treen Goodwin says

    My grandson and dirty doggie paws that's a constant battle 🙂

  179. tammy samanica says

    That should say it all..lol

  180. Fiona Mullins says

    I’m always spilling drinks!

  181. With a little girl of 2 years, this is not the occasion to clean havoc missing. whether to pick up a juice, oatmeal, finger paint or simply to clean the table. In short, I use it constantly.

  182. Elva Roberts says

    The messes I clean up are almost always spills of beverages -milk, water, soda and tea. I love really good paper towels!

  183. With two cats and two dogs take your pick

  184. bkleincocacola says

    Great for a quick cleanup!

  185. Deb Dorrington says

    My husband cannot make a cup of coffee or tea or pour a glass of juice without spilling it. Paper towels are my best friend with Hubs around.

  186. Cat messes, kids visiting and my baking or cooking ,lol.

  187. Spills from drinks.

  188. With 2 kids (3 years and 10 month) I have to clean all their mess and my oldest child always spill her milk . water or juice all over the floor , the counter …every where… Tiger towel are my favorite brand I ONLY use that and my husband always enter the room with his boot all wet with snow…So I have to dry up the floor plus I only use Tiger towel to clean eveyrwhere in my house…And I also drop my drink often

  189. with # kids, i clean up alot of spills

  190. Victoria Ess says

    Food spills in the kitchen.

  191. Moe Anderson says

    My little tigers hairballs!

  192. I need to clean up after my cat, Audrey…even after the children are grown there are still messes to clean!

  193. Brenda Penton says

    pets, kids, and hubby messes 🙂

  194. a children messes!

  195. I am always spilling my coffee and we have a dog who comes in with wet paws.

  196. my son throws food off the table
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  197. silverneon2000 says

    I would be cleaning up kitchen messes of spills of the counter and floor


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  198. wendy Hutton says

    spilled coffee or juice, great for soaking up spilled cooking oil

  199. I need them for those spills of coffee.

  200. I have a VERY energetic chihuahua that runs around the house! 🙂

  201. Usually my own spills in the kitchen…I am quite clumsy. lol. My cat on the other hand is a rather clean creature 🙂

  202. with a 10 month old baby, there's lots of cleaning up to do after meals and many more messes to come

  203. Nora Edmiston-Harlos says

    I have an African Grey Parrot who is very messy. I go thru quite a bit of paper towel.

  204. I am forever cleaning up spills for an elderly lady who lives downstairs..she is very clumsy and is always spilling her coffee and pop all over the table and floor

  205. I have 4 kids and more cats than I should probably admit to publicly so there is no shortage of messes for me to clean up around the house! My dog takes care of all the food my kids drop, so the most common mess is probably spilled milk/juice/pop/whatever and hunks of toothpaste that my kids leave in the bathroom sink.

  206. Spills in the kitchen, messes the dog make with food and otherwise!

  207. Always cleaning up kitchen messes!

  208. paulinemilner says

    I have a three year old grandson, a newborn grandson and a dog. Naturally, I have messes to clean up. Everything from spilled drinks, spit up formula and doggie accidents. I love Royale products. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the super blogging.

  209. I have 5 kids, a husband and 2 cats…so there is never a minute when something doesn't need wiping up lol

  210. in the past week, i've had vomit, ink, and milk to clean up!

  211. Everyday spills in the kitchen.

  212. Food/juice spills on the kitchen counters!

  213. my mess when i cook

  214. My kitchen

  215. Ugh.. I'm such a klutz, always spilling things..klutz, so many spills.

  216. Pee messes in the bathroom are one of the daily messes I clean up and paper towels are a must for those!

  217. We do a ton of cooking i the kitchen and there is always a mess to clean up!

  218. Tiger Royale… Cool would like to win and try it out

  219. I have three kids, and the youngest one can be quite messy at times. So I'm always cleaning up juice and ice-cream spills!
    My recent post Never Underestimate The Power of Leap Frog Giveaway

  220. Messes never end here…from hubby lol, down to the dogs! 🙂

  221. All of the spills that my husband and I make all over our home

  222. I have two dogs, so I need to clean up a lot of pet messes.

  223. Sunshine G says

    My toddler is constantly dropping her dinner on the floor – it doesn't seem to be on purpose, but that doesn't stop the mess!

  224. Gingermags says

    Puppy accidents!

  225. any mess from the kids such as spilt food, juice, etc

  226. Jo-Anne Pfoh says

    kid and cat messes all day long mostly spills

  227. Karen C Hill says

    I babysit for a living…paint/craft messes and lunch/snack messes are a daily task

  228. … DIRTY DOG MESSES !!!

  229. My son has started the independence of making his own breakfast.. milk and juice everywhere

  230. I have two cats who are super messy!
    My recent post Merry Christmas!!!

  231. My kids spilling drinks on the floor and right now water ,salt and snow by my front door from being tracked inside

  232. I love the convenience of paper towel!

  233. Doggy messes

  234. The messes we clean up the most are pet accidents from our company's pets!

  235. Muddy snowy boot prints.

  236. Kids mess in the kitchen!

  237. Kristin Ashe says

    My daughter loves to paint

  238. 2 kids under 3 and a little dog!! Trust me Tiger Towels have become my new best friend!

  239. That's such a nice prize! Thank you for the opportunity!

  240. Wanda Bergman says

    spills on the kitchen floor

  241. Haha I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old…the question is what kind of messes DONT I clean up

  242. The kind of messes that come from 2 dogs and 3 boys!

  243. I have 2 cats, 1 daughter and 3 nieces that are always underfoot ! Every day a mess happens !

  244. Always cleaning up after my kids and a dog every day.

  245. Spills and little messes!

  246. Kelly Bouma says

    alot of spilled juice

  247. Mostly have to clean up messes by the cats and dogs..they are messy fur babies!

  248. spaghetti messes!

  249. Megan Smith says

    cooking in the kitchen is always a bit messy and it would be nice to use a paper towel that had some quality!

  250. spills and food that has hit the floor during dinner prep

  251. Ron Bowman says

    that's a beautiful tiger!

  252. Christy Martin says

    My messes tend to be coffee or the odd drink spilled during a meal.

  253. Elizabeth R says

    Always cleaning up after 2 dogs.

  254. have a husband and son at home that should explain everything

  255. Any spilled messes in the refrigerator, on the stove, microwave or coffee pot are always a big challenge. Plus, good to have a strong paper towel for cleaning up any broken eggs that fall on the floor,etc.

  256. Nancy Dunwoody says

    I guess the tiger is stronger then the kitten 🙂

  257. spilled drinks

  258. kitchen messes

  259. Spilled milk, grease on the stove, fingerprints everywhere.

  260. mecanic messes

  261. I am really messy when I cook so there always mess to clean up

  262. My husband is always tracking in stuff from the workshop

  263. I need to clean the inside of my car… kids sticky mess that is!

  264. Lori Bazan says

    I do not have a tiger but do have a puppy so cleaning up the odd mess happens, this would be perfect!

  265. Joanne Amery says

    what a better way to clean up spills with the roar of a tiger!

  266. Judy Parkin says

    My husband really is "pigpen" from Charlie Brown. Need all the help I can get!!

  267. Juice.

  268. Spills from cooking usually, or spills on the table from kids

  269. It's always spilled milk.

  270. who doesn't need these!

  271. spilled milk, yogurt, juice, fruits, basically everything my 20 month daughter can get her hands on

  272. coffee meses

  273. Luana Payne says

    I would so love t0 try these!

  274. Have lots of cleaning to do from new baby, toddler and house full of active family menbers

  275. marcusbarnes says

    I experiment in the kitchen a lot, testing out recipes for some of my food blogs. Sometimes, yes, I make a mess…. 🙂 Thank you!

  276. Accidental spills. No pets.

  277. Elaine Jasvins says

    Spilled liquids mostly.

  278. Stephane Racicot says

    Aime énormément vos produits

  279. veronique langlois says

    il faut toujours avoir les essuies tout tiger a porter de main

  280. Louise Maranda says

    Cleaning the glass top of my stove.

  281. jean-pierre vincent says

    I like them for lots of messes

  282. I have a four year old and a six year old boy with another boy on the way….I am sure you can imagine the messes I need to clean up! lol

  283. carole lachapelle says

    I have 7 cats and I give money every month to save animals
    it's a great deal for me

  284. Nicole Forgues says

    I love Tigers

  285. Laurie Cockburn says

    Every dinner we need a roll on the table, it saves us from having to get up and get it because there is always a drink being spilt

  286. Nathalie M. says

    Les dégâts de mon chien Yogi.

  287. Wet dog tracks!

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